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Promised to the Alpha

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The Labonair’s were the first line of werewolves to be created. The famous Pure Wolves. Because of their birthright, they gained many enemies, even among their own kind. Because of this the entire bloodline was killed by those who sought more power. Having grown up free, running through the woods and living with her brother, Hayley is the last remaining female of her lineage after a terrible pack war. Owner of an explosive temperament, the wolf is dangerous and indomitable, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty with blood to survive. Hayley preserved her freedom above all else and promised herself never to be domesticated. But it is impossible being a female, without a companion and with the Pure Blood of a royal lineage. Until he appears, Jackson Labonair, the famous Supreme Alpha. A dominant male, a wild and powerful beast. He wants her and she will not be controlled. In a world controlled by primitive males, where females had no voice, Hayley would fight to break old traditions, bring back equality in his hierarchy and ensure the safety of his family, even if it meant losing his own soul.

WOLF — Chapter One

I woke up, feeling the first rays of the sun on my face, warming me. The smell of the forest invaded me immediately, the humid earth below me no longer bothered me anymore, I was used to waking up like that during the last few years.

I opened my eyes, then growling when the sunlight hit me hard, making my eyes tear, I closed them quickly. I hated that sensitivity of the human form.

I grumbled a low swearing, returning to lie on the ground with my body shrunk because of the cold winds that morning. The familiar birdsong already sounded like a natural alarm in my ears, accompanied by the noise of water falling into a small stream near where I was, had used it a few times to bathe.

I heard footsteps approaching, opened my eyes, my pupils already dilated by the sudden approach. But I relaxed to recognize that familiar smell.

—It was two moons away from home, I must admit that your savagery surprised me. —He spoke quietly, his thick voice made the birds stop singing.

I turned my body towards him and found him leaning against a tree with a smug smile on his face. Her brown hair like mine fell on her forehead and her light eyes shone through the natural sunlight.

I lifted part of my aching body and remembered that I had run until I tried last night and just passed out in the middle of the forest, my body made the transformation while I slept. It was completely covered with earth and leaves.

I blinked a few times, stunned. After days in my animal form, returning to the human body was strange and took a few minutes to get used to.

—Melissa’s freaking out about the lack of news from you, Hayley. —My brother didn’t hesitate to try and scold me.

He and his excessive protection.

I let out a long sigh, the soft smell of the forest invaded my nostrils and filled my lungs. My skin shivered slightly, but I didn’t mind.

Nature was my home, the only place they wouldn’t judge me for what I was really born to be, a wild creature.

I’m coming home today, so you didn’t have to come after me like a sniffer dog. —I declared it hoarse, passing my hands on my hair tangled and full of leaves.

You know I can’t help it.

My fingers were caught between the unruly strands of my hair, I snorted loudly.

I need a shower as soon as possible. —Grumbled putting on the sweatshirt that Aiden threw in my direction, wearing the jeans shorts then.

I got up from the ground and tried to prevent the strong sun rays from blinding me, stretched my arms and stood, breathing the fresh air of the morning.

The sky was not completely clear, but the sun was intense in that part of the forest. I saw its rays rising from the hills and mountains on the horizon.

—Do you still recognize me as your brother, or will I just become an enemy beast? —Asked, approaching with caution and opening his arms, as if he were facing a wild animal and needed to make clear that it was not a threat.

I rolled my eyes strongly, but I did not hide the smile that opened on my lips and moved towards him, had missed him in recent weeks.

Although I’d rather run alone through the woods.

—Don’t be so melancholy, Aiden. —He said with his head buried in his chest, he squeezed me tight, taking away the air and I gasped low.

I had to hit him on the shoulder for Aiden to release me from his arms and still, he messed up my hair and made a face when his fingers were wrapped in my wires.

—His hair is a nest. —Joked him mocked. —Have you seen if there are any bugs stuck in this spider web?

—Now I remember why I would rather be among the animals of the forest than beside him. —I grumbled, provoking him.

Aiden let out a loud laugh and gave me a slight push with his shoulder, indicating me the way home.

I began to follow him, feeling my bare feet sink into the damp earth.

