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The 7th Voyage To Heaven

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: FX777
  • Chapters: 111
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 174


In the human world, Jordan Kian Montero survived the rigors of finding love. He explores the greatest insatiable desires of his soul through the Men in Uniform. Secretly, his desires widen to give space for his satisfaction. He was among the supernatural world who explored the true meaning of love and desires. Jade Louise Gomez wanted love; Jeffrey Rivero wanted life - in human form at Werewolf and Vampire World. Secret Billionaire Jordan Kian Montero loved Jade Louise Gomez without a doubt, but she left him without a word. The pain turned into exploring another world that gave him the freedom to use its power and desires. jade Louise Gomez was born with the aid of a new medical process that brought her to discover the world of her werewolf lover, Jeffrey. Their lives are entwined deep down in their souls which keeps them discovering the sweetest desires of their hearts. Will they reach their dreams to the fullest when their dark secrets are being manipulated by their lust and desires?

Chapter 1 First Voyage: Jade Louise

Jade Louise – The Bride To Be

Jordan Kian Montero POV

I was very anxious to hear her soft voice for the first time. I fingered my cell phone, looked at it closely for a few seconds, moved around the sofa, and walked slowly towards the office bar. I poured an aged wine while looking at the hole of the bottle, swirled the wine in the glass, and drank the refreshing liquid into my ever-quenching thirst. I slowly walked towards the windowpane, I thought about women...”I hate women! Great! Hell!"I shouted with rage in my heart while simultaneously throwing the wine glass at the wall. My hatred became excruciating inside of me, it will explode, “Ahhhhh... I want every woman to feel the pain…to feel love…to feel my revenge!!”

I compose myself and call my Personal Assistant, Andrew, “Call Hendrix Montes and schedule him at The Aquarium, got it? Tell him to bring the important equipments with him, okay?”

“Yes Boss Jordan, anything else?”

“Anding, Anding, you forget your job? What time is it?”

“Nine in the morning Sir Jordan?”


“It’s time for your medicine and fruit smoothies.”

“Okay, then, quick, go…!”

“Yes Boss Jordan.”

Andrew left and went directly to the kitchen.

Andrew Mijares grew up with me since my childhood years at the Farm of my father. We developed our relationship through the years when I was on the primary level wherein, our personal feelings were known to us without any qualms at all. He was loyal to my parents and to me as the only child of a wealthy businessman and politician in our place.

We have everything to dream about, from the start, even as a youngster. Me, I developed maturity at an early age than Andrew. But, Andrew knew my appetite for s*x, was very different from his perspective.

My name is Jordan Kian Montero. They say I'm handsome, with a good body build and I'm still a lover boy, but is there still a woman who will love me? But, it is said that love comes spontaneously even if you block it with a thousand hells!

As for women, they are also looking for their partners in life, whom they should love. But most of the time, they do fall in love with the man but there seems to be something missing or not yet satisfied; in love, or lack of time. But the worst is the man who is not a "provider" or is lazy with no money in the bank yet. But, I am a secret Billionaire!

Me, I don't like to spend my wealth but I want to work according to my whims to satisfy my desires. My job in the government under the Law Enforcement Division as PDEA Agent. Within the walls of the Law Enforcement Office, secrets are growing every day, defining what inside of every person desires to survive in the modern world, and with their jobs as Agents.

My friend Michael Carpio knew that I will develop my closeness to him, even in the office. My eyes were fixed on what was going on behind the glass panes in the office above me. He had an inkling of what the department heads were talking about. It wasn't over yet, still urging me to meet Michael. I would have to go back there to this place he refused to even think about. To forget him, I did everything, everything that was humanly possible.

I saw how Michael Carpio shook his head, knowing that it would be just as difficult, if not more difficult, to agree to a plan like this. Michael feared for me. Michael suspected something, even if he didn't say it, at least hadn't said it until now.

I was careful, careful to hide the punctures. And yet, one look would have been enough, a tiny carelessness, a moment of passion that didn't distract the other well enough, didn't give me the impression that Michael was trying so desperately to convey his desire.

I wished it were otherwise. Wish I was stronger, I could say 'no' to Michael. But even at that moment, I knew with absolute certainty that I would always come back to him, that a wink was enough a look, and I was lost. Obeyed everything the man asked of me. Not because I knew that Michael desired me, but because I myself desired him more than I could put into words. Because I wanted to feel it inside me, again and again. Rough, hard, and unyielding. Because having s*x with Michael was the only thing that made me feel alive. Because even the pain when Michael entered me when he took me roughly bent over a table, was better than the emptiness in which I moved during the endless hours of the day. I was weak from Michael letting go was impossible. It was his, had become his property, the plaything of the man whose every move made him feel guilty. He silently accused me of being responsible for betraying his wife. Michael punished me and without this punishment, I could no longer exist, he no longer wanted to live.

