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The Alpha's Blessed Mate

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A disgraced princess. A broken alpha. And a scream that changes the course of their lives. Thea is supposed to be the King’s heir. Her special markings mean she is going to fulfill a prophecy… except it never happens. Instead, Thea’s father prepares to use her virginity as a bartering tool for a deal with another pack. When a rogue attacks, leaving Thea broken and bruised, she is sure this is the end until an alpha with a broken past appears. Secrets are uncovered. A love with barely enough time to bloom is threatened. Fate has thrown them together, but will a deranged Alpha’s quest for power destroy their chance of happiness? "I couldn’t save Lyra, but I am sure as hell going to save whoever that is.”

Chapter 1


“Okay, everything is all set. I emailed the accommodation listings to Crystal Moon and Crimson Valley, and they will let us know when transportation for those attending tonight’s Supermoon Festival is enroute.”

I look up from an expense report I’ve been combing over all morning to see the bright, blue eyes of my chosen mate sparkling in the morning sun. I push myself away from my desk and walk across the room to hers, I pull her to her feet and place open-mouthed kisses down her slender neck.

“If this is what I get for shooting off a few emails, I might have to start helping more often,” Lyra sing-songs. As her arms wrap around my neck, her body presses up against mine, causing the bulge in my pants to grow more noticeable by the moment. A small sigh leaves her lips as I nip at the mark I gave her under the last full moon.

“Mhmm, I think I’ll have breakfast in here today,” I say, lifting her up to sit on her desk. I push up the bottom of her floral sundress, “F*ck woman, no panties?”

She giggles, “It was early! I just pulled on a dress to come down here; I still want to shower before we go to the kitchen!”

I growl in approval; tonight’s supermoon not only makes fated mate bonds noticeable, but it makes the pull of sealed bonds even stronger.

Dropping to my knees, my hands circle her thighs, and I pull her to the edge of the desk. Lyra yips in surprise. waste no time as I dart my tongue in between her slick folds, her thighs resting comfortably on my shoulders.

“Oh, Knox,” she moans, her hands moving behind her back to support her as she tosses her head back.

I s*ck her sensitive bud into my mouth, and I twist a finger into her. She gasps at the sudden intrusion. I laugh against her most sensitive area and let my tongue tease her cl*t while I add another finger and another. The sounds she’s making as I pump my fingers into her relentlessly while drawing figure eight’s across her wetness are such a turn-on, I might just c*m in my jeans.

Her body tenses, and little tremors have her body shaking as she finds her release. I keep up my assault until her body falls back on the desk, and I’ve lapped up every last drop of her. I push myself to my feet to see her laying there, face flush, panting, and a grin on her face like the cat that got the cream. I guess she kind of did.

“I’ll work on the expense report later; let's go get that shower in before we have to play hosts,” I say, grabbing her hand to help her to her feet.


The air around me dances with the electrifying energy of the Supermoon as I lead my pack through the forest. The slaps of my own paws against the damp earth reverberate tenfold through the trail as my pack members and visiting packs pursue behind me. Returning to our starting point near the lake, I shake out my pitch-black fur as I stop. I throw my head back and let out a loud howl, signaling the others to gather up. Wolves of all colors and sizes start to bound into the clearing.

Yes, werewolves, among many other supernatural beings, do exist. Living alongside humans but keeping mostly to ourselves, unless trained to detect us or we reveal it to you, you’d be none the wiser. Our packs are viewed as secluded towns filled with homes that never go up for sale, private schools, and nothing to draw in those not privy to our mythical world. We reside in packs, like a big family made up of those not related through blood but all united through the bond. We typically avoid full-bred humans and interactions, aside from necessary business, as they tend to destroy what they do not understand.

The Supermoon festival is something every wolf of mating age looks forward to. During the Supermoon, when a full moon is the closest it can get to the Earth is when we can find our mates. The Supermoon occurs every three months, and after you find your mate, you have until the next one to seal the bond, or it's gone, and you won’t be granted a second chance mate.

The familiar warmth of Lyra’s presence settles in beside me. The vibrant, copper hues of her brown fur and the delicate beat of her heart sends a wave of comfort over me that only a mate can. Lyra and I had been seeing each other exclusively for the last year and a half; neither of us had met our fated mates at any of the Supermoon festivals, so we decided to make it official last month and mark each other under a regular full moon as chosen mates.

Looking out at the sea of wolves, bowing their heads out of respect. I push myself forward, changing control and forms with that of my wolf. The other shifters follow suit, the air shimmers around us, and the sound of bones breaking and rearranging is quickly followed by friendly chatter as we transition back to our human form.

“Thank you all for joining us tonight for the Supermoon festival! Please continue to hang out and enjoy the rest of the great night. I believe all accommodations have been made for our visiting friends from Crystal Moon and Crimson Valley packs, but if you need anything, please find Beta Bennet or myself,” I say, speaking out to the crowd of buck-naked shifters. Nodding, everyone starts to pull on the clothing they had discarded before the run.

I ignore the half-naked she-wolves, and tug on my light-wash jeans and pull my black T-shirt over my head. My eyes linger on Lyra’s toned body as she ties the belt of her pale blue wrap dress around her waist. I feel my d*ck twitch against the denim. Nudity may be normal among werewolf shifters, but the hyper-closeness of the moon has supercharged our bond tonight, increasing my arousal toward my mate.

