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Mine: His Caged Princess

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Raised as a princess and ruled as a queen, Tiara Haysbert’s life turned upside down when she fell into the trap of a witch who swapped her soul, blocked her wolf, and erased her memories. Without her wolf and her memories, she was treated as an Omega, a nobody, and a breeder for an Alpha. Wylder Miller, the Alpha of the Black Alder Pack, was getting older with each passing year and wasn’t interested in choosing anyone as his chosen mate, not after the painful experience that he received from his fated mate. But his pack either needed a Luna or an heir for their future. Getting a woman and destroying his own life again was something that he didn’t want, so he opted for the second option, to get a perfect breeder, an omega, to carry his heir. Little did he know, this decision was going to be a roller coaster ride for him when he would found his breeder was caged in her own mind. * Book 5: Mine: His Caged Princess (Ongoing) Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed) Book 3: The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy? (Completed) Book 4: Fated Mates: Love Over Everything (Ongoing) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘authorsprachi12’

Chapter 1


Dear Readers,

Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.


“I was waiting for you,” Tiara said, welcoming Theodore into her penthouse. “This is also owned by me.” She added proudly. “I have planned a date for us. Come, I have a surprise for you.” Saying this, Tiara held her wrist to show him the way, but Theodore pulled his hand away, looking at her coldly.

“What happened, Babe?” Tiara asked, caressing his cheek on which he pushed her away again. Theodore’s Lycan whimpered, thinking about what his other half was going to do, but this time, it was nothing he could do because what was going to happen next was something that Tiara had brought on herself on her own.

“I can’t stay with you, Tiara. I’m done with your selfishness.” Theodore said. “I never wanted you in the first place, but I didn’t want to reject you just like that. That’s why I tried… I really tried to make this work between us.”

“Babe.. wh..what are you saying? have marked me.” Tiara said, unable to believe that this was really happening to her. She always knew that it was Inigo, his wolf, who was the bridge between them, not Theodore. And the way Theodore was staring at her coldly. It was a clear indication that he was serious with his words.

“Are..are you saying this because of the woman whom you love?” She asked.

“Really? Do you think that this is the reason because of why I’m going to reject you?” Theodore sneered, and immediately Tiara realized that he might have found out the truth about what she did with Liara.

“I’m sorry. I got insecure, thinking that she would snatch you from me. Because of the way you were trying to win her heart. It crept fear into my hurt. I will apologize to her for that, but please… please forgive me.”

“Why the hell will she snatch me from you? I’m not a kid. You both are mates, and she knows this very well. So, stop blaming her.”

“You don’t understand. By showing her innocent face, she already became the favorite of dad and Colton. And everyone in the house loves her the most.” Tiara said in pure hatred and anger.

“I can’t believe you, Tiara. You’re the one who made her childhood a nightmare, and when your family members loved her a little more to bring her out of the depression, then you’re jealous of her?” Theodore snapped.

“Now you are also taking her side. Hell, how much do you even know? She is a wolf in the coat of…”

“Stop blaming others for the mess you created, Tiara,” Theodore said, cutting her in between. “And dare you to speak a word against, My Lia.”

‘My Lia’ These two words rang in Tiara’s ear. She recalled listening to ‘Lia’ word from his mouth the night they made love for the first time. It meant she wasn’t assuming that part?

“I know her more than I know you. I have known her since her college days. I met her before I met you. And she is the one who I love to the extent that I was ready to reject you the moment my eyes landed on you.”

‘They knew each other from her college days? Since when? Why did Lee never tell me about it? Was she wanted to keep Theodore all by herself? And even after doing this, she had the guts to call me SELFISH. How could she? He was my mate as well.’

Tiara admitted that she was selfish and acted like a b*tch, but after finding out this truth, she couldn’t compare her sister any less with her.

“I can’t stay with a selfish woman like you, Tiara, especially the one who doesn't treat my Lia right.”

“And you think that YOUR LIA is not selfish by hiding about you from me?” Tiara asked, showing her disgust toward Liara.

“Only if you would have known your sister, then you wouldn’t have been asking this question to me,” Theodore said, shaking his head in disappointment. “I still couldn’t believe that you wanted my love out of my life. Hell, if anyone who would leave is YOU, Tiara.”

“Please… please don’t do this, Theodore!! I love you just like you love Liara.” Tiara requested before adding, “I did all this because I loved you and wanted you all by myself. The moment my eyes landed on you, I fell in love at first sight, please, please, please, Theodore.” She begged, holding his hand. “Please don’t reject me. I love you. I love you so much. Your love made me so selfish. We both are your mates, right? You just can’t kick me out of your life just like that.”

Theodore quickly jerked her hand away, not to change his decision because of the mate bond.

“But I don’t love you, and after what you have done today, I can never love you,” Theodore shouted at her.

Earlier when she came to know that Theodore and Liara were going to spend some time together, and her father had planned a date for them. She reached the Salon where Liara was and made sure that she would look like the ugliest girl in the world.

