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Reincarnation: Rise of Cat Beast

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A modern man from Earth, Caden, woke up and discovered he became a cat! Not only that, he had woken up to a world that can only be found in fantasy stories! What's even more incomprehensible is that he had found himself a mysterious owner! His owner likes to threaten him, likes to make him remember all the goodness he has done for him, likes to touch him here and there---! He is truly pitiful. ----- Evan: I have a cat. My cat likes to stick his tongue out to me, so I pulled it. My cat likes to cry and is very timid but he can kick *ss. I love my cat.

Chapter 1- He transmigrated... into a cat?!

When Caden was younger, he owned a cat. The cat was so cute and when it mewls it melts him into a puddle, it was a newly weaned kitten so he had a lot to learn to raise it into a majestic cat, but unexpectedly, a year after when he was already a cat slave, someone stole his cat. He remembered searching for the cat for months but he had never once seen the shadow of it since then. He was crying for weeks over the loss of his cat, no one can tell but him and the pet lovers how it felt to lose a pet you cared for like your child.

But even if Caden is a cat slave he had never once thought of being one! But what is happening? Didn't he just drink a beer for the first time?! Why does it feel like he is dying? And..! Dying is dying, but what is the image reflecting before him from the water?! Isn't this an unweaned cat?!

Caden saw the stupefied kitten before him--- no, his stupefied kitten face before him, and felt that his human knowledge was overturned into an unrecognizable shape.

The kitten had white fur with black spots in every part of its body but the most eye-catching feature of the kitten is its deep emerald green eyes that look like shining. The kitten's tail is long, probably 5 inches, too long for its palm size body.

He looked around and felt scared, the only light comes from above, but climbing it seems impossible. Where is he? How did he get here? And... what is happening to him exactly? This doesn't feel like dreaming, but there's no way that everything could be real right? Caden lift his front paw and stared at the pink meaty pad on his palm. He has paws instead of hands--- like for real! He is really a cat! A freaking cute cat, but still a cat...

Suddenly, the water reflecting his cat image rippled, at first it was just a tiny ripple, but then it was seconded. Until Caden finally felt that the ground below his feet is vibrating.

Earthquake? How unlucky!

Caden's small agile body detected a sound of danger, he dodge sideways, and a sharp stalactite fell from his original position crashing into tiny debris as it hit the ground--- that should have been enough to kill his new cat life if he hadn't dodge on time--- imagining that sharp stalactite crushing his body, his frightened voice reverberated around the cavern. But in actuality, the sound he produced can only be said like a tiny mewl of a kitten--- but it's a bit raspy. He shouldn't be part of the big cat family, isn't he? But what big cat can be this small when young? The big cats when young are the size of a fully matured adult cat.

Caden was dumbfounded. He is fond of cats but as the one producing that sound, he felt that he may not be able to live having this kind of fragile body inside a collapsing cavern. But he didn't have enough time to think of it as he found his cat body dodging every other falling pillar inside the cave. He was panting and making a frightened noise every now and then.

Caden isn't sure what happened to him--- if he is dreaming or not, but one thing is for sure--- it hurts like hell when a tiny rock hit his body--- that pain couldn't be any more real. This is not a dream!

This body is nimble but there are a lot of falling objects everywhere and every single one of them can knock the life out of his small body. The ground is vibrating as if there is an earthquake, and he cannot dodge everything that has fallen all at once. He might die at this rate. Not to mention, he didn't even know when will this shaking stops or if there is an exit from this cave. He woke up inside this big cavern with a nest that is like tailored for his small body as if someone intentionally left it there for him. But the point is, Caden wants to cry out, who the hell left an unweaned kitten deep inside the cave?!

The path before him can only be climbed up as there is only an inclined path heading to somewhere he doesn't know but he cannot even take a rest to think with everything that is happening around him--- this is the safest way he could take, and even that didn't reassure him as from time to time, he had to dodge whichever objects fall from the top. But he still didn't dare wait upon his death.

Caden tumbled when a boulder of rock, which should have been only a small boulder if he was a human, came rolling in his direction. Fortunately, he immediately stood up on all fours shaking his fur to free himself from the dust as a quick plan cross his mind. The path is narrowing and seeing the previous boulder that almost knock him off falling the now downward slope, he waited for another rolling boulder of rock.