Unable to stay away any longer, I’m by Lyra’s side in three strides, pulling her small frame against my large one. I kiss her pale, pink lips as her crystal, blue eyes sparkle under the moonlight. Pressing her hand to my chest, she breaks the kiss, “Save it for tomorrow, Romeo,” she teases as her lips curl up into a smile.

I growl in response, “Tomorrow?”

Her eyes narrow as she tilts her gaze to mine, “Is that a problem, Alpha?” She slips from my hold, hastily tying her blonde hair into a messy bun and resting her hands on her hips.

“I mean, with the supermoon tonight and now that you're marked, you could get pregnant….” I say, rubbing the back of my neck.

A look of shock dances across her face before fading to one of adoration, quickly joined by a mischievous grin, “Are you saying you're ready? What about what you said about your dad?”

I pull her close, and a small yelp leaves her lips. Her arms instinctively wrap around my waist, her chin resting on my chest. I kiss the top of her head, “F*ck him. I know I’m better than him, especially with you by my side.”

Her eyes glimmer with the unspoken understanding of what I mean. My father was an *ss; he was cruel and ruled the pack by fear. A real grade A sadistic prick that got off on torture. The pack was filled with whispers of the desire to go rogue. That’s how I knew he needed to be stopped. Willingly going rogue was almost completely unheard of. Seven years ago, when I turned 18, I challenged him for the title of Alpha, and well, it ended with him in the ground and me with the title.

Her hand cups my cheek, tiny zaps of the mate bond tingle on my skin, “Fine, tonight it is.” I capture her lips in a hungry kiss.

“Okay after the festival dies down, we’ll get down.”

A million-watt smile spreads across her face as she peppers my face with kisses, and a squeal leaves her lips.

“Alright, already, let's grab some more food; you’re gonna need it to keep up tonight,” I say as I pull her to picnic tables littered with leftovers from the barbeque earlier. I pick up two paper plates and start piling on pulled pork, macaroni salad, baked beans, and potato chips onto both. Lyra meets me at a picnic table with a beer for me and a seltzer for herself. We sit with a perfect view of the moon reflecting in the water and can still see all the pack members enjoying the energy recharge of the supermoon.

Lyra lays her head on my shoulder, “I wonder how many found their fated mates tonight?”

I take another swig of my lager before placing the can down on the table. “I heard a few howls throughout the run; I’ll get the numbers in the morning when pack transfers come in. Bennet looked a bit disappointed as we gathered up; pretty sure he struck out again.”

“There’s always the next Supermoon; he could go with the others unmated to another pack’s festival,” she says in between bites of chips.

I nod in response. Bennet had hoped he’d meet his mate the moment he turned 18, but he was still holding on to hope five years later.

The low hum of music and the crickets chirping are crudely interrupted by a guttural howl, sounding like it was on the trail we all just ran. The hair on my neck raises and Lyra stiffens, as we see Bennet jogging our way. I stand up beside her and kiss her temple just as Bennet reaches us.

“What’s going on? Any reports from patrol?” I ask, going straight into Alpha mode. Bennet shakes his head, “Not yet; Adam linked that he was headed toward the sound.”

I nod, “Let’s get everyone inside the community center until we know the status.”

With a curt nod, Bennet turns back towards the crowd and instructs them to head inside. Faces drop in defeat, and a handful have looks of fear as the group heads toward the large, brick building.

I feel a mind link start to open, Adam’s voice barely breaking through, ‘Alp…’

Snarls sound from the direction the howl came from. Something isn’t right, and I need to get there; my pack depends on me.

Turning to Lyra, “Head to the community center; having their Luna with them will make everyone feel safer.”

“Okay, be safe, my alpha,” she says, shifting to her tip-toes to kiss my cheek.

Bennet and I sprint towards the trail. Neither of us can reach Adam through the link. A feeling of unease washes over me as we are about a quarter mile into the trail and it’s deadly silent. Following the curve around the large evergreen, I see a foot sticking out of the bushes.

“F*ck,” I breathe out. I part the leaves to see a barely conscious Adam on the ground. His shoulder is oozing blood from the jagged claw marks that rake across his chest while he mumbles inaudibly.

I drop down to a knee beside him, “Adam, man, what happened? Bennet, call for backup.” I gently tap Adams’s cheek, “Stay with us, man; what’s going on? Who did this?”

He groans. I can see similar, more shallow claw marks covers his body. He’s trying to answer, but I can’t understand his mumbles.

Just as I stand back up, four gnarly, feral-looking wolves break through the trees.


Chapter 2


The distinct smell of hot garbage and rotten meat wafts through the air. The four rogues are sizing Bennet and me up aggressively with their teeth bared.

I open a pack-wide mind-link, ‘Rogues have breached the trail, squad A report immediately, those on patrol stay at your post,  everyone else stays inside until an all clear is issued.’

Nothing good can come from a group of rogues; there's a reason they were kicked out of their packs. I won’t let whatever half-cocked plan they have play out.

I call my wolf forward to shift, my bones snapping and rearranging, the air shimmering as I land on all four paws; Bennet’s large, hazel-brown wolf takes a defensive position to my right.

Baring my teeth, I let out a warning growl towards the matted, pack of mongrels in front of me. The sound of my warriors trampling through the forest offers me a bit of comfort, knowing we can quickly stifle the issue and avoid casualties.

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