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Rise of the She-Wolf

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Vanessa has known a hard and lonely life. Born with eyes as light as the moon reflection itself many believe her to be cursed by the Moon Goddess. Living in the shadows of her pack she had learned to pick up on details others would ignore. The only company for her sharp mind was her impulsive and hot-headed wolf Spirit. Together they had watched many mating ceremonies and this year she would be secluded again. However, an unexpected visit changes her life drastically. Vanessa gets chosen to work for the mighty leading Italian wolf pack run by Alpha Don Lorenzo. She gets s*ck*d into a world of violence, crime, and male privilege. Due to the courage of her wolf and her sharp mind, Vanessa finds her way into the new pack and realizes she is done with living in the shadows. She decides it is time for the world to feel the power of the She-Wolf.

Chapter 1 Cursed by the Moon-Goddess

A full moon lit up Brida her face as she was preparing for the sacred ritual to honor the Moon Goddess. Every 100 years the planets aligned and in that moment a connection could be made with the Moon Goddess herself. Brida was a werewolf and a sorceress. She had been chosen to function as a portal to the Moon Goddess. There was no greater honor except maybe being sacrificed. Three virgin She-Wolves would be sacrificed to show the goddess their willingness for receiving her wisdom.

Loud drums made the floor beneath her feet vibrate as she walked outside her tent into the crowd. The whole pack looked at her with anticipation and the drums became louder and louder. The smell of burned wood hit her nose as she looked into the middle of the crowd, there was a big fire burning with 3 poles in front of it. Brida walked in front of the poles and her unmistakable voice filled the air. She sang in harmony with the drums while three young She-Wolves were brought in and tied to the poles.

All three of them were wearing white dresses to symbolize their virginity. Brida kept singing while she took out a knife, the moon's reflection made the knife look like liquid silver. Brida walked to the She-Wolves holding the knife above her head. Someone came up beside her handing her a wooden cup and Brida took it into her other hand. The She-Wolves looked at Brida without a hint of fear in their eyes. They knew there was no greater honor, and they would be invited to feast with the wolf Gods and the Moon Goddess herself. The knife cut through their throats smoothly and quickly making the She-Wolves tremble for a few seconds before their bodies relaxed. Brida caught the blood of all three wolves in her wooden cup.

When she had collected all the blood, she dipped her fingers in the warm blood and made a symbol of the moon on her forehead with it. She drank the rest of the cup and fell to her knees. “Sacred, beloved, Moon-Goddess we are gathered here today to share in your wisdom. Please enlighten us with your presence,” Brida howled.

The pack was holding their breath anxiously to see what would happen. They were all staring at Brida who was sitting on her knees covered in blood with her head tilted forward. At first, it seemed nothing would happen but then Brida levitated into the air and started glowing with white light from all sides. A clear voice echoed through the open space, “A NEW ERA WILL BE BORN. WOLVES WITH EYES THAT REFLECT THE SOUL OF THE MOON WILL END THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. FENRIR WILL BREAK FREE AND RAGNAROK WILL BE BROUGHT UPON THE WEREWOLF WAYS.”

Screams started to emerge when Brida her body fell back to the ground. Her cheeks were hollow and where her eyes once were she now had 2 gaping black holes looking at the sky. She looked like all life got s*ck*d out of her which was a good symbolization of the prophecy that had just been spoken. The pack scattered into panic and word of the prophecy was spreading fast. Not long after the ceremony, the first wolves with eyes as light as the moon itself were born. All the leading Alpha’s decided together that it would be best to kill any wolf born with moon-souled eyes. For many years babies were slaughtered but as with many things, the memory of the prophecy faded. With the present pack members dying so did most of the fear. The prophecy became a story and slowly faded into legend. Sometimes a wolf was born with moon-souled eyes, but their fate was no longer certain death.

To this day no one exactly knows how many wolves there are with moon-souled eyes. It is unknown whether they possess any special powers or that they are just rare and beautiful. It is a mystery what secrets those clear, piercing, beautiful eyes hold.

Chapter 2 The day my life changed

Sunlight warmed my fur as I ran through an open field without a worry in the world. A mix of brown with white fur shot through the grass. My wolf Spirit was overjoyed to run in clear sight and take out all her energy. We usually had to be careful and stay in the shadows of the forest because we were not allowed to be close to the pack in wolf form.

But not today! Today we were free, thanks to the mating ceremony taking place this week. Every year all the wolves from age 18 and older came together with all the packs to find their mate. On the first day, the females get locked up and all give away a piece of their clothing. The males then all get to smell the clothing to see if their mate is present that year. The next day the chosen She-Wolves are set loose in the forest and an hour later the males get the chance to hunt and claim their mate. On the third day, there is a celebration where the She-Wolves can be marked if they accept their mate and then they leave their own pack


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