I searched Michael's eyes. And I knew it would happen again. Saw the desire that merged with his and that knew only one release. I belonged to Michael, forever, as long as we lived.

"You're cocky Michael, admit it!"

“That's not me.” Michael playfully tried to punish me with a slap, but he skillfully ducked under his hands.

"Oh yes you are." I insisted on his opinion.

"What was the first thing you said to me the night we met?"

"How am I supposed to know that? I am a busy man."

"There... again."

I pointed my finger at the man accusingly. "You feel you don't need to remember, B*llsh*t!"

Michael snorted. "Can you stop making up nonsense like that, just for once, while we have a chance to be private?" I cocked my head, pretending to think.

"So you're not too old to remember for that?"

"I'm about to show you what's old."

Michael grinned, threw off the blanket that was hiding his legs, and lunged for the handsome dark-haired, pushed my back with his upper body, and finally threw me roughly on his back.

"Ouch... you bull-dog."

"Don't pretend you don't like that."

The rascal flashed in the younger man's eyes. "Would you believe me?"

"Absolutely no way."

Slowly, with relish, Michael stretched out on my abdomen, careful to make contact with every inch of the tanned skin stretching and taut beneath him.

I moaned as Michael pressed both of our pelvises together, his body rubbing against mine. "Oh God, Michael," I gasped desperately. "You're killing me."

"Just a little death," Michael breathed in my ear before beginning to s*ck on my earlobe.

"I know what you want and I know what you need... And now tell yourself: Is that pride or truth?"

"Ah!" a high-pitched scream as long, slender fingers began kneading my chest as Michael's pelvis began to move rhythmically, pumping evenly against my body beneath him.

"Oh God... no arrogance... no arrogance... Michael!"

"Then you want it... say it..."

"I want you Michael, give it to me, give me your c*ck."

Lips that devoured me, spicy musk that enveloped me. the sound of a packet of condoms ripping open. "Patience, Magnus, patience."

His voice was hoarse, filled with passion. The mighty shaft, throbbing, vibrating at its entrance.

Fingers wandering over my stomach, brushing my hair, clasping my trembling p*n*s, massaging it, letting it grow until I screamed, until the head jerked wildly, uncontrollably on the pillows, no more able to stop the impending explosion.

And then, those same fingers lubricating, stretching, opening, penetrating the throbbing muscle, seeking and finding the prostate.

"Oh God!" I really screamed. Wanted more, couldn't take it, couldn't wait anymore.

But Michael knew nothing of mercy, knew no mercy.

Relentlessly, I felt the magic point deep within me, rubbing it again and again, inserting a second finger, a third, stretching and expanding.

His fingers explored the walls of my opening, rubbing, and pinching until I begged for mercy.

"Michael, give it to me... now!"

And then the tip of the hard shaft entered me, s*ck*d in, grasped, and absorbed.

I reared up against him. More. deeper. Harder. "Oh God... Michael."

The one called upon pushed violently, and drilled his hard p*n*s into the soft, receiving cavity, further, deeper, he filled my opening with his size.


"Oh god... more."

I sighed as the glowing shaft pulled away from me, and groaned as it sank into me again.

Michael gasped, moving inside of me, starting a rhythm, going deeper with each thrust, pounding, getting stronger, getting harder, demanding, possessive, and greedy.

I felt Michael's p*n*s swell, loving to feel it grow in size. And then Michael changed his angle, grazing my prostate with each penetration until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Come for me, Magnus," he whispered hoarsely, eyes flashing, mesmerizing me. And I obeyed, came in a never-ending flood that poured between our bodies. His muscles twitched, vibrated, and stimulated until Michael with a scream sank deep inside of me and exploded there.

"D*mn it, Michael," I gasped. "If anyone has the right to pride, it's you."


I was sitting in the bar lounge with a good friend of mine, Michael Carpio. I noticed a beautiful woman at the next table sitting there alone, I had seen her here before and I couldn’t help but look at her. A lot of people try to make their dance or pick her up.

She was stunningly beautiful, with long hair almost around her waist, and perfect lips. And her eyes, full of life, every glance at me; I like what I see in her beauty, there is nothing like beauty. For a long time, I also did not love, but this is probably the love I was looking for.

Michael noticed me always looking at the beautiful woman.

“I’ll get to know her before I leave here, and I’ll leave here with her tonight,” I told Michael without lying.

My friend replied, "I bet you can't take her, can we, let's just have a drink. If you have a plan, go ahead, after all, you've been thirsty for a long time."

"Mike, watch me, my friend, it really hit me!" I got up suddenly from my seat towards the jukebox, I was reviewing the songs that determined which one she liked, I found a pair to play, ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, and ‘Crazy’, and a few other songs. Coming back from the jukebox, I noticed her looking at me. I made eye contact and continued to look into her eyes. I went to her and asked if she wanted to dance this dance with me. She hesitated and then I replied that I didn’t like dancing myself, but if I had to...

