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My Mate Is My Enemy

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Emaa
  • Chapters: 87
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 99
  • 7.5
  • 💬 1


"Let the pack know that I have found my Luna." Was he serious?! I would rather commit suicide than give in to this madness. The man was devastated when he thought that I would play his wife... "Are you telling me you're not monsters!? You killed my family!" "You're a monster, all of you are! You're attacking innocent people!"

Chapter 1

Davina pov
I woke up completely dazed and needed a moment to get my bearings. My head was a mess and I was in severe pain that I could barely identify at the moment.
I tried to open my eyes, but it was difficult. It was dark, but somehow it still burned. I had to blink a few times before I was able to lift my head and look around.
I was in a dungeon and chained. I was on my knees trying to get up, which was a futile attempt. The chains rustled and the noise was very loud. My wrists were also attached to a chain that hung from the ceiling. My poor knees hurt for who knows how long I was in that position.
I grimaced as the pain inside me was great. The pure acid was in my veins. That reminded me of the hunter's weed syringe and the fight.
This made me realize that I was practically dead. There was no escape for me.
I continued to look around, needing some sort of distraction and wanting to know what was going on around me. There were two guards outside my dungeon and one looked at me with amusement. "Don't worry, I let Taran know you're awake."
The holes.
Whoever Taran was, he certainly wasn't a friendly guy. At least not Amun, that was a small consolation in this horror.
I tried to pull myself together and put on an ice-cold mask. I had to cover up my pain. There was no way I was going to give these beasts that satisfaction. I may experience inner torment from hell, but I had to hide it.
I don't know how long I waited, but finally someone came. This was evident from the fact that you could hear footsteps.
Shortly afterward someone said: “Well finally. You were gone for three whole days. We overdid it with the anesthetic, but you're a real beast too, Davina."
So three d*mn days. That might explain my condition. It was almost unbearable.
The man with the dark orange eyes came into my field of vision. I still thought it was the right hand, but I couldn't judge it exactly.
He opened the door, which made a hideous squeak. Interestingly, he left it open and took a step closer to me.
I didn't answer anything and continued to wear my stone mask. No matter what they did to me, I would never betray my clan.
Only then did I realize that he had said my name and my eyes shot back to him. Taran had a big grin on his face. He knew what I noticed because he said, "Someone called for you, so we already know your name."
The blood froze in my veins. I racked my brain about what was difficult. Someone called out to me before I passed out.
When I was finally able to think a little more clearly, I knew who it was.
No, they had killed him. I looked at him with hate, I did not doubt that he was dead. Werewolves were monsters and killed everyone. This news stung my heart as I thought of Timothy. He had been a loyal friend and a good leader. It got worse when I thought about Amelie. She now had to cope without her husband, which must have been a terrible sadness.
Taran said with a smile, “Amun will come soon. He's been traveling for a while, but now he needs a break. I can assure you, he's not in a good mood. You can look forward to it, Huntress." He said the word Huntress with disgust.
Now it was I who smiled and asked, “Oh, hasn’t he found his prostitute yet?” I feel incredibly sorry for the woman." He probably didn't like my choice of words at all, which I could tell from the look in his eyes. Hatred was very important, which is what I wanted to evoke.
"You hunters are all brainwashed." He rolled his eyes and started pacing around the dungeon. It wasn't very pleasant, but I didn't say anything about it. I didn't care what Taran thought of me.
He continued, "You think we're all cold-blooded monsters." Taran looked at me and I replied unimpressed. "So do you." He stopped briefly and looked at me. I couldn't quite read his expression.
My life was only short. It would be over soon, too soon, but basically, it was my fault. I should have taken my legs in my hands and run far away. But no, I had to throw a knife at him.
Since Taran still didn't make a sound, I said mockingly: "Well, the truth usually hurts." I wanted to use my element, but I felt the burning immediately. That cursed hunter's herb was pure torture.
I wanted to scream but bit my lip.
Taran was about to start when a very threatening voice thundered: "Where is she?!" The voice sounded incredibly angry and very authoritarian. That was Amun. I rolled my eyes and Taran turned away from me to leave the dungeon.
