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Raphael's Obsession

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Gril18
  • Chapters: 95
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 17


In a world that is full of injustices, oppression, and money ruling over man, there is Raphael Custodio. He's a multi-billionaire who owns different lines, such as clothing, jewelry, real estate, and even a hospital. This thirty-year-old man loves to explore everything, especially in bed. He's a living dominant beast who surely gets every woman he wants. But fate really has something more on him. Raphael made a mess and swallowed his own words. He used to dump the girls after a pleasurable night. Hence, a girl made a mark on him, which Raphael couldn't resist. Has the curse begun? Does the dominant beast now receive his consequences? Is the girl his karma? Will Raphael's destiny change because of this?

Chapter 1

I. GIVE YOURSELF TO ME"Alright, I agree. Three thousand, but for only one minute."I grabbed the arm of a woman standing at the counter right away, and without warning, I planted a passionate kiss on her. It feels like I am longing for this feeling and thirsty for her mouth. I feel like I am going to run out of breath, but I do not give a d*mn anymore. Even though there was a lot of noise around me, like loud music and people shouting, I did not mind it. I am busy minding my own business."Hmmm..." I mumbled softly as I continued to kiss the girl.This feeling is influencing me, so I didn't give it a second thought before pulling her hair and bringing her body closer to me. My body feels so hot, and I know that just kissing is not enough. I need to finish this because if I don't, my bladder will hurt. I am not going to let that happen."Come with me. Let's f*ck and get wasted," I immediately said, and I was about to walk away when the woman took her hand back.What the f*ck was that?She stared at me hard and had a confused look on her face. I thought this girl would be with me and do what I said, but I was wrong. I did not see it coming. I was not expecting her to say no.F*ck! This can't be. I need to do something."Sir, with all due respect, my work is done. I can only give you a kiss. I have to go home because I still have a lot of work to catch up on. And there is one more thing: you already know that I do not sell my body. I am just a bartender who mixes your drinks," she quickly explained to me, smiling.Is she joking? Who does she think she is to say no to what I want?I did not like her answer or how sharply she spoke, so I quickly moved closer and pulled the woman closer to me again with force. What I hate the most is not being answered and not getting what I want. I am Raphael Custodio, and she has no right to leave me here like this."What exactly are you talking about? Did I give you a choice?" I asked the woman, who was now trying to leave, but I tightened my grip on her.I am used to girls like her who are stubborn at first but end up liking it. Also, I am the one who goes up to her, but she turns me down. Wow! This girl was lucky to be the one I ran into at the bar because most of them look like shrimp. I am a beast, and I do not deserve that."Why do not you just stop? You will get tired of what you are doing. If I were you, I would stop being so stubborn. Just save your energy for the bed. "Then I will be even happier," I told her as I carried her up to the second floor.She kept fighting, even though she knew in her heart that I was stronger. If she were not really attractive, I would not be wasting my time on her right now. But I want her to please me, so I have no choice but to be more patient."Sir, what the hell! Let me go! You are hurting me!" She yelled over and over, but the music was too loud and the other guests were in their own worlds to hear her.A coworker was just coming down the stairs, so the woman hurriedly called her. "Help me, Bianca. Tell this man that I am not selling my body. He will not stop," she complained.I let go of her hand, and she ran straight to her colleague. Her actions just made me shake my head. She is bothersome. I want to go to bed, but she is making it take longer. Mother f—er!"Are you sure? Wait a second, Irish," her coworker said as she turned to look at me.The woman was still clinging to her tightly, which made me sigh. Meanwhile, I just looked at her, and she smiled right away. She called the two bouncers right away, who were standing near the door."Paul and Mike, go here first. Someone is being stubborn. Take care of it first," Bianca told the two men, who moved quickly toward her."Get that guy outta here, sir. I have told him I am not for sale, but he is a jerk and does not want to listen. "Go help him look for someone else," the woman complained.I am getting tired of her and irritated by her. Neither of these things would have happened if she had come sooner. Screw this! She has too much drama, but we will know that she is just going to whine later."It is eleven o'clock at night, and it is just about time for me to go out. I do not plan to work extra hours today because my dad has an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning, and I will go with him. Please, brother, let him out," she pleaded.Bianca went up to the two men quickly and spoke to them in a whisper. They knew right away what the woman wanted, so they quickly gave her a thumbs up."Sir, I am sorry for the trouble. We're the ones asking for the dispensation. "Do not worry, we will get her to the Presidential Suite," a man told me.I just nodded as I watched them take the girl in both arms. Her face shows that she is surprised, but I do not care anymore. I will make sure she pays for wasting a few minutes. I am going to f*ck her until she begs me to stop.The woman was shocked and asked, "W-What?"Her eyes talked to her companion, and she asked for help, but no help came. It did not look like what happened was what she was expecting. F*ck! At last. This girl really has a lot of drama in her. The beast ought to punish her."W-What the heck! Let me go! Where are you going to bring me?" She yelled and struggled as she was dragged up the stairs.She screamed and fought again and again, but the two men holding both of her arms were stronger than her. We finally got to what they call the presidential suite, and there was no question about letting her