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The Alpha's Bitter Truths

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Monica, a dedicated vet and a temperamental woman, finds a huge creature full of scars and wounds behind her summer villa and decides to help it. Intrigued by the beast, she follows his every move and realizes his origin is even more mysterious than she thought. He is not just an animal; he is a half-human. Now Monica is stuck with this man who doesn't even want to tell her his name. They're running from a danger she never imagined could exist, and his enemies have no intention of letting go. Just like the revenge he's hell-bent on achieving. The more Monica gets to know him, the more she sees how broken this werewolf is. He's conquered by hatred and bloodthirst, and she knows it all lays on her shoulders. If she can't help him overcome these dark emotions, she knows she has to kill him. He's gone beyond repair. But when she's faced with the truths of his past, she is horrified at the stakes of the ongoing war that has already almost destroyed his kind and his sanity.

Chapter 1

This story is a continuation of "His Lying Mate".

However, it's from a new point of view, so it's not necessary for you to read "His Lying Mate". BUT if you want to know why the male lead is the way he is and what happened to him first-hand (and before the female lead finds out), I'd recommend you to read it. He's an important character there.

The order in which these books should be read is:

1. The Lycan's Secrets

2. His Lying Mate

3. The Alpha's Bitter Truths

4. Her Wild Mate

5. His Wild Mate






Monica pulled her coat and bag out of the locker and turned to leave the room when a voice stopped her.

“Why are you in such a hurry, Dr. Mackenzie? You've never disappeared so quickly like in the last couple of weeks. Did you get a boyfriend or something?” the hygienist, Mrs. Palmer asked.

Monica stopped herself from rolling her eyes. This woman loved sticking her nose in other people's business. Probably that was the reason everybody in the vet clinic avoided her.

“No, I just have some work at home. If you see Dr. Ferguson, tell him I left without him.” She spun to the exit again, but a second later added, “Oh, and remind him about Lady's examination today.”

“Of course I will. You know me. Just don't forget about your friend and don't make him jealous because of your new boyfriend. He's been sulking these days!” When the older woman saw she got no response, she mumbled under her nose, “These interns think they are such a big deal because they got accepted here...”

Monica cocked an irritated eyebrow but ignored her. Getting mad at the biggest gossiper in the clinic was a waste of energy. Mrs. Palmer had taken it upon herself to know every single thing that was happening around. She had ears everywhere, as if that were her job, and sometimes, she chose it over her actual duties.

Putting her trench coat on, Monica took the car keys out of it and made sure to nod at every patient she knew in the waiting room. Here was Ms. Pattinson again, sitting on the sofa with a small dog lying on her lap. Archie. Was he sick? Had he even gotten better since the last examination with Connor? A part of Monica wanted to stop and talk to her, but she couldn't let herself get distracted. She was in a hurry. She loved her job, and animals were such a big part of her life, but right now, there was somebody waiting for her. This thought made her move faster, and in a few short minutes, she was at the front door.

She exited the veterinary clinic and heard a thunder roar in the distance. A strong gust of wind blew in her face, and she lifted the collar of the coat, hiding her neck and mouth behind it. A shiver ran up her back. It was still early spring; the peak of the bad weather and storms, and she couldn't wait until summer arrived. She hated thunderstorms.

Monica unlocked her hatchback and climbed into it, tossing her bag on the passenger seat. She had no time to waste. She wanted to see him as soon as possible. Since she met him almost two weeks ago, he was the only thing she was thinking about. She couldn't understand why—well, except the desire to dissolve his mysterious appearance and origin—but she kept feeling pulled to him.

She went through a grocery store to get a pizza and some necessities and, putting them in the trunk, glanced at the sky. It'd become so grim in just fifteen minutes. She grunted. The rain wasn't going to wait for her to reach her villa.

As Monica started the car and continued on her way, big drops of water started hitting the windshield. She heaved a sigh, but at that moment, her phone buzzed and made her nearly jump out of her skin. She grimaced.

The first time Monica ignored the call, but on the second, she barked through the Bluetooth speaker, “What?!”

“Hey, hey, is that the way to answer your best friend who is concerned about you and the reason you abandoned him to go home alone again?”

“You're a big boy, Connor, you'll be fine.” She rolled her eyes. “Or if you're so lonely, why don't you call April? She's your girlfriend, after all.”

“Maybe she needs a little break from me,” he beamed. “Besides, I almost haven't seen you in the last two weeks. The only times I get to see your crazy face is when we're at work and our shifts collide. What is going on with you? Is Mrs. Palmer right? Do you have a boyfriend I know nothing about?” He sounded suspicious, and Monica was sure he was narrowing his eyes and trying to read her mind.

“No.” She touched the bun of her head, making sure it was tied securely. “There is no such thing in my life. I don't even know what a boyfriend is. Is that some kind of toy or something?”

Connor snorted. And here she was, trying to annoy him.

“He can be if you want him to.” He laughed, his dirty joke making her giggle. “Now, seriously, Mon, where do you go off to every night? When will I properly see you? I miss you, I'm not used to seeing you so rarely. We've been together since kindergarten!”

