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My Rejected Mate And Our Secret Triplets

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They were my ruin. He was my destruction. They were fire. He was poison, one that spread through every inch of my insides unleashing its venom. Larissa, after losing her parents to an attack and being subjected to vicious treatment from the pack due to her father’s sins has learned to keep her head down decidedly remaining as unseen as possible. Logan is the Alpha in line and the only one Larissa allows into her life to slowly unravel her as they form a relationship that transcends from simple friendship into a sizzling passionate romance. But in one night friendship is broken, trust is shattered, and intense loathe tangled in bitter repugnance is awoken, and now Larissa’s heart is darkened with a thirst for vengeance for a man who once upon a time was the only love she knew.

Chapter 1

PROLOGUEPain was a feeling I was synonymous with for the past twelve years of my life as an Omega growing up in Apex Howlers pack. Nonetheless, no level of pain could be compared to what I felt when Logan, my best friend declared and chose his mate. And it wasn't me. It all started on my twenty-first birthday, the very day he was declared the Alpha of the Apex howlers. Logan and I were best friends and have been in a secret relationship for the past five years. Logan is the son of the Alpha and Luna of my pack and because I was raised by them after the death of my parents who died in a rogue attack after they were declared traitors and I, a sinner's daughter, I was treated with hatred and cruelty. Logan and I became very close and we did everything together; playing house and training side by side. But this was in secret, the Pack members especially the Alpha and the Luna were not to know. At first, we were just friends, but on my thirteenth birthday, he asked me out and to my greatest delight, I said yes to him and since then, our relationship had grown deeper than the waters to the extent we took an oath with a tulip flower never to leave each other, no matter what.I was so naive that I grew up thinking that Logan was the perfect man for me and could never do me any wrong. Well, until my 21st birthday when he shattered not just my heart, but every trust I had in him. He destroyed our relationship. I was woken up by Luna Betty screaming my name from the kitchen downstairs. I didn't hesitate dashing out of the room blindly, without even my slippers on.“WHY IN HELL ARE YOU WAKING UP BY THIS TIME, YOU STUPID DIMWIT!” She roared as she saw me, and with her question was accomplished a blow to my face that sent me hitting the sharp edge of the cabinet. “I-I'm sorry, Luna,” I cried out, suppressing the rapid pain that shot through me as my back hit the cabinet. It upset the other fresh wounds in my back and at that point, I felt goosebumps all over my body. “You are sorry? You are sorry?” In two steps, she reached me, gripped my hair, and hauled me forward, delivering a hot slap on my right cheek, left, and then right cheek again. “Did you forget what day it is?”“No, Luna, pleas_” She let me go and as I tumbled to the cold ground, she grabbed the dirty frying pan on the cabinet and started pummeling all over my body, followed by numerous kicks to my abdomen. “You think you can stop my son from becoming the Alpha?” Smack! “You good-for-nothing smelling urchin!” Everywhere she hit seared with excruciating pain, feeling the bones in my body twisting, my voice turning hoarse as I begged her. She didn't listen and continued kicking, and pummeling me like she wanted to destroy what was left of me.“What is going on here?” Alpha Dex, her mate, asked immediately as the door swung open and he came through.Luna Betty stopped long enough to reply to him, “Sweet, can you believe this vermin is just waking up?”“What!” Alpha Dex closed the door. I knew that was the end for me. Not only did he take over from her, but made sure that by the time he was done with me, I was almost passing out before he tossed me recklessly away, and smacked his two hands to rid him of my essence.This was what I went through from everyone in the pack since the day Alpha Dex proclaimed I will stay in the packhouse after my parent's death. I recalled being very happy then and gladly accepted. But the following days revealed he wasn't my Dad's best friend I used to know. He and Luna hated and tortured me, declared me an Omega, turned me into their maid, and incited the other members of the pack to join and make my life miserable.“I give you five minutes to clean up this place, Larisa,” She spat at me. “After cleaning the mess here, scrub the entire mansion and then go outside and join the rest to prepare for the ceremony.” With that, they gave me one last ugly look and slammed the door on their way out.My body was trembling on the floor, ridden with so many fresh scars, my lips vibrated and my body shook in total pain, yet, I knew I had to stand and work if I wanted to stay alive.I washed the plates, cleaned the kitchen, and proceeded to scrub the entire floors of the mansion until it was sparkling clean. It was a very strenuous work that by the time I was done I was literally staggering, but I had to join the other Omegas to prepare for the coronation ceremony of Logan.I didn't mind at all. After all, today all my problems will come to an end; Logan will declare me his chosen mate and everything will be alright. ‘I'm sorry, Lay,’ my wolf, Hope, said in a distraught voice. I nodded at her. “Thanks for being here, Hope. That's all that matters.” I found her today and she was one of the things that truly gave me hope for my oncoming redemption.After I was done with all the errands, I crept back into the attic where I slept; to avoid Luna Betty catching me and sending me on more errands. I was very hungry, yet I didn't mind at all. When Logan made me his chosen mate, that will compensate for all the pains in the past.By the time I finished bathing in my small bathroom attached to the attic and wore the best dress I had- a sunflower yellow gown Logan bought for me on my 19th birthday, it was already late. I literally jogged down to the hall where the ceremony was being held.I threw open the doors and entered, almost colliding with Logan who was coming outside with Alvina, the present Beta’s daughter, and my tormentor whom he had sworn to me on different occasions not to have anything with. What is he doing with her then? His familiar Obsidian eyes brightened at seeing me, dropped her hand, and took mine leading me away from the hall. My heartbeat escalated at once I could swear he could hear it. He has never shown me affection in public before, because of what his parents would say. So, right now, I couldn't relate how unnerved I was, and at the same time delighted he didn't care about the guards standing in front of the giant doors, nor that Alvina was standing a few feet from us, glaring daggers at me.