I was either tortured or killed. I was hoping for the second option. I wasn't necessarily keen on torture before my death. But no matter what happened, I would have to accept it. I let my head fall back and look at the ceiling, waiting for my judge.
The same voice asked, "Who exactly is she?" The bad mood practically dripped from his words. As good as the day started, it ended just as badly.
It was Taran who answered him: “Davina, the daughter of one of the clan heads. The successor to the most powerful on this continent and a real beast. Of course also an element carrier, not just a hunter."
The footsteps continued to be heard and the question: "What kind?" How nice that they talked about me as if I wasn't there, even though they were still in the aisle. However, it should be clear to them that I could certainly hear them.
The ceiling that I was staring at was incredibly fascinating. It was made of stone and was my current field of vision. I may be fearless, but I was minimally afraid of the sight of Amun. Hopefully, the rumors weren't true.
I heard a smile in Taran's voice as he answered, "Fire." Annoyed and annoyed, Amun said, "How I hate these fire devils. They are the most annoying of all." Yes, that was nothing new. I was aware that they had their greatest dislike for us.
It did get better and better. By now I was pretty sure I was going to be tortured.
I heard the creak of the dungeon door being opened. My judge was here now and my sentence would soon be handed down.
Bored, I said: "Now I had to wait quite a long time." That was very cheeky, but it had to be done. I would never give in, that wasn't my style. A stubborn person through and through until the bitter end, which came faster than I expected.
He answered coldly: "Fire devil, you should curb your big mouth. We have you on a leash." Despite all the pain, I laughed snidely. "Leash, actually your dogs are attached to it."
The ceiling was really beautiful. I just couldn't take my eyes off it. This dungeon generally needed cleaning.
"Who exactly are you? I already know that you are the successor." I bit my bottom lip because I would stay silent.
Taran finally sighed and replied, "Davina Rosewood. The Rosewood Clan is the largest and currently, her uncle is the leader. She would have been next."
Yes, because those beasts had killed my entire family. Inevitably Gerald had come to power.
You had to hand it to Taran. He had done good research. Sure, you could tell a lot from the tattoo, but he must have found out something different about my uncle. Unless they already had this information. Who knows.
The smile could be heard in his voice as the king said: "It's a good thing we caught them. A fire devil as a leader would be a real plague." I dared to say something: "Yes, you are not particularly fire resistant."
Amun thundered: "Be quiet!" Ugh, that voice could give you goosebumps. However, she was just as attractive. When you heard her, you expected a male specimen. Another reason to keep looking up. The guy certainly looked scary and I wanted to keep my courage up for a while.
I heard footsteps coming closer to me, which made me nervous. The fear increased and I wanted it to be over quickly.
Taran asked, "What do we do with her?" Amun seemed to think about it because there was silence. I was happy to help him out by suggesting: "How about breaking your neck and being done with it? You shouldn't have long conversations with scum. We're like annoying flies, you should get rid of them quickly."
Amun replied in the same cold voice, "If I had known you were vermin, I would have taken the fly swatter." Well, I put the fly thing in his mouth. If it were any other situation, I would certainly laugh.
He continued, "I've already thought of something great for you. Would you like to hear it?" Not really, but that would be cowardly. I replied in an exaggeratedly friendly manner: "Very much."
He took another step so he was standing directly in front of me. Amun roughly grabbed my chin and pulled my head forward so I had to look at him. When I touched it, I immediately felt sparks and a tingling sensation. At first, I didn't know what to do, I had never felt anything like that before.
My eyes found him, they were golden and beautiful.
Something went bling in me.
I could barely explain it, but there was something there. Something that drew me to him, that connected me to him.
His voice sounded much less cold as he said, "I finally found you, Mate."

Chapter 2

Davina pov
No, that had to be a joke. No, this couldn't happen to me, not to me.
A smile played on his lips, which was crazy. We were damn enemies and certainly not mates.
He said softly and quietly, "Finally." I continued to feel the tingling sensation as his hand held my chin. Unfortunately, I liked the feeling, but I managed to keep my stone mask.
"I've finally found you." To make matters worse, he stroked my chin with his thumb. This situation was completely absurd, but Amun was happy.
He looked into my eyes for a long time and I wanted to look away, but it was impossible. I was mesmerized by those golden eyes.
Suddenly Amun let go of me and stood up a

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