Monica clenched her jaw. She couldn't tell him. He was going to kill her first. Even before that creature.

“Connor, although you're my best friend, you can't know everything about me. Where is the fun in that?” She cleverly avoided his question, turning the wipers on at full speed. “I'll talk to you later, okay? The weekend is here, I need rest.”

“What, you mean I'm—” he began complaining, but she pushed a button on her steering wheel and ended the call.

She had no time for him. She had to see the creature.


An hour later, Monica was in front of her summer villa, unpacking her things. She turned to the house and held her breath as she started walking. High heels and mud didn't work together. It was a good thing they weren't as high as she used to wear them in university.

Drops of water clouded her vision and soaked her clothes and supplies. The storm was newsworthy. She focused on the wooden villa in front of her, and her impatience and trepidation swallowed her. The creature on the basement floor had spent the last three days all alone. Her crazy shifts in the city stopped her from going to see him, and she spent most of the time in her apartment, asleep on the couch.

Monica chuckled to herself. She lived such a lonely life. It was ironic, considering at the start of her university years, she had been so eager to study, become popular, and full of admirers and love interests. Stupid dreams. And in reality—so many broken hearts. So many times men had broken her heart that she had just given up. The last straw was pulled when her ex—Brad—cheated on her three months ago.

Monica had promised herself to stop thinking about something that was futile and led to the same outcome, and she couldn't believe she'd found it.

Taking care of such an enormous wolf had turned out to be much more intriguing than she first thought that morning when she found him almost frozen in the forest behind her villa. The brown wolf was there, lying motionlessly on the cold soil, and blood had been spilled all over his body and head. He had what seemed like gun wounds, missing patches of fur, and scars. There were also more than a few puncture wounds from knives.

At first, Monica thought he was dead, but on a second very close look, she saw his ribcage was barely lifting up and down. The first thing that caught her attention when she started pulling him to the house was the spark when she touched him. It filled her with warmth and excitement. Something Monica hadn't felt in at least a few months.

The second—his eyes the first time he opened them. It was during the improvised surgery on the table in the basement, and... His eyes were so blue and deep, so hurt and human-like. It was a good thing she had tied him up then because if she hadn't, she wouldn't have been alive.

Thinking about all these wounds... She was certain they weren't ordinary. They were caused by hunters, in a fight. A fight with humans who knew who they were facing and weren't running away screaming in fear. After all, ordinary people would panic seeing a beast a bit taller than them. Just like she did.

Another thing that had caught her eye during the surgery was the wolf's... tattoos. Having cut the fur around the wounds Monica was going to work on, the presence of a few big patchy tattoos became known. They'd left her speechless and frozen for a few seconds.

This felt like the biggest mystery she'd ever fallen upon. It was much better than the crime shows she used to watch with her mother while she still lived with her parents. This was real, and it was right in front of her eyes. Her own mystery to take care of.

An electrifying spark of thrill made her guts squeeze, and Monica touched the handle of her front door, pushing it down. She couldn't believe deciding to spend her weekends alone after splitting up with her boyfriend could lead to something good. But it definitely did. Her red lips thinned, and she thought about a small problem. All the medicine she usually kept for squirrels and random small creatures was already nearing its end. She had to buy some more.

Monica huffed, entering her kitchen. The creature had almost healed in less than two weeks. That was something that would have taken months for other animals. He was amazing. And she wanted to know more. She turned to the fridge, putting inside the raw meat she bought, and when she closed the door, she smirked. The photo of the wolf she had stuck on the door four days ago was gone. What was he? Either he wasn't just a wolf, there was a poltergeist in her home, or she was going crazy. She knew which option was the most satisfying. Her heart thumped in excitement, and Monica started shoving the rest of the groceries in the fridge, trying to be as fast as possible. She was going to think about them later.

She took a quick shower and tied her unruly red hair in a tight bun. It was going to be a sad mess on the next day, but she didn't care. It was her day off, and she was going to spend it alone. Well, if you didn't consider the wolf somebody. She needed all the time on earth to find out if there was a somebody behind his dangerous shell, or he was just that—a probably mutated animal. The biggest wolf ever discovered.

She grabbed the pizza box and another bag in her other hand and headed to the basement. With every step towards it, the pound of her heart became louder and louder. By the time she reached the basement and faced the beast, the rhythm in her chest was almost insane.

Chapter 2

Monica's wide light brown eyes stared at the huge wolf, just as his blue gaze was frozen on her. She found him in the exact same position as she left him—on a few blankets on the ground. His head was between his front legs, and his long beautiful ears were pointed up. He didn't move. He lay there, chained to the column. From this distance, he almost looked like an enormous pet dog. Almost.

But he wasn't.

He was feral and deadly. Monica could tell from all the muscle on his body and that look he had given her during the surgery. It was the first time she had to triple the anesthetic to keep an animal asleep. A thought occupied her mind. What did he feel when he woke up while she was working on him? She was sure he was drunk on pain and horror. She was drunk on fear, but she was amazed and kind of proud of herself for not fainting when he tried to snap his jaw at her. Monica was a fighter, and she wanted to help him.

“I brought you food.” She lifted t


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