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Rebellious Love

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At the university where the students have a breed of werewolves, there is a mysterious woman, who will definitely change what they are used to. The woman will shed light on an event in the past. And will bring darkness in their lives. How can love concur all the sins and betrayal from the past?

Chapter 1

“Do you believe in werewolves?” a child asked, while staring at the old woman who was still talking about various things

“Yes. They are real,” the old woman replied.

“Are they bad? Like Monsters?” A boy added.

In the distance, on a vast farm there are several houses. The surroundings are covered with green plants. The trees and their sweet fruits will grow and give life to the people who live in this area. It cannot even be called a happy life for those who live in the city. Marina, on the other hand, can say that this is the place where she finds peace more abundant and more peaceful. Here in this place, she will find peace of mind.

“It’s enough for you all to ask grandma. You know all about the story of wolves,” said the girl who cut off whatever her companions were talking about. Marina knew that such monsters were not real, since they were only fabricated by the fickle imaginations of humans.

“I haven’t finished telling stories to kids yet.” The old woman’s frustration with what her granddaughter was doing seemed to be evident.

“The sky will soon be dark, you need to rest as well,” the girl calmly promised.

Marina Luna Samson is an eighteen years old simple lady. This old woman wasn’t her real grandmother, she was the only one who picked Marina up when she was a baby. She told her that she only found her when she was a baby. The girl didn’t even bother to find out where her real parents were.

Before the old lady could speak, someone called Marina. Everyone was still staring at it.

“Someone sent you a letter,” said the mailman.

The girl frowned and approached the man. Although she was not sure, she immediately picked up the letter.

“What’s that?” the old woman asked.

“I’m not sure, but it’s from a university. At Noble Wolf University in Ottawa. From the City? How will I get it? I did not take the exams,” she said.

Since graduation, she has not planned to go to college. So how can she receive this kind of letter from a famous University? It is not new for the girl to hear about this University, because she often hears, that it is difficult to get into it, so it is also a big wonder why in the hell she was given such an opportunity.

Earlier, Marina did not notice that the children had left as she had ordered. So, everything became quieter just so she could read what was written better.

“Scholarship? I don’t want to study, I have to work for us,” said the girl. She was about to crease the paper she was holding, when her grandmother stopped her.

“What is that? Why don’t you like it?”

“Because I don’t want to go to college anymore. I also need to work for our expenses, especially when you need medicine,” said the girl. She also slowly walked closer to her grandmother. She knew that no matter what happened, she had to help the one person who had helped her since she was a baby.

“A good opportunity is approaching you. I know you want that, but you’re being held back just because you need to help me. Think about what your future holds. I have little time in the world, but you, you still have many dreams. I don’t want you to restrain yourself just because of me.”

The old woman also left some sermons just for her granddaughter. Deinee wanted nothing more than to improve the young lady’s life. But it doesn’t seem like this is the only thing the old woman really knows. It seems that this opportunity is what she has been waiting for a long time just for the true identity of the woman she adopted. She has a lot of secrets she can’t tell at these times. It is not yet time for her to lead the destiny of what is offered to their lives.

During their conversation, the old woman also agreed for Marina to go to the city to study at Noble Wolf University.

“When should you leave?” the old woman asked. It was only here that Marina finished reading the letter.

“Tomorrow,” the girl replied.

“You should fix your things. Come and I will help you,” said Deinee.

The girl’s face showed that she was not convinced by what her grandmother had said. “Are you sure? How about you here?”

“There are people who help me. All you have to think about is how you are. You know the part where you stay away from this place, you will get the truth.”

“Truth?” The girl’s forehead furrowed.

“The time will come for that too.” Apparently, the old woman shared a sweet smile to her granddaughter.

Although the young woman did not fully understand what her grandmother meant, she could do nothing but follow it. From then on, the girl always followed what Dienee told her. But all of this was the hardest thing for her to obey. She knew she might never see her again when she left this place. This place is too far away if she is going to Ottawa.

The old lady helps her granddaughter pack things. Marina just remained silent while the speaker was Dienee. She tells her things that will help the young woman just to get better in the area to which she belongs. Even some Marina didn’t understand.

As the young woman leaves her usual place, what new things will open up to her? It looks like the real story about her is just about to begin. This is the real life she needs to face.

“Are you sure I need to leave?” the maiden asked. She couldn’t even count on her fingers how many times she had asked this word.

“You will do it for me as well. I don’t want to see you suffer in this area. Because from the beginning it shouldn’t be your life.”

The young woman sighed because of the weight of her heart. She thought that if only it would really bring her a good life. Or it may lead her to a hell that she does not know how to escape.

Chapter 2

Noisy surroundings. The music sounds so deafening that the lyrics don’t seem to pay attention. There are lights out. Different colors that are intoxicating and even the smell of alcohol. Odwolf Noble was accustomed to such a life. A young man who no longer seemed to take his life seriously. He is now with his friends. Hanry and Ralph. They also have a few women with them who all seem to like Odwolf. There is also no denying how handsome the young man’s face is. He finds it easier to fall in love with women no matter how strange it is. He seems to think of himself as the God they worship. So, it was just as easy for him to find another woman.

“Let’s go back to the dorm. Maybe they will scold us again,” said Ralph. Earlier he was still looking at his phone, he was talking to his girlfriend.

These three boys come from wealthy families. So, it seems like, money is just a toy for them. No matter what they buy, they can’t afford to run out of money.

“You are too scared.


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