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Peaceful Death

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: PK
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 101
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


The name of this story is enough to tell how this story is going to be. In this story you will see everything if you have ever seen or never seen. Tell this story right or wrong You will find it very difficult to decide whether the narrator of this story is right or wrong and that is the special thing about this story. When we study someone's life or watch a movie, we realize that the hero is doing a great job or suddenly his character changes and he becomes better. One thing we always forget is that one who is good now is not likely to be good in the future and one who is bad is also unlikely to be bad in the future. This possibility is a situation and we will see from this story how that situation changes with time. A special thing is that the reader will find it difficult to decide whether the hero of this story is negative or positive and that is the special thing about this story.

Kevin's abnormal childhood - 1

There was a very dense and very quiet forest spread over a very large area. A long time ago, roads were made to go through that forest. But after some time, many scary things about that forest became prevalent among the people living around it. The forest was very big. There was not just one path in that forest; there were many paths or roadways in that forest, and the strange thing was that all those paths looked the same in the closed and safe car that people used to travel along that wild path during the day. Because if you have to go from this city to another city, then it is necessary to cross that forest. everyone knows that Lions, panthers, and wolves live in this silent forest. The people living around that forest believed that whoever went to this forest would be killed or imprisoned by the ghosts living in it. But only theists used to trust this thing; atheists used to reject it outright. Some things about the forest used to be published in books and also in newspapers. Once there was a news report about this silent forest in the newspaper that for many days the people coming from this forest at night were disappearing, but the police were hesitating to investigate because most of the believers in the police were police officers. We were afraid to go for an investigation.

Here, the government named the large area around this forest as the "silent zone," and this forest was called the "silent forest." There was a very strange reason to call this forest a "silent zone," because no noise was ever heard around this forest, and there was no factory around it; there was no such thing as a factory. So there was so much peace here that if someone talked, that talk could be heard far and wide, and this silence was so scary that even the most courageous person would be scared of this terrible silence.

Atheists were not ready to accept that ghosts lived in the forest, and one of them was the Kaithi family. Vill Kaithi was one of the few rich people living in his village; his son Kevin was now growing up, and now he wanted his son to go to a big school in a big city. But Kevin was very used to playing video games. There was not even a good school in the village. That's why Vill Kaithi wanted his son to study further at Bytown city's biggest and best school, primary school. Kevin was 10 years old, and that's why Vill Kaithi gave birth to his son. Keeping in mind Kevin's further educational future, Vill Kaithi bought a huge, luxurious house in the city. From there, it was very easy for Kevin to go to school. One day, Vill Kaithi shifts all his household belongings to the new house he bought in Baytrit city. After shifting all his belongings, he also leaves for the city with his entire family in an expensive, comfortable car. Vill Kaithi was driving, his wife Vani was sitting in the adjacent seat, and Kevin was playing video games in the back seat. Vill and Vani were talking about their new home. Talking about Lenin's school, the road was very nice. There was not a single car on the road. Speaking on a deserted road, Vill Kaithi was driving very fast.

Then, suddenly, Vani sees a noticeboard outside the window, which goes back very fast, but Vani was reading what is written on the board. What was written on that board: "Cain, you are entering the silent zone." Vani had read about this "silent zone" in his books and in the newspaper, and after reading the noticeboard, Vani's mood suddenly changed. Trouble was clearly visible on Vani's face when Vani asked Vill, "have we entered the silent zone?" to this, Vill replied by shaking his head and saying, "Yes, absolutely." Vani Yes surprised and Yes Vill, "Do you know about the silent zone? After listening to Vani, Vill says, "I know about the silent zone, and now you will be more surprised to know that we are now going to Baytrit city by a highway that passes through the silent forest." Vani says after listening to Vill's: "why didn't you tell me this earlier?" He says right. What is the point of telling and not telling in this? This is the only way to go from Hearing to Baytrit city, and as far as wild animals are concerned, you have nothing to fear because it is not dark yet, our vehicle is very safe, and we have pistols too. Hearing Vill's answer, Vani says, "Okay, you have a pistol; a car is safe; but what will you do with the ghosts?" Then Vill says, "Don't you worry about that; we know how to deal with ghosts."

Vani says, in a romantic mood, "will you tell me how to deal with ghosts?" pressing her boobs, Vani says, "pretend I'm a ghost; tell me how you will deal with me. "Looking at Vani, he says, "What are you doing?" Kevin is sitting behind you; he can see you anytime. Vani touches Vill with her hand romantically and says, "He won't see us because he's also playing his favorite game, temple run, and he won't hear us because he's wearing headphones. "Vani starts kissing Vill on the lips. Both started kissing each other patiently. Kissing like this, the car crossed a long way, and the car was now going through the silent forest. The path was zigzagging up and down. Suddenly, Vill sees a man sitting on the road in the distance. Just then, Vill told Vani to stop now; we would do everything else after reaching home. Somebody's on the way; let me drive properly.

