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Taming The Alpha

Taming The Alpha

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With a glint in his eyes, he teased her tight pussy watching in delight as waves of pleasure washed down her body. Alexandra is not one to be subjected under a man. Raised to believe that men are scum and should be treated as such, she has a great deal of her life resisting men influence and subjecting them under her control. Zyan is the Alpha of one of the most dangerous packs alive. His reputation of being ruthless and dominant over everything id know by every werewolf all over the world. Fate brings these two strongly dominant characters together and pairs them up. Who will be the first to break who?!

Chapter 1

I surveyed the entire pack land from my balcony. It was a wide land, yet it was smaller compared to the other two pack lands that neighbored it. I hated the two Alphas of the packs. They were bullies who felt entitlement to everything. My pack land included.

I walked back into the office and took my sit. As I resumed my paperwork, the door burst open, and my two besties walked in arguing. The argument was heated. This was how they were – cat and dog, always turning everything into an argument. I cleared my throat to get their attention and make them shut up. However, amidst the noise of their argument, they didn’t notice.

I cleared my throat once again, a little louder this time. This, they also failed to notice. I waited a little for them to straighten out themselves and end the squabble. After a few minutes of the noisy argument, my wolf lashed out.

“Shut up, will you? Too much chattered. Now, I’ve got a migraine”, I growled out loudly, silencing them. If a pin fell on the carpet, we would have heard it loud and clear. My throat tightened and started to itch, “Just great. I also have an itchy throat. Thanks to you two dumb heads.”

I rubbed my temple and stared at the duo quizzically. “What is going on here? Why did you barge into my office shouting like idiots?”

The two were silent. They kept nudging each other and exchanging eye glances. I dropped my pen and studied the idiots. “Okay, this is just great. You come in here, screaming for everyone in the pack to hear, at a time when I required perfect silence. Now that, I’m asking you to speak, you are quiet. Speak before I make you.”

“Tell her, doofus”, Angela nudged. Dave nodded his head negatively and nudged her back, “You tell her, I like my head the way it is. Plus, I’m your superior. I’m ordering you to tell her.”

“Superior, my ass. Tell her. Aren’t you the man? Lead the way”, Angela countered. David glared at her, “Fuck you. You know how she gets whenever she receives news like this. I love life, and I’m too young and beautiful to die.”

“Okay, first off, fuck you too. Then, what beauty?” she mocked. David reddened, “You…”

I cleared my throat once again and drilled into their heads as they turned their attention back to me. “You better tell me what is going on that made you knuckleheads barge into my office like morons before I knock you off course.”

Dave gulped, “Well, the Alphas sent messages again. I must say, Alpha McCabe is getting more daring and very cryptic. What he sent, it’s hard to tell if it was a threat or a peace offering.”

“Threat?!” I rose from my seat. “What did that beast do now?”

Angela spoke this time, “You may want to see this yourself. Come on, let’s go see the message of the century”.

I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the office.

Zayn McCabe was a massive pain in the ass. I enjoyed killing his stupid messengers more than anything. He was always sending them with threat messages. At least, the other Alpha was a little diplomatic. Zayn was just a piece of shit who thought sending minions to me will get me rattled, and I’ll run to him and surrender my pack lands. He was a delusional freak.

I never met him since he started giving me troubles about my pack lands a couple of years ago. He was constantly sending threatening messages, but he never showed his face once. But of all his attempts, none was more daring and threatening than this. He nailed five dead rouges to a tree not so far from my border.

“Motherfucker, I’m so going to kill that bastard. Who does he think he is to threaten me with war?”

“War?!” Angela and David yelled out, attracting the attention of the warriors around. I slapped their head, “Quiet, doofus”.

“What do you mean war, Alex?” David asked, lowering his voice a little. I glared at him, “Shut up, idiot. You two clear this up and meet me in my office, okay?!”

They nodded and replied, “Sure”. I eyed them and relaxed a little from my tensed posture. “One more thing, don’t breathe a word about this to anyone. Not yet.”

They nodded and moved toward the warriors. I sighed and rubbed my temple.

