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Moonlit Rivalry: Raya's Heart

Moonlit Rivalry: Raya's Heart

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"It's just a taste, Raya. You'll live." Roman pulled his head back, opening his mouth wide, showing me those sharp fangs. This was real, this was horrifyingly real! Vampires exist, and one was about to feed on me. Just as Roman was about to sink his fangs into me, Dane emerged from behind a tree, his eyes glowing fiercely, and his body completely naked. He growled so menacingly that it sounded more like an animal than a man. "Let her go!" Dane barked, approaching the two of us. Roman's hand held my jaw firmly, keeping my head in place as he leaned forward. "Why should I?" He asked, before kissing my neck. "She's my meal." "If you sink those nasty fangs into her, you'll have the Lunaris pack to deal with. Are you sure you want that?" What's a Lunaris pack? *** Raya's life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the existence of the supernatural. Raya is thrust into a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches. Confined within the Lunaris pack's boundaries, Raya feels a magnetic pull towards Dane, the beta, unlike anything she has ever experienced before. However, Dane can't determine if Raya is his mate or not. Her scent is intoxicating to all the wolves, and they all feel a primal pull towards her. Can Raya uncover the secrets of her past and find her true mate?

Chapter 1

At the tender age of 22, I stumbled upon a shocking revelation - humans were not the only beings that roamed this planet, and I was not one of them. Now, I find myself so deeply entrenched in this otherworldly realm that I can scarcely recall how I ever managed to live a "normal" life.

Raya's POV

"You look hot as hell, stop worrying, Raya." Amaya's black tinted lips turned up into one of her signature mischievous grins as she looked at me with an amused twinkle in her piercing blue eyes. I've always found that blue so beautiful against her caramel skin.

"You can say that all you like, but I'm still going to be uncomfortable. This leather dress is too much, Amaya." I pulled at the tight fabric, but it didn't budge in the slightest. "This is way too exposing. Look!" I jumped a little to show my breasts jiggle and almost pop out of the tube top dress she dressed me in. "How is it you had this dress sitting in your closet?"

"Oh, you know, just another party last year." She flicked her long slender hand in the air as if it was nothing unusual. "I promise you're going to have fun, so will you stop worrying about the dress and just come on!" She tugged at my wrist, pulling me towards the cemetery, the destination of this cursed Halloween party. I still don't know how she managed to convince me to come.

"Of course you don't mind, you have pants and a cute little crop top on. Remind me why I had to wear the dress?" I arched my slender brow at her.

"Because it looks better on you, and besides black leather was the dress code this year. So suck it up, buttercup, and let's go." She pulled my wrist again, forcing me to follow closely behind. The cool breeze picked up her thick, curly, black hair, which she had streaked with blue dye, almost matching the color of her eyes. "You know black looks good against that pasty white skin of yours, so don't complain."

"Gee, thanks," I rolled my eyes at her.

"Come on, Raya, let's party!"

As we approached the cemetery, I couldn't help but marvel at its eerie beauty, transformed to suit the Halloween party. This particular cemetery had been used in the past for those accused of aiding witches in one way or another. These bodies have been underground for centuries, so most people didn't feel it was disrespectful to have a party here, but I did. A cemetery, regardless of its age, should never be used to host a celebration. Had I known the location beforehand, I would have never in a million years agreed to come.

A thick white fog blanketed the ground, obscuring my feet as we stepped in. The fog felt cold against my skin, almost making me believe it was real mist, but I was sure it wasn't natural. Surely, there are a ton of smoke machines running to produce something this dense. Large LED candles and lanterns were scattered throughout the small cemetery, casting an eerie glow on everyone here. As I looked around, I saw everyone in an array of black leather outfits, confirming Amaya had not lied about the dress code.

In the distance, I could see a dense thicket of trees leading into the dark, foreboding woods, only adding to the unsettling atmosphere. There was definitely something in the air tonight, and I couldn't shake the feeling that it was an angry spirit. I knew there's more to this world than meets the eyes, and I certainly didn't want one of them following me around after this.

"Let's go, Aquamarine," Amaya said, using the nickname she gave me for the color of my eyes.

"Where?" I followed as she gave me no choice with her tight grip on me.

"To get drinks, of course!"

She led us deeper into the cemetery, and I struggled to avoid stepping on any graves, but the thick fog made it nearly impossible to tell where they were. Eventually, we arrived at a large circular stage in the center, surrounded by more LED candles and an overwhelming number of bottles. The variety of alcohol on display was staggering, leaving me to wonder how much money they had squandered on this party.

Suddenly, a fake howl pierced the air from behind us, and I spun around to see a tall, lanky guy with dark hair approaching the stage. His silver eyes were clearly contacts, but they looked so authentic. "Amaya! I see you've brought a friend," he exclaimed, licking his lips suggestively.