“Logan!” She squealed, “W-what are you doing?” She despised me mostly because Logan liked me more than her. Of all the bullies in this pack, hers were the worst of them. “I'm coming, Alvina.” Logan’s eyes didn't leave mine all this time. Alvina hissed loudly, veered around, and went back into the hall. I opened my mouth to speak but he shut me up by covering my mouth with his. Butterflies swarm in my stomach, I couldn't think anymore. “Logan...” I pushed him away slightly, smiling. “Anyone could see us.”“I don't care. I can't wait to fully claim you, Lay. Since last night, I can't stop thinking about you.” “Really?”“Yeah, what's up? Did you shift?” I nodded, reminded of the worst discovery earlier today. My wolf didn't scent him out (meaning he wasn't my mate)“I'm sorry, Logan,” I mouthed. He shook his head, causing his baby back curls to fly all over his face. He took the two sides of my chin to lift my eyes to him. “I don't care, Lay, I told you, it doesn't matter. I will still make you my chosen one, once I'm declared Alpha.”I believed him. I have always trusted Logan because he was the only one in the entire pack who wasn't mean to me nor saw me as a pariah. Right from childhood, we were each other's go-to allies and told ourselves literally everything. He had never hurt me.He feels sad for me whenever I am maltreated In the Pack and I am glad that when he becomes alpha, he would be able to stand up for me in public. “Logan Junior!” I jumped away from him as Luna Betty emerged from the hall, her eyes flaming with raw fire. “What are you doing with this idiot?!”“Moth_”“I told you to stop talking to her, Logan. Do you know who you are? You are the incoming Alpha and she is an Omega! Look at how she's dressed. Urgh, she stinks!” She grabbed his forearm, pushing me with full force that if not for the wall behind me, I would have fallen. I expected Logan to stand up for me and disagree with her at this point, but he only shared a pitiful look with me and followed her back into the hall.Meanwhile, I sighted Alvina close to the hallway, grinning from ear to ear and I could tell she was the one who called on to the attention kf the Queen. After I gathered my courage to step back into the hall, it was to a loud cheer from the crowd happy as Alpha Dex handed over the mantle of leadership to his son.I was very happy. I was truly happy for my best friend until Logan suddenly started sniffing the air earnestly. He stepped away from his father and moved down the stage until he was standing in front of Alvina. “Mate,” He said and claimed her there and then.My heart broke into a thousand pieces. I was dumbstruck as I watched my best friend claim another woman.For a second, I felt the world standstill and, my Little fantasy crashing right before my eyes, everything instantly lost meaning to me. I staggered back with my hand to my chest, not believing what was happening. Logan promised never to leave me. He promised he was going to choose me. He said he was going to be by my side no matter what. I didn't care about the title, all I wanted was to be with him. What is he doing?Hot tears streamed down my cheeks, my lips quivered and I felt my heart being shredded to pieces. I wanted to say some words, call out to him, but I couldn't even hear my own voice. I felt I lost my voice.Everything seems meaningless at that point. I started hyperventilating as he boldly kissed her, not even sparing me a glance. I wanted to go to him, beg him to stop, tell him it was just the bond tricking him, but then when he broke away from the kiss, he lifted her hand and said, “She's the one. My one true Luna.” And the crowd broke into a joyful cheer. How could he do this to me? What am I going to do? My life was finished if this was truly happening. I looked from side to side and everyone was happy. I looked back and they were back on the stage, Alvina’s eyes on me. She knew. She was happy, she won. I couldn't bear it, I chose rather to die than stay here for the rest of my life watching the love of my life with another woman. At that point, I knew I couldn't stay here anymore. This place was not for me. I won't survive it here anymore.And I did the only thing I could, I turned and ran.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2**LARISA**Six years later..."Dr. Kurt, this letter just arrived for you." I looked up from my computer to see one of the nurses at St Nicholas Hospital, standing by my desk wagging a brown envelope in her hand at me."For me?" I took it and looked at the brown envelope from side to side-mostly at the seal, trying to make out where it had come from."Yes, Dr, Kurt. May I go now?""Yes, of course, thank you." I waved her off, as I tore the envelope and withdrew the letter. The words on the white A4 paper were finely written I must say, but that wasn't what caught my breath. It was the content therein.'I hope this letter finds you well, Lay. I am writing from a place of deep regret and animosity and greatly hope you will forgive me after all the pain I caused you. The former Alpha has fallen ill and needs urgent help. I know you hate me and wouldn't wa

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