The car reaches within 100 meters of that person, but until now, the person has been sitting on Vill's deck, kissing passionately, and refusing to get up. Vill parked the car 100 meters away from where the man was sitting and looked properly; there was a rope around his wolf's neck, and that rope was in that man's hand. Due to the stop of the car, Vani now felt that there might be someone on the way, so she got up in front of Vill and sat on the seat next to him. Vill rolls down the window of his car, looks out of it, and says to the man across the street, "Hey, man, why are you sitting in the middle of the road?" Do you have any problems? Or do you want to commit suicide? But the person sitting on the road does not give any answer. The wolf in the hands of a human looked very scary to him. When the person in front does not respond, Vill says again, "can you hear my voice?" but that person was not giving any answer, just looking down.

Vill was now getting angry at such an act by that person. Vill opened his chauffeur. He had two pistols, one old and one new. Vill loads the new pistol, and after getting out of the car, he points the gun at the person sitting on the road and starts moving towards him. He says to that person, "why don't you say anything?" but still, that person in front does not give any answer. Vill was now close to him, at a distance of about 50 meters. He was now getting very angry. Vill fires a shot in the air. From the point at which Vill fires a bullet into the air, he becomes angry at the wolf and makes strange, horrifying sounds as he stares at Vill. He then tries to jerk the rope loudly to attack the Villain. But that wolf could not move towards the mansion because there was a rope around his neck, and that rope was in the hands of that man.

After another first shot, the man sitting in the middle of the road gets up and looks at the Vill. Vani also takes out the second pistol that was in the driveway and fills it with bullets, and gets down from the car to help Vill. Then, when she looks in front, she sees a wild man in the middle of the road. Who has a pet wolf? The man didn't look very scary, but he wanted to show that he was a very dangerous person. He had long hair and a very long beard and he did not have slippers on his feet. He wore very modern clothes. He was also a little good-looking, not too bad or too handsome. Overall, there was nothing to be afraid of in him; the only thing to be afraid of was that he had such a big kula, which was a bit strange, and the other scary thing was the wolf, which everyone could be scared of, but Vill wasn't at all scared of him because Vill had a pistol. Before Vill is about to fire the second shot, the wild man leaves the receipt for the fight in his hand, having targeted the man before meeting him, but the wolf attacks Vill.

Vill is about to remove the gun from the man and shoot the wolf, but before that, the man takes an ax from afar and kills Vill at his feet, and his target is exactly below Kevin's knees, and the viper falls. And that wolf comes, sits on top of the Vill, and starts biting the Vill. But Kevin keeps his jaws away from each other by putting his hand in his mouth. Now the condition of the heart was like this: neither he had a pistol in his hand, nor were both of his hands open, nor could he stand up because his legs were already axed. And all this had happened so quickly that Vani could not understand anything; she had never even expected that this could happen. Vani sees that the ax must hit Kevin's feet, but Kevin is dealing with that wolf and not letting it bite. Then she looks at the wild man, and even looks at Vani; then she has a spear in her hand. The savage man quickly walks towards Kevin, retrieves the ax from Kevin's legs, and begins to walk towards the Vani. That wild man was going near Vani, and Vani fired a pistol at him, but no bullet was fired from that pistol because the pistol was defective. The pistol that was new was in a Vill.

Vill was watching while fighting the wolf; Vani's pistol was not working; and another wild man was moving towards Vani with a sharp ax. In these two moments, Vill pushes the wolf away and picks up the pistol that fell nearby, and shoots indiscriminately at a wild man, but that gun's bullet does not hit that wild man. The wild man, who is running fast towards Vani, suddenly stops at the sound of gunshots from behind. And looked back at Vill; he had a pistol in his hand. Now that the wild man gets confused that Vill has a pistol in his hand, should he turn back to kill him, or should the woman standing nearby be killed first? But the wild man sees that his wolf is speeding towards him, ready to attack Vill again.

And so the wild man begins to move towards the Vani. But before the stalker could attack Vill, Vill fired another blindshot at the wild man, and that indiscriminate bullet hit the back of that wild man from behind. And the wild man fell down, and blood was coming out of his body, so both felt that he would die now or he was dead. Vill was definitely attacked by the wild wolf, but he was still dealing with it, and nothing had happened to Vani except that she was scared. Vani's fear subsides a bit, but now she has to save Vill from the wolf. To save Vill, it was really necessary to kill that wolf, and for this, Vani went to the wild man to get the ax. That heavy ax was in his hand. As soon as Vani extends her hand towards the ax to take the ax from her hand, the unconscious wild man grabs Vani's hand tightly. Vani felt that the person was dead, but that person was alive. Now Vani was very scared. Vani started jerking him hard to free herself, but that man had a lot of strength, which is why she was not able to free herself from the grip of his hands.