in.A queen-size bed is not bad for the suite. Also, I know it is not the bed; it is called the presidential suite for a reason. It is more than just a plain room with a bed. It fills in what I am looking for."Which do you prefer, sir? Should we tie her or not?" a man asked me.I simply shook my head to show that I did not agree with the idea. This room is just the right size, so I know she will not be able to get away from me."As you wish, sir. If you need anything, just press the buzzer, and we will be there right away. Have an exciting night ahead."They finally let the girl go, pushed her onto the bed, and then left the room. She calmed down for a second, and I thanked her for that. I have no time to play hide-and-seek. I have been holding back for a while, and my body is hot as hell."What are you going to do, just stare at me? Drop the act and do what you have been trained to do. Please me now," I said with authority, and I moved closer to the bed until I was facing her."P-Please let me go, sir. Let me go. I-I need to go home."I did not listen to her. Instead, I took off my belt and pulled my pants down until only my underwear was showing. She could clearly see the mold of the swollen python that seemed to want to break free.It is time for the show. The beast will now eat what he has caught."Don't wait for me to pull it down. You won't like what I'm going to do. I won't be gentle and will f*ck you as hard as I can. Unless that is the kind of s*x you want to have," I whispered as I looked straight at her.Still, she did not move or do what she needed to do. Instead of pleasing me up, she just bowed and sobbed. What a real m*th*rf*ck*r!"What the hell is wrong with you?" I said I was annoyed and quickly pulled my neck back so she could see me better. "I'm not paying you to cry and feel sorry for me. Don't bother me with your life drama."I tightened my grip on her neck, but she still stayed in that position. F*ck! How long will she be like this? I want to thrust her hard and deep now.“Mother f*ck*r!”I could not stop myself, so I shoved her quickly onto the bed. I took off the rest of my clothing before taking control of her. I did not think twice about putting my dying-hard anaconda on her face and squeezing her neck with my hands. I just cannot wait any longer."You made me do this," I said firmly as I watched her.If she had followed right away, we would not have gotten to this point. I would not have been violent, but she made it so hard that I had no choice. She is playing hard, so here we are."Open your goddamn f*ck*ng mouth! I told you to open it." I yelled, and it was heard all over the room.She kept shaking her head, but her mouth opened on its own after a while, so I let go of her neck. I am not a saint, and I am a wild beast in bed. But I still know how far I can go. I know when I should stop."Now s*ck it and let Daddy feed you," I said calmly before gradually inserting the length of my anaconda into her mouth.Little by little, until I had gotten half of it in. I can't say more because of our position now. She was lying down, and I could tell she was not breathing, so I slowly pulled the anaconda back. And when the head was all that was left, I dug it back in."Oh, sh*t! That's what I'm talking about. You want milk, huh? Let Daddy work hard for it."I slowly increased how fast the anaconda went in and out of the mouth until I got the right rhythm. I am glad she has stopped crying. She also seems to know what she is doing because none of her teeth are loose. Good job, baby girl!"Hmm," I heard her say in between her moans.I moved faster until I felt something that felt like a tickle going up my anaconda. That only means one thing. She had to get ready because an explosion was coming."Get yourself ready, baby. I'm c*mm*ng!" I thrust and moved even faster.The sound of me coming in and out of her mouth seemed like a crazy rhythm, along with the slight panting I felt. My sweat is dripping all over her, but who cares about that? With a little more thrust, I feel my precum already inside her mouth."F*ck! This goddamn mouth of yours is serving its purpose. Sh*t! Here I come!"I said one after the other, and at the same time, my anaconda spat inside her. I did not count how many shots were fired, but all I know is that I liked it. At the same time, my libido is gradually getting stronger."Can't get enough with the milk in your mouth? "Do not worry, baby, because there is more coming just for you," I told her with a smile when I saw her stand up and spit out the liquid in her mouth as if she were throwing up.So, she's not a swallower. Well, maybe a little show with her t*ts can make her feel better.When she was feeling better, I put her back on the bed and tore her clothes with all my strength until I could see the pink bra she was wearing. When I saw that the strap was only in the front, my smile got even bigger because I knew I would not have any trouble taking it off."Now, let's get this night started. Let's get wasted," I said before standing up and getting something from the cabinet.When I opened it, I couldn't stop smiling at what I saw. It is full of tools that can make our libido go up. A rope, a chain, handcuffs, metals, and they even have a whip. So, that is what the Presidential Suite offers. I can finally do whatever I want to her body.I will never get over imitating humans. F*ck! This is paradise!

Chapter 2

II. IT IS A MISTAKEIt was seven of the clock in the morning when I woke up. I quickly stood up from lying on the bed and ignored the nakedness of the body. I picked up the clothes scattered on the floor, from my underwear to my navy long-sleeve shirt and ripped jeans.I did not think we would make it through seven rounds until dawn. If people are sleeping well and resting, we are constantly spoiling ourselves. But things did not go as well as I thought they would. There was a problem, but luckily I was able to find a way out."You didn't tell me that you are a virgin," I whispered softly while looking at the woman.She was still sleeping soundly while hugging the blanket that was covering her naked body. I didn't need to ask if she was tired because I could clearly see it on her face. Her innocent, rounded, cute face says it all."How could I be reckless? I was too carried away by my libido. Fuck! I swallowed my


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