Why can’t you just let me be, bastard?

I was so focused on the map that I didn’t notice my friends enter. They must have noticed because David thought he could sneak an attack on me. As he got close enough, my survival instincts kicked in. I grabbed the hand he placed on my shoulder and twisted it. My right leg swung out and swiped his legs. He lost his footing and went crashing to the ground. With a firm grip on his hand, I twisted and was about to yank when I heard someone laughing and another grunting.

“I yield, Alex. Let my hand go”, Dave yelled as he repeatedly tapped the ground. I got off him and sighed, “Sorry. That wasn’t intentional.”

“You could have ripped my arm off, Alex. What the hell was that?” Dave gripped his arm in pain. I sighed and rubbed my head to relieve tension. “I’m sorry. It was unintentional. It was survival instinct. I’m just on the edge because of this whole Zayn McCabe situation. Why are you guys here anyway?”

Angela looked at me like I had two heads, “Uhh, you asked us to come, remember? Are you okay, Alex?”

“Yeah, I’m just stressed. I remember now. Okay, I need your input. If the Blood Claw Pack attacks, what are our defenses?” I changed the topic. The duo eyed me. Dave spoke first, “We are still coming back to this discussion. To answer your question, against Blood Claw’s attack? I doubt we have any defense against them. These guys are known to every pack as ruthless and bloodthirsty.”

“Not helpful”, I replied and glared at him. Angela chipped in, “What he’s trying to say is that we don’t really have the manpower to take down the Blood Claw. This is a pack that wipes packs off the face of the map. If McCabe truly is threatening war, we are goners for sure.”

“Still not helping, guys. Seriously, we need to talk about how to protect the pack”. I walked over to the table and surveyed the pack’s map. Dave and Angela joined me. “The pack house is situated here in the middle of the pack. Here is where the safe house is supposed to be, but we’ve never needed it. So, it’s not under good conditions. How soon can it be fortified?”

Dave replied, “I can’t say exactly. With the right amount of workforce, probably a day or two. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just strong enough to withstand the attack and protect the women who aren’t fighting and the children.”

“Okay, well, like how many people will be needed to help build it?”

“About 15 to 20 men, not children”, he said. I nodded. “Angela, how many able-bodied men do we have or can we spare?”

“Allie, that depends on what other parts we require the men to work on. We have about 50 able-bodied men. So maybe we can spare 15; I can’t be sure yet.”

“Okay, signal for a pack meeting. Let’s meet with everyone and discuss this.”

They nodded and got to work mind linking everybody. A few minutes later, the alarm went off to signal the pack members for the meeting.

I sighed and rubbed my temple for the umpteenth time. I need to get rid of this rising tension and fast.

The common room was filled to the brim. Everyone was chattering away and wondering what could have led to the meeting. I gripped my head in pain. Fuck shit. I needed to get this stupid migraine under control.

Dave walked up to me, “They are waiting for you, Alex.”

I sighed and moved towards the podium, “Let’s get this done with.”

We mounted the podium with David taking his Beta position on my right side and Angela, her Gamma post on the left. The crowd didn’t seem to notice us, though. David’s voice rang out, “ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION. The Alpha has arrived, and she has a few words to say”.

The hall gradually quietened. I nodded my head at him in appreciation before facing the pack once again.

Chapter 2

“Zayn, I still don’t get your obsession with that land. It already belongs to another Alpha. People reside on it. Why are you so desperate for it?” Gerald, my Beta, questioned. I smirked and gulped my remaining liquor. “Because I want it. Can’t I strive for what I want anymore?”

“Are you even considering the people of the pack? It’s just a small land – one of no value to you. We already have more than enough land. So, I still can’t fathom it. What is so special about that land?”

I turned from the fireplace and faced him, “Now, that is the question that has plagued me so much. But not about the land. No, I don’t care so much about the land. It is just sitting on the border of my land and I want it as an extension.”

I walked over to my table and stared at the picture on my desk. “The question that plagues me is what is so special about this lady who makes great, able-bodied men fear her and willing to follow her? She is an Alpha, which is unheard of. A female Alpha.”


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