She giggles and smiles beautifully with her eyes twinkling like diamonds. I start to dance alone, I approach again this time I offer my hand she holds it and accompanies me to the dance floor. We dance silently as the next song starts to play ‘Crazy’ I’m wondering why she doesn’t speak even a word. In my heart, I needed to start to cool the former. I whispered in her ear, "I have three things I'm looking for in a relationship on first dating a woman."

She asked me what three things were. I act like I can’t hear her.

She tries and tries again, to tell me the three things because she can't bear to find out. After dancing to a few more songs we went back to her seat. Giving me a s*xy aura, she noticed my questioning look as I smiled and winked at her. As she moves her tongue under her lip, I dream her upper lip is so tender with a soft glow. I knew she was enjoying what she was doing because she moved me to my seat. I close my eyes for just a second, take a deep breath then breathe calmly again. I feel my lips on my tongue endlessly.

The contact with her eyes as she sees our lips closes her eyes, and for a good moment, all the time stops. A slow intimate, deep passionate kiss, just enough to let our imaginations go wild.

Her smile, her beautiful smile, as her eyes twinkle and change a hue of color, smiling back gives me a playful wink, moving my lip to her soft neck inhaling her scent, and gently kissing her on the neck. Feeling a little naughty but being a gentleman I held her hand, I wanted to see if she could withstand my touch with a single finger on her palm, thumb, and fingers.

The touch was so slippery, her hands a bit pinched and they started to tremble, my nerve weakly jumped from her hand to her entire body causing a cold leap of blood to cover her entire body. I admired her beauty with lust; I felt that my hold was only gentle and not strong. Slowly I took my fingers, and as lightly as a feather gently caressed her face and lips, she placed her mind and body in my hands.

We both enjoy what we do and it penetrates our hearts. I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere private.

She took her purse then took my hand and placed it on her waist and we started to leave. I glanced at my officemate Michael and he just smiled and winked.

It was raining so I took off my jacket and put it on her shoulder. Again the radiance we looked at each other was like a diamond coming from her beautiful eyes as she looked up at me.

I touched her face with my hands, and I gave her a ticklish kiss, by moving my tongue on the top and bottom of her lips then gently sucking her lower lip.

We walked quickly to the parking lot and I quickly opened the car so she could enter first. When we were in the car, I put the key down and turned to her and I inhaled her sweet scent. Again, she gasped as she looked into my eyes, and we began to exchange a kiss on the cheek.

My eagerness survived when she accompany me to my private house at the beach, separated from my main house.

After driving for fifteen minutes and we arrived at my house, on Mangosteen Drive, Seaside Heights Subdivision, Cavite, Philippines. She looked at me with an inquisitive look, looking at the house and then back at me, again giving the inquisitive look with her beautiful eyes.

My heart jumped when I smiled at her. Her lips form a smile that is so perfect; I want to touch her lips to mine as the passion begins to grow inside my heart.

After getting out of the car, I walked next to her, opened the door, and took off my seat belt. Oh, the temptation, I got so close to keeping her from the rain, I wondered if I would kiss those happy lips or not, but I acted now. Hold her by the hand, and lead her across the stairs and onto the porch, out of the rain. She looked into the darkness and asked, "Is that the ocean I heard?"

"Yes that's the ocean ... the back of my house is a beach," I said while looking at the gentle angelic face.

“Ah ha,” she said responding to my answer.

It makes me look like I accidentally dropped the keys, we both bend down to pick it up, and our hands meet at the same time. Not a word was uttered as we both rose slowly, staring into each other’s eyes, our lips meeting, tongues dancing, lips hugging, the playfulness of tongue kissing. Kissing thirsty faster creates a sensual sensation. After licking it slowly absorbs my calm, then I look into her questioning eyes again and a burning fire of love begins.

Then I stop, and lightly I start kissing under her lip, in the left ear up and back my tongue tickles it.


Chapter 2 First Voyage: Exploring Her

She closes her beautiful eyes and a soft moan escapes as I now do the “Butterfly Kiss” with her neck, her body slowly taking in the heat of the moment, she whispers to me that it’s better we even went inside the house.

Opening the door, and turning on the light in the living room, I stepped aside and held the door so she could enter. Closing the door behind us, I told her to go ahead and look around as if this house was hers. "Do you want a tour or would you rather venture on your own?"

“I want to venture on my own if you don’t care, you know curiosity,” and gave me a wink as she investigated.

While she was on her adventure, I picked up the remote and turned on the large studio theater component system, played sweet music and the whole house had speakers in every room, making the evening more enjoyable.

She appears again wearing a white silk dress, nothing sexier than a beautiful woman wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a s


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