But she did all this because she wanted Theodore for herself. She didn’t want to share her mate with her twin sister.

‘I can never love you.’ Hearing this, Tiara shuddered, feeling chills down her spine. She kept staring at Theodore, who was watching him with no emotion. ‘Did I commit that big crime because of which he can never love me?’

Fine, she agreed that her behavior with her own sister wasn’t good or something that anyone would appreciate, but she didn’t kill her because of which Theodore was treating her in that way.

“And it will be better if you will accept my rejection, Tiara,” Theodore told her his final decision.

“I, Theodore Wayne, the last Alpha heir of Silver Moon Pack, reject Tiara Haysbert as my mate.” Theodore mustered all his courage and rejected her, not wasting the whole night with her.

‘This is it.’ Tiara looked at him with teary eyes. She wanted to beg him not to reject her. Give her a chance to redeem herself. For the first time in her life, she felt utterly defeated. Her wolf, Dora, kept telling her not to accept his rejection and ask for forgiveness, but no words came out of her mouth even though she opened her mouth twice.

It wasn’t that she had attitude issues, but she didn’t think that her value was so low that she had to beg in front of someone to love her. She had read somewhere, ‘the love which you get as a result of begging will never be successful. Don't beg for love; you deserve more than that. Never beg for someone to love you; love is not more important than your self-respect.’

She looked at Theodore, who looked desperate. It was clear that he didn’t want her but her sister. He knew if she would accept his rejection, then she would feel unbearable pain, and even after that, he wanted to reject her. She smiled sadly and decided to give him what he wanted.

‘Please! Please, don’t do this.’ Dora begged in her mind.

‘Loving someone doesn’t always mean you fight for them. Sometimes loving someone just means letting them go, Dora. If they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.’

“I, Tiara Haysbert, accept the rejection of Theodore Wayne.” She accepted the rejection and felt an enormous pain in her heart that made her hard to breathe. She fell immediately to the floor and screamed in agony. She watched him leave without giving even a single glance as if this place, she was suffocating him.

She didn’t know what was more painful. Her own pain that she was feeling at that moment or the fact that her mate didn’t care about her.

Tiara couldn’t control the pain that she was feeling at that moment. Dora couldn’t stop howling in pain. The fact that he had already marked her had increased the pain of rejection by ten times more than normal rejection. She felt something warm between her thigh. A lot of tears rolled out of her eyes, and she clutched her stomach in pain.

She realized that it wasn’t just her mate that she lost today but also the pup, her pup, their pup. She was going to surprise him with this news a moment before.

“Aaaaaaaa!!!!!” She screamed in agony and kept screaming until she was finally tired from it.

‘I’m done with your selfishness. I can’t stay with a selfish woman like you, Tiara, especially the one who doesn't treat my Lia right.’ Theodore’s words rang in her mind.

She agreed that she was selfish. But he couldn’t see that she was selfish for him because she loved him. Wouldn’t he do the same if he had to share Liara with someone else? Hell, he would have killed that other person because he was a saint, either.

All this was about one thing. His Lia. His Love.

By thinking all things, more tears rolled out of her eyes. ‘I don’t love you and can never love you.’

She observed that Theodore had not an ounce of feeling for her when he said those hurtful words to her. Well, why would he?

Even she knew that he didn’t love her or even like her. She was just an extra mate in his life that the Moon Goddess sent in his life, which he kicked out of his life.

She wasn’t raised to be someone who felt unloved or unwanted. That was why she didn’t tell him about the pup who was inside her because she didn’t want to hold him in her life in the name of the pup, OR who would have known he might have rejected her even after knowing that? It wasn’t that Theodore was ever present while making love to her. It was always Inigo, his Lycan.

Tiara started laughing and crying at the same time, at her state, her misery.

Neither Liara nor Theodore told her the truth about knowing each other for years. They made her the villain in the story. Her reaction and her behavior toward Liara would have been different if she would have known the truth.

‘I will never forgive you, Theodore!! How easily you judged me by keeping me in the dark!! I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be, but before you start pointing fingers, you should have it check whether your hands are clean or not.’




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Chapter 2

That night Tiara kept crying, and Theodore’s cruel words kept ringing in her ear. At first, she was mad at her sister, then Theodore, but as time passed, she blamed herself.

If he didn’t want her, then why did he even come close to her? Fine! She agreed that she seduced him and threw herself at him like a slut, but he could have controlled himself.

‘But didn’t I miss noticing the red flag too?’ She questioned herself. From day one, she knew that it was his Lycan who was in love with her but not Theodore. Hell, there was no sign of happiness when he had found her as his mate.

‘I should never have forced him into anything that he didn’t want.’ She thought and ridiculed herself for stooping low. Now that there was no mate bond between them. She could see and think about the situation properly, and even her wolf wasn’t disturbing her.

‘God! When did I turn so pathetic and desperate?’ She wondered, and a lone tear escaped from her eyes again. Her eyes were burning


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