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Powerful Omega

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I grew up without parents and belongs to the line of omegas. I got used to serving my Alpha and bowing before him in homage. I also experienced being hurt by my aunt; slapping me in the face, pulling my hair while yelling the word worthless sl*t and being sold by her to the other pack where a cruel Alpha was in charge. That's why, I'm used to living in the lowest rank and enjoying the tragic life, but I didn't expect to be among the wolves working in Alpha's company. That's kinda odds for me but on the day of my 21st birthday, my tiring life suddenly changed, I was recieved a moonlight calls and became a powerful white wolf. According to the Alpha, I seem to come from an unscented bloodline and I am not the daughter of a rouge just like they used to know me. The power I possess is a mystery to the whole pack. Suddenly, I don't know who I really am, but apart from the questions in my mind, I discovered something which I never imagined; I am the Alpha's mate that he waited for a hundreds of years.

Chapter 1: Omega

"Three bloods must be united in one person!"

I retreated to the edge, almost wanting to push my body through the wall, shaking like a leaf, looking at the man with red eyes and sharp fangs who was currently approaching. I shook my head while crying, begging him not to hurt me. But I think prophecy is prophecy and this is my destiny. Being bitten by the most powerful vampire while I was carrying the child of an unscented wolf.



My shoulder jerked upward as my eyes automatically opened. I blinked for a moment as my chest currently pounding as the presence of my dream seems still fresh but my brows knit together. Am I really that addicted to the book, that I am reading and even its content is visiting my deep sleep?

"Why are you sleeping there? Sir Eros has been calling you for a while now, he's getting annoyed!"

My eyes widened as I quickly raised my head. I was able to fix myself even though my sanity still processing. Where am I again? Why is Bella here?

"What are you doing here, Bella? Why did Sir Eros call me—" My eyes widened as I realized that I was here at my work.

Bella yells on my face, "What are you doing your *ss! Sir Eros is calling you!"

"A-Are you sure?" I don't know if this is the right question because the answer is obvious and it's a good thing Bella didn't slap me. I wipe my lips and says, "I-I mean, why?"

I'm curious what our boss needs from me. Did I make a mistake? 

I gulped down as if my system couldn't resist the erratic beats of my heart due to the sudden call and the realization that I had skipped my work almost an hour? I didn't mean to! It's because of my tiredness that when I arrive at my aunt's house, I will still work for them. I run out of energy and lack sleep, but why am I reasoning with myself? Even if I told this to sir Eros, he still didn't understand me, of course I'm nothing to him.

I took a deep breath. My printer is still on and I'm not done with what Miss Bimbie is telling me to do! I only finished about half a bundle of papers.

"I don't know!" Bella shook her head as she gulped. "Maybe the one Miss Bimbie gave you earlier to print is what he's going to get?"

I let out a breath to get the fear out of my system. But I don't think I can calm down right now. I bit my lower lip when I noticed that there was a drop of wetness on the paper I used to make a pillow when I was sleeping.

That's gross! Honestly, I don't know what to do. I have a gut that I'll be doomed inside sir Eros' office later.

I looked at Bella. "Has 10 minutes passed since he called me?" 

She answered, "It's only about 3 minutes." She breathe out. "You know that once it took five minutes because I had a hard time waking you up..." She glares at me. "Don't even try to get close to him!"

Thank god! But I still can't be complacent because I have two more consequences to prepare for. First, I did not finish printing all the paper works that Miss Bimbie ordered me to do. Second, my saliva soaked the paper on top!

I quickly rose my feet and could barely fix my hair tie. It's obviously messy and I'm sure Sir Eros doesn't want an ugly employee. But nevermind... If he wrings my neck, then I will let him. After all, I have a tragic life and that's tiring.

I'm just living with my aunt who is my mother's cousin and mated to a Delta. She has a son and two daughters but they didn't treat me well. Because of my aunt, I experienced a daily slap. I haven't been here for a week working with Sir Eros and she has already asked me to buy stock for the daily needs.

And usually, I got slapped yesterday because I didn't give her anything. All I could do is to cry. I have nothing against them because my cousins ​​are the pups of Delta. And my aunt is a daughter of sigma, while my mother and I are Omegas.

Besides being an omega, I still haven't recieved my wolf when I turned 18. Others says, maybe my wolf was temporarily stunned.

But duh, Sophia, if you're afraid of your boss, you don't need to dramatize your sad life. Pity you is not in his vocabulary!

"I only called once, Ms. Fiennes!"