Upon seeing one, with his nimble and small body, he jumps high enough to reach the top of the boulder, rolling together with it. He was jogging in place on top of the boulder following its pace. Seeing the first boulder in front of him is almost within reach, he fastens his movements and jumps on it on time. It takes a lot of concentration and balance to reach that type of accuracy but Caden didn't have the time to appreciate his quick movements as he had to use all his willpower under pressure and danger to reach to the front quickly. The slope seems to have no end but the path is slowly narrowing, he only notice just now, until the boulder he once uses had to stop as it cannot fit the narrow road anymore. It left his heart beating wildly against his chest--- whether it came from an adrenaline rush or the fact that he realized that the path is narrowing and both entryways can possibly be blocked by the boulder of rocks if he will not hurry. He doesn't want to be caged inside this cave.

Caden didn't know how much time he had to spend hopping from one boulder to another, but he finally found a small light coming from the outside on the far end, enough for a tiny animal like him to fit. He didn't know if it was from relief but his eyes started to blur. The narrow road also started to become wide enough to fit several boulders like the one he is riding.

Yet even rejoicing seemed to be too early to do as he saw another boulder rolling fast in front of him, if he will not stop that boulder, it will block his only way of escaping from this seeming tunnel!


Caden should be faster than it! His mind short-circuited as he jump from the boulder he was riding and fell rolling on the ground. He didn't even shake his fur as he tried to jump high in an attempt to reach the entrance before the boulder--- but it was still too late. Seeing another boulder rushing in the same direction and might yank him together with it, Caden jump away from the exit as the boulder blocked the exit with a loud thud followed by the boulder he was riding. Leaving only a cloud of dust and some crashed rocks flying which hurt his eyes and his nose.

No! Caden whimpered, his soft mewling sound reverberating around the cave. The only light came from the small light above which Caden didn't know if he could climb onto seems to have shone solely on his lonely figure slumping, on the ground. He looked up with his moist eyes and see if he could manage somehow to reach the top, but found out that if he tried to climb and accidentally slip when he was almost at the top, it will surely lead to his death.

In the end, is he going to die here? He looks at his claws which are filled with dirt and remembered again that he is a cat now.

Supposed he is really here, becoming a cat, is his former self dead?

Suddenly all those depressing thoughts came rushing to his mind one after another making him cry and his already moist eyes water again. He was so depressed that even if his ears twitch catching a sound of rushing didn't seem enough to make him come out of his depressing thoughts.

Only when he felt the familiar vibration in the ground getting stronger did he finally wake up from his reverie. His head turned sideways and saw the narrow paths suddenly had an oncoming wave of dust and rocks flying as if the block paths had been blasted. His cat eyes widened his animal pupil turning into slits, as his instincts get the better of him running to the corner so as not to be smashed by the boulders rushing and rolling forward very fast.

There was a loud crashing sound followed by the dust and crashed rocks exploding. Caden found a little hole to hide, fortunately. When everything fell into silence, Caden went out of the hole and was stunned when he saw the light coming from the outside pouring down from the blasted hole. Now, the entryway can hold even 4 to 5 adult humans, not to mention a little kitty like him. But what shocked him is that the world outside doesn't resemble anything as he remembered.

Did he transmigrate, not just into the body of a kitten, but to another world?!

Chapter 2- Smart little beast

No, no, no!

He didn't transmigrate into another world, did he?

But the facts before him tell him the otherwise.

Caden approach the blasted hole and found out he was on top of the cliff, he can feel the wind blowing against his face. He remembered his direction while escaping earlier seems to be going up so it's understandable that he is now on top. The feeling of looking down below is very dizzying, much more to a tiny creature like him so he gets timid and strays far away from the edge.

Looking ahead, he was very sure he is now on another planet. There is no way the earth he lives on can look like this.

His little mouth opened in shock seeing so many unfamiliar things above and below.

If his eyes didn't deceive him saw something flying in the sky but it looks like a mythical creature that can breathe fire. There's also the lake below this cliff and he just saw something big floating on the surface. It doesn't look like a


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