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Lance Lunar

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The Broken Luna's Revenge
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"I, Gabriel Foster of the Nightfall Pack, hereby announce that my fated mate Raine will be joining our pack. I hope that everyone will treat both Raine and Luna Elena with equal respect in the future." My husband Gabriel had announced in front of all of our pack members on our third wedding anniversary that he had found his fated mate. I stared blankly at the two figures cuddled up in the center of the hall as a wave of numbness washed over me and I listened to all of the members of the pack congratulating them wholeheartedly. Gabriel's so-called Fated Mate, Raine, feigning innocence and vulnerability, handed me a glass of wine. But that glass of wine took my life! Yet, the Moon Goddess decided my story wasn't over. She granted me a second chance. This time, I am determined to peel back the mask of that bitch and make Gabriel experience a regret so profound it will be his living torment!


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