His voice seemed to break my leg and I lost the strength to stand up. I fell to my knees a little because of fear and Bella, who's my friend who seems to have two mouths when talking was also panicking. The papers were still falling when I hug them, but fortunately this talkative friend of mine had a soft heart and picked up the papers that fell on the floor for me.

"Hurry up! I don't know why you are too slow. I am the one who's tense for you. Take a deep breath before you enter his office, okay?" she instructed me and instead of encouraging me because I was embrace by bundle of nerves, she actually chose to tell me how to endure the fear.

It's like she's telling me to be careful because there's a chance that I'll come out headless from our boss' office.

"Thanks...I'm leaving!" I was thankful not because she didn't cheer me up but because she fixed the paper I was holding.

"Yes, just hurry! The 5 minutes are almost up!"

She was almost jump out of her wits as she pushed me out in front of her. I also feel like my face changing its hue due to my heebie-jeebies.

If our boss was only human I could talk to him fearless. But Eros Hildarttre is an Alpha of Dark Moon pack and being feared of all people and werewolves. Because like the name of the pack he leads, he's also a dark god aura. It means that he has no inclination to give mercy at all.

Our pack is used to socializing with people. Sir Eros is also a CEO of Hildart group, a multicompany which holds different industries. And his employees are people and werewolves together. But people don't know about our kind. They thought we were normal people but what they didn't know was that we have a wolves.

The only difference between us and humans is that werewolves can shift form; human to werewolf, werewolf to human. Apart from the shifting form we also have rules that I'm sure people won't understand when they find out.

Alpha is the recognized king and under the position of Alpha are the Betas, Zetas, Deltas Sigmas and Omegas.

And I'm one of a line of omegas. I just don't know what Alpha or Sir Eros saw in me. I am an Omega but I was given the opportunity to work in this company. Maybe because I have many human friends? But no matter what I say, I'm lucky as an Omega but maybe I'm unlucky right now.

I am currently standing in front of the door of Sir Eros' office. And again I was visited by a bundle of nerves and seemed to shrink back like a rat. I bit my lip and raised my fist to knock.

"Get in."

My shoulder jerks upward when the door suddenly opened and sir Eros welcomed me. He really had a different effect on me. He made me shiver just by simply 'get in'.

He left in front of me and walked back to his desk. Only then did I realize that I had to go inside when the door was about to close. I just blocked it with my hand and went inside.

Pressing my lips together, I was also greeted by the coldness of the air conditioner and that's adds more to my fear. The silence prevailed inside but it's like I'm being deaf. I was deafened by pounding of my chest. Even if I hold my breath it still won't stop pounding loudly.

"Did you finish what I asked you to do?" he asked me and I automatically looked at the thick bundle of paper works in my arms.

In truth, he was not the one who ordered me to print the papers I was holding one by one, but it's Miss Bimbie. If he had ordered Miss Bimbie to make me do these, he would surely have cut off my head by now. I bit my lip as I thought about how I could tell him that I haven't finish my task yet.

"C-Can I ask for more time, S-Sir? I haven't really finished what you're asking me to do..."

I closed my eyes to wait for his answer. I'm afraid to see his reaction. Maybe I'll just be surprised when he suddenly in front of me and ready to cut my head but for several seconds he remained silence and did nothing. I slowly opened my eyes. I don't know how to look at him directly, but when my eyes were completely open, he still staring at me.

"You're an Omega." He broke the silence and that was not related to what we should talk about. "I can hear your heartbeat that I often hear from the omegas."

I gulped down, I don't know what he means. He's talking weird but he went on, "The only thing I don't understand is the strength I feel running through your veins and that's not the strength of an omega."

Chapter 2: Alpha

I don't know who my father is, I haven't been with my mother for a long time either. But I know in myself that I am an Omega, I am weak, unable to fight and the only thing I know how to do when it comes to fighting is to hide and cry. As he said, my heartbeat is the heartbeat of an omega but my strength he says...

Honestly, my birthday is coming up and it's my 21st birthday but I haven't received my wolf yet. Normal wolves receive their wolf once they turn 18 but my age has reached 20 years, I still don't have a wolf.

I shook my head. "I-I don't know what you're saying, Alpha."

My grip tightened on the papers I was hugging. Sir Eros' eyes were hard to predict what was playing in his mind.

I have no ability to read what others are thinking. Especially to him since he's an Alpha. But in our current situation it seems like he wants to tell me something that he notices. If it's about my strength that he


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