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Reborn As the Mate of the Cursed Alpha King

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Emily's life was shattered by the ultimate betrayal. In her past, she was a devoted sister and wife, but the flames of treachery consumed her, leaving her to die in a fire set by her own husband and sister. However, the moon had other plans, granting her a second chance at life. Reborn on her 18th birthday, Emily awakens to the cruel truth of her sister's envy and her husband's sinister intentions. Determined to rewrite her destiny, Emily rejects her deceitful mate, only to discover her soul is intertwined with that of the enigmatic Lycan King Benson Doorson, the sworn enemy of her ex-husband. What will Emily choose? Love or revenge?

Chapter 1: Refusing the Chains of the Past.

Emily's Pov

I wake up startled, my heart racing. The window light floods the room; I feel my head pounding, and it takes a while for my vision to focus and realize where I am.

How did I end up in my old room at my parents' house?

Before I can even search for an answer, the door to my room swings open, and the figure of my younger sister, Nina, appears outside.

"Good morning, birthday girl! Congratulations on turning eighteen!" Nina exclaims excitedly, rushing into the room.

I furrow my brow; something is wrong... something is different. I look at my hand and notice that I'm not wearing my wedding ring. It's when Nina jumps on the bed with a smile on her face that the truth, the memories, hits me.

On our third wedding anniversary, I was so happy, carrying our first child, eager to share the news with my husband, Jimmy Doorson. As I approached his office, I was met with the most cruel discovery: my husband, Jimmy Doorson, and my younger sister, Nina Turner, having an affair. They exchanged kisses and passionate touches that made me nauseous. My heart shattered at that moment, unaware that it would not only be a betrayal in our marriage but also to my wolf pack, Blue Bay Pack.

Jimmy Doorson led a rebellion, attempting to seize power from my father, Alpha David Turner. His plan not only cost me my life but also the life of our unborn child.

My hands instinctively go to my now-empty belly, without my little wolf cub. My wolf, Lily, whimpers inside me, and together, we share the pain of our loss.

"Emily? Are you okay?" Nina asks with a concerned voice, bringing me back to the present. This time, I can see the true Nina Turner. My beloved and trusted younger sister betrayed me in the cruelest way possible.

Lily growls with anger inside me, and I try to keep her under control. I need to figure out how I ended up in the past, and why I got this second chance in my life.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine," I finally speak, clearing my throat. "Just still trying to fully wake up."

"Come on, come on, sis," Nina says, pulling me by the arm to get out of bed. "There's a wonderful breakfast waiting for you."

My body follows my sister's movement, but when I step on the floor, I pull my arm back, away from Nina's touch. My younger sister looks at me in surprise but says nothing.

"You go ahead; I need to use the bathroom," I declare with a restrained voice. Nina nods, her expression puzzled. I wait for her to leave the room and close the door behind her.

Lily stirs inside me, more wounded and incredulous than I am. I need to stay calm, I can't lose control.

"We'll figure out what happened," I murmur to Lily and myself. I go to the bathroom and face my reflection in the mirror. It takes several blinks to get used to the fact that I'm eighteen again. My hair is long; Jimmy Doorson liked it short. Memories of my past life cause immense discomfort. Lily is fierce; I feel her anger, her desire to rip my sister apart. I can even visualize it. Lily takes control, transforms, and attacks Nina without warning. She tears off her arms, bites her face, and tears apart her entire body.

"Lily, we need to be mindful," I speak toward my reflection. But Lily only feels the pain of losing our child, the betrayal of Nina, and Jimmy's cruel actions leading to our death.

I wash my face to clear my thoughts and keep Lily in check. Finally, I descend the stairs to the kitchen of the house, where there's a commotion among the staff. They all bow slightly in my direction; I try to reciprocate with smiles, but it's difficult. It's challenging to be back in my eighteen-year-old body, not understanding how I ended up here.

Before I can get lost in a spiral of confusing thoughts, my father appears at the kitchen door with open arms, ready to receive me.

"My little wolf! Happy birthday!" David, my father, speaks with a loud and hearty voice, a wide smile spreading across his face. I go into his arms, and he hugs me tightly. I feel protected and embraced in that paternal hug. I control my emotions not to cry.

