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Pregnant With My Rejected Billionaire

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Jyotika
  • Chapters: 283
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5.6K
  • 6.1
  • 💬 111


"How could you come close to me? Did you forget that you belong to someone else?" I yelled. He frowned his eyebrow like he didn't get what I mean but then he smirked. "you're asking me how I came close to you? Did you forget 3 months ago you begged in front of me to f*ck you" He uttered. I was startled at his words and then closed my eyes to digest what he said. "Did he use that word or did I miss hearing him?" I asked myself not believing that my Aaron could use such kind of words for me. I opened my eyes and looked at him with teary eyes. "What? why are you looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong? Didn't you're the one who asked me to f*ck you" He scoffed. "No" I yelled... "I didn't ask you to f*ck me... I'm not a wh*r*. I asked you to make love to me that's too because I was on hear" I yelled, tears rolled from my eyes. "Love" He starts laughing like a maniac.

Chapter 1 My Rejected CEO

Aana POV'S 


"You can't do this with me" I yelled looking at him.

"You can betray me and I can't even ignore you." He scoffed.

"I didn't.. how many times I have to tell you, I didn't betray you. In my whole life after I only love you.. why you're not believing me"

"I wanted to but you only tell me how? How can I ignore everything? tell me Aana." he asked painfully... Tears rolled down from my eyes.

"I" before I could complete he pulled me closer to him.

"The whole night you were with him, Right?" He asked, looking at me with hope that I would deny it. Tears were not stopping from my eyes.

"Yes Or No? Aana" he grumbled. I nodded my head in yes, feeling pain in my arms because of the way he is holding me.

"Is he better than me? Did he satisfy you more than me?" He asked, leaving me dumbstruck. I didn't say anything and pushed him away, not able to process what he just said.

"Before last night, how many times did you sleep with him behind my back?" He again asked, looking at me with disgust. I didn't reply, kept looking at him with teary eyes.

"What happened? You thought that I would never get to know about your affair?" He laughed like a maniac and then started throwing everything whatever came in his hand. I was just looking at him and closed my fist tightly.

"I had a" before I could complete he threw the vase on the mirror, shutting my mouth.

"I Alpha Aaron watson rejected you as my mate" He said leaving me in utter shock. My wolf whimpered in pain. I fell on the ground, tears were not stopping from my eyes.

"Please take your rejection back… please" I begged him.

"Leave," He said.

I look at him with devastated eyes.

"I hate you and never ever show your face again" He yelled. That's it.. I didn't say anything after that nor try to explain anything to him. I wiped my tears and left the house. It was raining heavily outside and I was roaming on the road alone. I opened my first look at the pregnancy kit which shows positive results. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I look in front and there are a few boys looking at me. Fear took me over. I moved towards the other side but I slipped on the floor because of the water and the boys came towards me and gathered around me.




2 month Later



I was sitting near the window looking at the raindrops. When I felt a hand on her head. I came out of my thoughts. It has been 2 month since that terrific night of my life and still I didn't forget anything. I looked up and then smiled.

"Aana, what are you doing here?" 

"It was raining like that day, Aunt.. I still remember how he threw me out of the house" I replied with teary eyes.

"You again started thinking about that *ssh*l*" Aunt glared at me.

"Aunt please don't abuse him. No matter whatever happened between us. I can't listen to anything against him. I just can't" Tear rolled down from my eyes.

"Don't think about all this... you had a bp problem and it is not good for your child" I nodded and stood up from the chair carefully keeping my hand on my stomach, creasing my belly.

"She is the only reason why I'm surviving" 

"How do you know the baby is not him?" Aunt asked, kissing my belly.

"My instinct says," I replied, wiping off my tears.

"Ok.. I came here to remind you today the owner of this NGO will come here for inception and also for donating money. everyone want you to welcome him"

"Me?" I asked, pointing towards me.

"yes... you're the one who motivated every woman over here to stand on her feet. you made them work for themselves. Everyone respects you over here and wants you to represent the NGO and welcome him" Aunt said.

"I didn't do anything special, Aunt. I remember that day when I had no place to go and I landed in this NGO and from that day you're taking care of me" I replied looking at her.

"There is no need to remember all that... Please say yes and welcome the owner. Everyone gets connected to you in the first meeting and moreover he wants to meet the girl who inspired everyone... Just say yes... please Aana." Aunt requested.

"Ok fine... I will be there at the time of welcoming" I was talking to Aunt that's when a girl came to us.

"Aunt Jennifer, his car has come. Everyone called you and Aunt Aana outside" That girl informed us. I smiled at her cuteness. 

"Ok baby" I kissed Iris ' cheeks. She has always stayed around me since I came here and she has no one just like me. Her parents left her in front of an NGO and I lost my father 1 year ago and then him. 

My sanity always revolves around him and our memories. I felt a hand on my stomach. I look at Iris.

"what is baby doing?" she asked kissing on my belly 

"She was saying today she missed her elder sister" I replied.

"Sorry baby girl. I was busy helping others. Look your elder sister is even get tired"

"Aww my Iris is tired" I asked, kissing the forehead of her.


"Yeah.. she is tired after asking thousands of questions with everyone about everything" Aunt Jennifer muttered. I chuckled looking at Iris. She is always curious about learning new things. I remember when she came to know that I was pregnant. She loaded me with a thousand questions like how babies enter inside my belly. Did I eat him?

"Let's welcome our guest," Aunt Jennifer said. I nodded and went with her to welcome the guest. Everyone was gathered there to welcome him. A big Mercedes came into view and then a muscular man hopped down from the car. He was facing the other side but just by looking at his back side. My heartbeat rose up.

"He can't be him... He is someone else" I kept repeating this in my mind when Iris held my hand and handed the bouquet to me with her tiny hands.

I took that bouquet from her hand and then looked straight ahead. My eyes widened when it went on the person. My anticipation came true. He was standing in front of me.

"Aana, he is mr. Aaron the CEO of Aa international company and one of the top billionaires of INDIA. he is the owner of this NGO" Aunt Jennifer said introducing my rejected CEO. My heartbeat was beating fastly and next thing I knew that I started feeling dizzy. Before I would fall on the ground, two strong arms saved me and my baby. I looked at him with my dizzy eyes and then closed it… darkness soon consumed me.

Chapter 2 His Ignorance

Aana Pov's 


I turned my body on the bed and automatically my hands went on the bed to touch my belly. In pregnancy it's very important to sleep in a proper position. I opened my eyes when I felt a hand moving on my hair. 

Aunt Jennifer was sitting beside me. I smiled and tried to sit in which she helped me. 

"How many times do I have to tell you not to take stress?" She scrawled.

"What happened?" I asked confusingly.

"Don't tell me you forget this?" She asked surprisingly. I look at her confusingly.

"Don't know what happened suddenly but your bp got down. Thanks to Mr Aaron for holding you on time. otherwise don't know what would have happened" She said. My eyes shoot up when I remember what happened before I fainted.

"he was here.. in front of me. He is the owner of this NGO. My Aaron was here" I thought and a smile appeared on my face.

"Where is h


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