—I’m starving. —I whimpered, looking at the branches of the trees, looking for some fruit.

My stomach twitched like a worm on the floor.

This was one of the benefits of living among forests, always surrounded by delicious food.

—You’ve been hunting for two months, Hayley! —exclaimed, incredulous with my words. —How can you still be hungry?

—I mean the hunger for human food, you idiot. —I scolded him and slapped him on the head.

Aiden muttered low and rubbed the hit spot. I kept looking at the tree branches and spotted an apple on top of a tree.

My mouth popped when I saw the juicy red fruit.

"I believe that continuing to stare at the apple will not make it magically fall from the tree, am I right?"

I heard my wolf sizzle in my mind with all her morning moods. I ran until I was close enough to the tree and caught momentum, jumping up to the fruit at an impressive height for a human. I grabbed the apple and went back to the ground, took a good bite of the fruit, feeling its sweet taste in my mouth.

—How is Rebecca? —I asked after finishing eating the fruit, which, as expected, had not satisfied my hunger.

Rebecca was Aiden’s companion and my best friend in her spare time. She, fortunately, is not a Labonair, but is the daughter of an Alpha from a pack in Alaska.

Her father was a wretch who blamed her for the death of his companion who had died in childbirth, to Becca. To escape the mistreatment caused by man, she was forced to flee and today lived with us.

—Planning her death quite painfully for nearly killing her with worry. —He uttered it in a tone of irony, and I rolled my eyes.

"Always this unnecessary concern. We are able to defend ourselves."

—Always so dramatic. —Commented, observing the horizon beyond the mountains.

—You’ve been away too long, is she to blame for worrying about you? —Asked me, taking a branch out of our way to get us through.

—There is no reason for all this unnecessary concern. We are safe, we have had no sign of danger in recent months.

Aiden was in silence.

I didn’t bother to wait for his answer, I just started to speed up my steps until I started my run. I planned to make the most of my time in the forest, as I was on my way to the village, and prepared myself mentally for everything I would hear.

It was difficult for my family to accept that I was no longer a helpless child, but a female with claws and sharp fangs to defend myself.

I didn’t need them to be safe.

The pure wind hit my face like a kiss from nature, increasing the adrenaline that pulsed inside me. I longed to feel my hair flying as I ran, bringing with it several mixed odors.

The smell of animal blood miles away, the fruit, the smell of flowers, trees, fish and the smell of wet dog behind me.

My feet beat hard amid the branches and dry leaves on the ground, making the moist earth fly as it passed by.

I felt Aiden by my side. He knew I wasn’t using my lupine skills, or he would be eating dirt at the time. Running made my muscles relax and my mind empty, giving way to the feeling I loved so much, freedom. I accelerated my steps, jumping over a fallen tree that was in front of me, thanks to last night’s storm. My instincts made my body vibrate, making me smile and run faster, now using my speed.

A Thoroughbred was able to use our supernatural abilities even in human form, and that was something I loved.

It was in those moments that I felt invincible, as if nothing in the world could bring me down.

A strong odor hovered in the air and hit my nostrils sharply, which made me stop suddenly, skidding on the ground and almost stumbling on my own feet. Aiden stood beside me, his eyes shining like mine. He was also feeling that smell that made the hair on my body shiver to recognize him.

—It’s blood!


WOLF — Chapter Two

Without thinking about the consequences, I advanced towards the striking odor. I was aware that it was dangerous, it could be a trap to attract us, but I could not contain my curiosity or the protective instinct that dominated me at that time. The smell was in the vicinity of our home, needed to ensure the safety of our village.

Aiden didn’t try to stop me by sharing that same feeling.

The metallic smell grew stronger with each step, my wild instincts gained more strength and my wolf forced to keep control with me, which made my senses sharper and my vision improve during the course.

I stopped running when I arrived in a clearing known to me, where once there was a small village of Kitsunes, but now there was nothing left but ashes and broken bodies. The smell of blood expanded as we got closer.

My wolf growled inside me animalistically.

"I must leave. Set me free!"

—What happened here? —I asked myself looking at the place with my heart


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