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My Brother, My Mate

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Tracy didn't know why she was so unlucky. Her brother, who had always ignored her, was her mate. She accidentally found that her brother was in collusion with the rogues, but she was hunted down. After escaping from her pack, she slowly found that everything was different from what she thought...

Chapter 1

Tracy’s POV

I was standing on the stairs but the voices that were coming from the living room scared me to death. The woman who was snogging with my brother looked very hot in her red short dress. According to what she wore, she should be in a fancy restaurant.

Suddenly a louder moaning sound struck my ears. I wanted to hide upstairs. I didn't want to go down. However, I knew cannot run away. It was seven o'clock. I had to go to the kitchen to cook dinner. To go to the kitchen, I had to go through the living room.

As my thoughts caused me to hesitate, the time flew. The moans in the living room brought my thoughts back to the present. I couldn't believe that half an hour had passed.

My God! If I didn't make dinner on time, he would be angry. I couldn't help shivering at the thought of my brother's cold face. Although he never hit me, his disregard made me afraid.

Thinking of this, I plucked up the courage to creep downstairs.

The scene in the living room attracted my eyes.

My brother pushed that girl down to get her on her knees. He unzipped his pant and gestured to her to continue. She pulled his d*ck out of his boxers and started sucking every inch of gim with her tongue. He grabbed her hair and took control of her head, and he began to f*ck her head.

Then he pulled her up and flipped her as he put her back on the bed.

That girl moaned. "F*ck me, please!"

Since my brother became the Alpha of our pack, he had often brought different girls home. Though s*x between two werewolves who weren’t mated was frowned upon and werewolves were expected to be virgins prior to mating, alphas tended to stray from that rule. Every girl in our pack knew that my brother was lecherous, but some girls still chose to sleep with him because he was generous to his lover.

Although I knew this, this was the first time I had seen my brother f*ck*ng a girl.

My brother’s lips moved down that girl’s stomach until he reached her core. He hooked two fingers under the hem of her panties, peeled them off of her, and pressed his hot mouth on her.

That arched her back and pulled him back up to her. With her legs wrapped around his waist, she pulled him down, making him press his hardness against her wetness.

“Please, Osborn.”

My brother smiled and pressed his lips to hers. Then he thrust himself into her until his hips were against hers.

My brother slowly pulled out, and that girl tightened again. “F*ck,” he swore under his breath. He pushed himself back into her, and that girl moaned.

“More, Osborn.”

His fingers brushed against her cheek. “You’re so s*xy when you moan my name.” He pulled himself out, then pushed himself back in—this time quicker.

That girl dug her nails into his back. His c*ck filled her tight p*ssy, and she moaned again. He continued to f*ck her harder and faster and rougher, leaving her begging for him to continue.

Her legs shook uncontrollably.

“C*m for me, Vicky,” my brother whispered.

That girl screamed his name, and he thrust into her once more. Then he pulled out and came on her stomach.

My brother took that girl from behind and thrust his c*ck deep inside of her. He pushed in and out, faster and deeper. "I'm cominggggg," Vicky screamed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about making love with a man. His strong arms wrapped around me, his c*ck pressed against my *ss, his fingers so d*mn close to my p*ssy, the way he made my heart race faster than it ever had.

I pushed a hand between my legs, rubbed my cl*t, and pictured one of his rough, calloused hands wrapped around his c*ck, stroking it back and forth.

My heartbeats accelerated in an unstable way. My body turned cold from the outside but, from inside, it was hot like hellfire was burning up what was left of my heart. Something was controlling me and I was losing the ability to guide my own body.

I was stunned! Not because wetness pooled between my legs, but because I found that the man, I imagined, had the same face as my brother. In other words, I wanted my brother to f*ck me like f*ck*ng Vicky.

Why? Why didn't I feel sick about this scene of my brother f*ck*ng a girl today? Why did I have an orgasm? Why did I feel a surge of love and desire for my brother?

I finally realized that I was coming of age. It was a week before I turned 18. But how could I have a desire for my brother? I must be nuts.

"Tracy, what the f*ck are you doing there! Where is my dinner? Go get dinner ready! B*tch!"

My brother's scolding brought my thoughts back to the present. It was only then that I realized that they had finished making love.

I bit my lower lip, raised my head, and met Vicky's gaze. I saw the contempt and ridicule in her eyes.

I quickly lowered my head to prevent her from seeing my anger.

My name is Tracy Hock. I belonged to a pack that called “Lake pack”. It was a powerful pack, but it was my personal hell.

As the daughter of Alpha of the pack, I was supposed to be respected in the Wolf Pack, but all I got was ridicule and abuse, and I was used to it.

I was hated in the pack, the reason unknown. I was treated worse than a slave, the reason being that it was my pack, my family who were treating me in such a way and not some random person I was taking orders from.

Now, I even saw the contempt and ridicule in the eyes of my brother’s lover.

I knew her. She was Vicky White, a famous beauty in our town. Her father was Kincaid White, the Gamma of our pack. She was one year older than me. She was one of my brother’s lovers. Maybe it was because she was beautiful or because of her identity, my brother doted on her. Although my brother had many lovers, Vicky thought she was my brother's true love. I even heard that my brother would marry Vicky if he didn't find his mate six months later. I didn't know whether the news was true or false. But if my brother really married Vicky, my life would be more miserable than now.

Chapter 2

Vicky had always been a charming beauty in front of outsiders, and a gentle and considerate lover in front of my brother. Only I knew what kind of person she was in private. Her temper was not good. In front of my brother, she mostly ordered me to do something. But once, when my brother was away, Vicky said some strange things to me and almost hit me. Since then, I had avoided being alone with her.

Vicky was more scary than my brother to me. After all, my brother won't really hit me.

I was puzzled. Now only my brother and I depend on each other. Vicky wanted to marry my brother. I was the only relative of my brother, shouldn't she be nice to me? Why did she always bully me and regard me as the enemy? Was it because my brother said something to her? Did my brother let her do this to me? I was sorry to think of this.

"I want some beef." Vicky looked at me and ordered as if she was the hostess here.

She was leaning on my brother in her underwear. Her body was c


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