David leads me to the table full of food, a well-set feast in front of me. Everything looks delicious, but my appetite doesn't open up. I can't find the joy I felt the first time I turned eighteen; there's a three-year burden on me that I don't believe will ever go away.

I sit across from my father, who takes his position at the head of the table. Our employees walk around us, listing the food options we have.

"I'd like an espresso," I request with a restrained voice to one of our maids. She promptly nods and leaves my presence.

"How are you feeling, my princess?" Dad asks seriously, his elbows resting on the table, and his firm eyes stare at me with seriousness. I inhale deeply, trying to maintain composure.

"I'm fine, Dad," I reply with a gentle but forced smile. Dad notices my reluctance to show happiness.

Nina joins us at the table; my wolf Lily growls once again inside me at the presence of my younger sister. Nina sits two empty chairs away from me, looking cheerful and animated.

"What a delicious smell in this place," Nina comments. Dad agrees with her, and I make an effort to remain peaceful, even feeling Lily's lupine emotions wanting to manifest.

"I wonder what your fiancé, Jimmy Doorson, will give you as a gift, sis?" Nina asks, and my eyes flicker upon hearing his name. My throat dries before I can answer her. "I bet you're super anxious and happy to marry him, aren't you, Emily?" Nina asked with an innocent tune, making my blood boil.

Dad seems to notice the change in my body; as an alpha, his sense of smell, hearing, and vision are always sharp. He raises an eyebrow at my reaction to my sister's question.

"My little wolf," Dad says with a deep and penetrating voice. I lower my head upon hearing his voice, expecting a reprimand for my reaction. "Are you ready to marry Jimmy Doorson?" Dad asks with concern. I raise my eyes and meet my father's gaze; he looks serious. My heart accelerates a beat, surprised by the question. It's the opportunity I have to change my future, to escape the death that awaits me in three years.

"Dad..." the sentence gets stuck in my throat. I clear it better, trying to maintain my posture at the table. "Sir, I believe I am not ready or prepared to marry Jimmy Doorson. If it pleases you, dear father, I would like to have more time to reflect on this decision," I say with sincerity. My heart is beating fast. The only person who can force me to marry is my father, David Turner. He is the alpha of our pack, Blue Bay Pack. I could never go against a direct decision given by him.

David, my father, gives a quick nod, causing a wave of relief in me. I feel my body relax.I always know my father was not happy about my marriage.He thinks Jimmy Doorson is an *ssh*l*.The fact that he truely is.

"Emily, you're already engaged and marked by Jimmy Doorson; you need to marry him," Nina says incredulously in my direction, her face showing her indignation.

"Engagements can be broken, Nina. And I'm not marked by Jimmy Doorson," I reply firmly to her.

My younger sister casts her indignant eyes at me and then at my father, who observes her reaction. My wolf Lily stirs contentedly at seeing how irritated my sister is with my newfound determination. I won't make the same mistakes I made when I was eighteen. I won't let Nina Turner manipulate my emotions, leading me straight to my own ruin at the hands of Jimmy Doorson. The young, naive, and lovestruck Emily Turner no longer exists. I won't allow myself to be manipulated or deceived by my sister or anyone else who wants to take advantage of me.

Chapter 2: From Nightmares to Reality.

Emily's Pov

"Daddy, she can't do this," Nina says, pouting towards my father.

"Nina, your sister is eighteen, and I fully approve of canceling the engagement," David announces with an authoritative voice. "You don't have to pressure your sister about something that doesn't concern you."

Before Nina could protest my father's warning, our mother, Minnie Turner, entered the room, smiling and super excited. "My wonderful and grand princess! May the stars and the sun sing with joy and love for you on this special and important day. The day of your birth is my second favorite day!" Minnie declares, her arms embracing me with so much affection and tenderness that I truly feel happy on my birthday.

"Thank you, Mom," I responded sincerely. Minnie steps back and sits next to Dad; they exchange a quick and affectionate kiss. Next to me, the maid arrives with my espresso. I sip a bit, hoping that things will improve now with Mom joining our breakfast.

"Why do you h


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