He was holding both of Vani's hands tightly, but Vani's legs were wide open. Vani starts kicking him with a lathi, but still, that wild man was not leaving Vani. Vani sees that he has a bullet wound on his back and is bleeding profusely; she starts kicking hard there, and the pain of that wild man increases, and he leaves Vani. Speech goes away from him, and without getting a hold of him, she starts hitting him by bringing him hard on the face. The place where she was shot, even on that wound, Vani starts hitting with force. Now Vani feels that the person has fainted, so she goes to him and tries to lift his ax, but he is unable to lift it. And again, that wild man wakes up, kicks Vani hard in the stomach, and makes her fall down. Standing up and turning the ax upside down, the stick of the ax hits Vani's head hard. After dying once, Vani starts crying loudly but is still hit on the head for the second time, and she becomes unconscious. Vill was watching all this from afar, but he could not get up, and the wolf was not going away from him. Seeing Vani's condition, Vill starts crying.

Hearing Kevin's cry, the wild man takes his ax and moves towards him, and by hitting his pitcher with an ax, he separates his throat from his torso. Due to the separation of Vill's essence from his body, a lot of blood starts flowing there, and the spy starts drinking this flowing blood. That wild man comes directly to Vani from there and starts looking at her. Vani's waist, lying on the way, was looking very beautiful. The wild man takes off Vani's pants, takes off Vani's shirt, and starts kissing Vani's body. After petting Vani's body for some time, he removes Vani's bikini and underwear. He starts licking Vani's p*ssy, and starts licking Vani's boobs like a mango kernel. And later, he starts having s*x with her by putting his d*ck in Vani's p*ssy and shaking Vani very hard. Only then did Vani regain consciousness, but she deliberately closed her eyes. And after jerking for some time, that person puts his d*ck in Vani's mouth, and after giving two jerks, Vani bites his d*ck hard. He felt a lot of pain, he shouted loudly and gets up in anger and, by hitting Vani's face with an ax, breaks Vani's face in half.

And later, by turning Vani's blood-soaked dead body upside down, putting his d*ck in Vani's *ss, and jerking her. That scene was very scary, insensitive, and emotionless. The wild man, having extinguished all his lust, went straight from there towards the car. When he looked inside the car through the glass, he saw a child in it. The child had a mobile phone in his hand, on which he was playing a video game. It was Kevin. That wild man came to the side of the car and hit the glass of the car with an ax, breaking the glass of the car. Kevin, playing a video game with headphones, suddenly got scared due to broken glass. Kevin sees a strange man covered in blood trying to open the car lock. Kevin began to back away from his seat, fear now clearly visible on his face. That 10-year-old child started crying while talking loudly to his parents. But there was no one else to hear his voice except that wild man.

The wild man was trying to get inside the car. To open the car from inside, he tried it. Where was it broken? To open the car door by putting his hand inside the car. Then, when Kevin looks in front, his mother's dead body has fallen there. Even when Kevin looks in front, his mother's dead body has fallen there; its head is separated from the torso. A wolf is eating his father's body. Kevin becomes dizzy at the sight of the bloody carnage and faints. Eventually, the wild man manages to open the door of the vehicle, and he sits inside the vehicle in the driving seat. He crashes Vani's body while speeding the car. The car swerves right at Vill's body to crush Vill's body. Seeing the car coming fast from the front, the wolf stops eating completely and moves to the side. And that jungle man crushes Vill's body and stops the car a few meters ahead. Looking back at the back seat, Kevin was unconscious.

The wild man opens the back seat door of the car and beckons to his pet wolves. A wild wolf comes running from there, hearing his owner's voice, and sits on the back seat of the car. That wolf was sitting right near the cabin in the car. The wild man takes the car straight into the forest, where many people are living together like him. After reaching there, he gets out of the car, and some people gather there to see the goods after the car. There is a woman who takes Kevin out of the car and takes him to her tent, where his hands and feet are tied to big wood. After some time, Kevin regains consciousness and sees a woman in front of him. A beautiful woman was waiting for him to open his eyes.

Kevin's abnormal childhood - 2

Kevin was in an unknown place, he saw one beautiful lady & asked her, "who are you and where am i?" "where are my parents?"

that woman says my name is Mayani, and you are in my house.

leaving one question, Mayani asks Kevin, "what is your name?" Do you want to have some food or drink?

Kevin says the name Kevin Kaithi.

Mayani tells Kevin, "if you need anything, you can call me by my name."

and Mayani starts going out there.

but before Mayani goes out, Kevin asks Mayani, "why did he keep me tied up?"

but Mayani does not answer his question and leaves, ignoring it.

In fact, Kevin was very hungry, and he was also very thirsty. if Mayani stayed there for a second, Kevin was going to ask her for a drink. but Mayani leaves, and Kevin remains thirsty.

Kevin waits a lot for Mayani to come again, but she does not return. Kevin goes to sleep hungry and thirsty; if he wanted, Kevin could


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