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About me

I am an Indian author who embarked on my writing journey in 2022, focusing on writing English novels. Although I did not initially choose writing, this field chose me, and eventually, I realized that this was what I truly wanted to do. As a writer, I enjoy putting my imagination into words and infusing them with emotions. I strive to raise the bar for love and relationships, taking readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions that ultimately prove that true love conquers all.


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  • Author: Jyotika
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"You want money, I'm ready to give it, but you have to become my contracted slave for one month” He smirked, looking at her lips which were begging him to s*ck them. “What?” “Spend one month with me and fulfil all my desires and in return, I'm ready to pay all your expenses and give you the desired amount” He said and started kissing her jawline, intentionally missing her lips. “I can smell your arousal, little slave,” he whispered in her ear, sucking her earlobe. . Evelyn left her mom and old life to live with her mate, Samuel. She was happy and was about to announce her pregnancy to him until she came to know he was cheating on her with her best friend. After getting broken, rejected and dismissed from the pack, she returned to the human world in the hope of living her life for her baby, Kathie and giving her a good life, but the moon goddess has a different plan. Her daughter got diagnosed with cancer. She decided to sell herself and have a one-night stand with a rich man for money. Unbeknownst to reality, her paths crossed again with her ex-mate who cheated on her when she was carrying his baby. But having no other option, what would she choose? Would she resign to her fate and sell herself to save her daughter? Or… Would she resort to the path of revenge for what he did to her? Or worse would befall her? Would she be that fool again with the cupid's arrow aiming at her heart? Interested, wanna know more, read my story …


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