"Off limits, Darwin," Amaya quickly shoved me behind her, giving me the feeling there was something I was missing here.

"No fun," Darwin pouted. "One taste wouldn't hurt anyone."

"It would hurt you."

Okay, definitely missing something here.

"You heard her, Darwin. You don't want to get cursed, best to leave her alone."

Another guy, whom I assumed was Darwin's friend, sauntered over and draped his long arm over Darwin's shoulders. He flashed us a smile that revealed a set of sharp fangs, which were undoubtedly part of his costume. However, they looked so authentic that they must have cost a pretty penny. He had light brown hair and the same silver eyes as Darwin. Both of them were undeniably attractive, almost too much so. But the way their eyes bore into me, as if I were a hot meal, sent a shiver down my spine.

"I'd listen to Roman," Amaya spat, crossing her arms. Her thick brows pinched together forming a deep v over her eyes as she stared these men down. Amaya has always been tough and bold, whereas I've been quiet and timid. I liked to observe people more than interact with them, but Amaya has made it her mission to get me out of my bubble.

"We're going now, little witch, don't worry. I'll see you around, Raya." Roman said, flashing me that smile again, but there was something almost threatening in that statement. How did he even know my name? I stayed quiet as they walked past us, hiding my face behind a curtain of my light blonde hair.

"Make sure you stay close to my side tonight, okay?" Amaya urged me.

"Yeah, no problem there." I nodded, because I certainly wasn't going to be unaccompanied at this party.

Amaya put her impressive drink-making skills to use, concocting us the most delicious beverages. You have to be careful with her drinks, as they pack a stronger punch than you'd think. I sipped at my red cup as Amaya dragged me around to mingle with a sea of new faces I assumed to be people from the new job she said she got shortly after graduating. They were all intriguing in their own way, but for some odd reason many of them kept requesting to taste me. It was very odd, and I was starting to think that this was some sort of fetish shared by everyone here.

"Amaya!" A voice called her from the distance, but it didn't sound happy to see her.

"Oh, hey, Dane," Amaya said, greeting him like she'd just been busted for doing something wrong, but playing it off like everything was fine.

As I turned, my gaze met the striking golden eyes of an incredibly attractive man. I had never felt such a magnetic pull towards someone before, and I found myself wanting to reach out and touch his hand. He had silver hair that was dyed a vibrant orange at the front, framing his hairline. A scar ran down his cheek and another over his eyebrow, lending him an air of mystery. The scars were a bright red, which struck me as odd. Had they happened recently?

"Cruz told you not to bring her, and you disobeyed him!" Dane scolded Amaya, quickly prying his eyes away from me and towards her.

"Fuck Cruz, and his stupid rules. She's been my best friend since second grade. She's trustworthy!"

As Amaya and Dane continued to argue in front of me, my emotions spiraled out of control. I couldn't comprehend it, but my body was inexplicably drawn to Dane. My hands ached to run through his hair and down his face to his soft neck, while my lips yearned to taste his. I had never felt this way about anyone before, and it left me feeling like a sopping mess. I despised the intensity of these emotions, so I stupidly backed away and fled to the edge of the cemetery, near the woods.

My heart raced and my knees shook as I tried to compose myself. I couldn't understand what that was, that drive for someone I've never felt before. It was something entirely foreign to me. I had had a few boyfriends in the past, but I had never let things go beyond a kiss. The moment their lips met mine, I would feel like vomiting, as if my body was repulsed by their touch. This had happened countless times, and as a result, my relationships never lasted long. They weren't bad guys, but they required physical intimacy that I couldn't give them. This was the first time my body had ever craved someone, and it was throwing me for a loop.

Roman appeared before me in an instant, despite my certainty that there had been no one around. "Hello, Raya. I told you I'd be seeing you again."

Chapter 2

Roman was watching me carefully, like cornered prey. I certainly felt that way, anyway.

"I'd prefer to be left alone right now, if you don't mind," I stated, standing up straighter in an attempt to appear unintimidated. However, it seemed that Roman did mind, as he stepped closer instead of backing away.

"Sure thing, doll, let me just get one quick bite. You smell too good to let go untouched." He smiled at me again, only this time I saw his sharp fangs grow. How is that even possible?

As I took a step back I tripped over something behind me. The ground felt slick beneath my palms as I caught myself, but when I lifted them, I realized they were coated in blood. My heart raced a mile a minute, and fear coursed through my body, urging me to flee as fast as I could. Something wasn't right. He was dangerous, my soul screamed it.

"Are you going to run, little bunny?" Roman asked, seeming amused at the fear he could clearly read on my face. "I'll give you a head st

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