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The Alpha Brothers' Fight for Mate

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Wren's POV I had an unexpected one night stand with my boyfriend's brother, Hayden Miracle. Just as I felt guilty and struggled with whether to confess to my boyfriend, Ralph Miracle, I discovered that my boyfriend and my best friend were lying in the same bed! A massive shock engulfed me, what should I do? Ralph's POV "I, Wren Allen of the Doomclaw Pack, reject you, Ralph Miracle of the Lightcrest Pack as my mate and Alpha!" Wren's rejection was like a sharp steel nail, driving deep into my heart. I clutched at my chest, feeling an unbearable pain deep within. Everything in front of me began to blur, and it was as if everything around me ceased to exist. All I could see was Wren and Hayden holding hands tightly...

CHAPTER 1 A Gift for You

Wren's POV

Ralph opened the passenger car door and extended his hand toward me, a warm smile on his face. "We're here, Wren," he said.

I placed my hand in his and stepped out of the car. Since we started dating two years ago, this marked my first visit to his pack, the Lightcrest Pack.

Before me lay a sprawling garden with winding paths and wooden benches, inviting people to relax and admire the natural beauty. The air was infused with the sweet scent of blooming flowers.

I looked up to see a magnificent palace-like residence at the end of the path. Orange lights shone through the windows, casting a mesmerizing glow that I am sure is even more stunning at night.

Ralph gently guided me down the central path. Our relationship began when I met him at a grand banquet two years ago. He held a champagne glass, engaging in conversations with others. His gentle demeanor immediately caught my attention, and before I knew it, I was drawn to him. It was as if fate intervened when our eyes locked.

Since then, we have been meeting regularly and have grown closer. Our connection deepened, and we eventually started dating. Throughout those years, we never had a single argument. Ralph had always been considerate and kind, a true gentleman.

We walked down the path, but my attention was soon drawn to three individuals seated on a bench not far ahead. In the middle was a man surrounded by two women, one with blonde hair, the other a sultry beauty. The man leaned forward to nibble on the blonde woman's ear while the other woman began to stroke his thigh.

Embarrassed, I averted my gaze, but before I could, the man looked up, locking his striking blue eyes with mine. They were like Ralph's captivating sapphire eyes.

As he straightened up, it dawned on me that this man was Hayden, Ralph's brother, whom he had mentioned before. He arched an eyebrow as if about to say something, but Ralph swiftly hugged me, blocking Hayden's view.

The two women respectfully greeted Ralph, followed by Hayden's somewhat teasing salutation. Ralph replied calmly and led me away from the scene.

"Wren," Ralph spoke, breaking the silence.

I looked up at him. "Yes?"

"Remember what I told you earlier. Try to avoid Hayden as much as possible."

"I remember, Ralph."

"Good. " He smiled and affectionately pinched my cheek before leading me into the house.

As we walked, the servants offered friendly greetings, to which I nodded in acknowledgment. Ralph led me to the ground floor's living room, spacious and illuminated by floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the breathtaking scenery. He planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Wait for me here. I also have a gift for you."

"But you haven't accepted the gift I prepared for you yet."

He smiled gently. "Can you hold off for two more days? I want my first birthday gift to be from you."

I chuckled, feeling a slight blush on my cheeks. "Alright, I'll wait for you here."

Another gentle kiss on my forehead, and Ralph ascended the nearby staircase. Bored, I turned my attention to the garden outside the window. Soon, I heard footsteps approaching from the doorway.

Turning my head, I spotted Hayden. He was coming towards me. He stared at me intently as if I was his target. His gaze swept up and down my body before he whistled and smiled.

I stood up warily and took a step back. "What do you want?"

"Don't be so nervous, little beauty. Relax," he laughed. "Mind sharing your name?"

I remained silent, taking another cautious step back, putting some distance between us.

He raised an eyebrow but refrained from making any further advances. His eyes continued staring at me, making me feel like prey being hunted, which was uncomfortable.

Soon, his gaze shifted, and he spoke with a smirk, "So guarded? It's truly a pity, Wren Allen, the Alpha's daughter of the Doomclaw Pack."

My heart raced as I took another surprised step back. "How do you know who I am?"

I seldom attended banquets, and my interaction with Ralph had been limited to one such event. My brother, handled all other pack matters and my parents ensured I stayed out of the public eye. How could he possibly know?

He suddenly closed the gap, gripping my wrist firmly. "Why don't you guess? After all, stating it outright would be too dull."

I was startled and instinctively tried to break free, but his strength far surpassed mine. Even if several transformed wolves attempted to compete, they wouldn't stand a chance. I had yet to experience my first transformation and was powerless to free my hand.

With forced composure, I asked, "What do you want?"

He suddenly leaned in, his warm breath brushing against my neck. Uncomfortable, I turned my head, attempting to evade his proximity.

"That's a good question," he said, reaching to grip my chin, and compelling me to look at him. "Let me think."

We were too close. It made me nervous. His hand, initially gripping my chin to force me to look at him, began a slow descent, tracing from my collarbone to my waist. He intentionally grazed my body, pinching me along the way until his large palm settled firmly on my hip.

"Now, that feels good."

I clenched my fist and tried to pull away, teeth gritted. "Let go of me."

He laughed. "You look so s*xy this way, my dear."

Under my breath, I cursed him, summoning my strength to break free once more.

"As you wish," he said, having anticipated my attempt and let go when I exerted force, causing me to stumble backward.

In an instant, I found myself enveloped in a familiar, comforting scent as I fell into someone's arms.

It was Ralph.

CHAPTER 2 Stay Away From Her

Ralph's POV

"Hayden," I muttered through gritted teeth, holding Wren firmly in my arms and clenching the hand Hayden had touched, my voice laced with a warning tone. My grip was so tight it felt like I could shatter his wrist.

He remained unfazed, standing nonchalantly with a provocative smile. "Yes?"

"Stay away from Wren," I warned, my anger still burning within me, my teeth grinding together. "And keep your filthy hands off her."

"Wow, Ralph, you're truly terrifying," he sneered. "Apart from making your innocent servants uncomfortable, what else does your useless oppression achieve?"

I glanced at the servants by the door, their pained expressions barely concealing their discomfort, their struggle to remain upright evident. I closed my eyes, eased my grip slightly, and spoke icily, "Don't worry; you'll soon experience the other benefits."

He remained casual, forcefully removing my hand, and looked at his reddened wrist. "I'm genuinely looking for


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