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Memories of Howling Voice

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Memories. That is what Amara Brooks lacks. She lost her memories in a tragic accident two years ago. A tragedy she had no idea why had occurred. A human couple discovered her and rushed her to the hospital. She has no recollection of anything other than her name and her wolf. Regardless, she continued to live. However, a mysterious man later appeared in front of her. She couldn't shake the familiarity of his blue eyes, blue eyes that screamed ‘mate'. But she didn't understand why, instead of being relieved that she could finally recognize him, she felt fear and pain. As she figured out the missing puzzle, she was confronted with the whole truth, a painful past, and tragedy—a tragedy in which her memories ended and her undying love for her mate, Alpha Greyson, began.


"Hold my hand, Amara…" a voice hollered in my ear. I was filled with anxiety, fear, and nervousness. I looked around and saw nothing but darkness. But that voice kept playing tricks on me.

"Don't let go of my hand, Amara...please..." pleaded a voice that I couldn't see. All I can see is darkness. As I felt sorrow and pain, tears streamed down my cheeks. I'm not sure why I only hear sadness and pain in the voice I'm hearing right now.

"I-I'm...tired..." I just sobbed in the middle of the night. I cried and cried until I saw the light. I stood up quickly to pursue it, but I came to a halt when I heard a familiar howling voice...


When I heard Auntie Susan's voice, I immediately opened my eyes. I sat on my bed and quickly accepted the glass of water Auntie Susan was now offering me.

"T-Thank you, Auntie," I stammered. I sighed and set the glass of water on the table beside my bed.

"Is it your nightmares again?" she inquired. I inhaled deeply and nodded slightly.

"Almost two years have passed since your accident, but you still don't remember much about your past?" she inquired, concerned. I looked down at my hand, which was still cold from my dream.

"I-I'm sorry, but...all I remember is when I was young," I admitted, disappointed in myself. For the past two years, I've been frustrated by my lost memories. I only remember my childhood memories and it stopped with the memory when my parents died after that there were no memories left with me and am dissatisfied with them.

Auntie Susan and Uncle Peter said they found me unconscious near a river. I had returned from the North Snow Province, drenched in my own blood and nearly dead. Auntie Susan used to be a nurse, so she knew first aid, which she used to save my life.

"It's fine...just don't overdo it. Perhaps it's because you try to remember your past too often," she said worriedly, and I smiled sparingly.

"Thank you very much, Auntie. Don't worry, I always rest when I'm tired," I said, and she smiled back.

"I'll go ahead now. Your uncle made breakfast, and it's ready in the dining room. Eat first before work," she said as she hugged me and exited my room.

My gaze was drawn to my bedroom door. I felt empty again after that nightmare. My heart feels like it's breaking up again because it's throbbing so much. I'm not sure why I feel this way every time I hear that voice in my dreams.

It appears to be related to what happened to me previously.

But what happened to me after that?

I just knew it was a tragedy, but I had no idea how I ended up in it. Why was I discovered bloody by the river? Why am I losing my memory and barely recognize myself these days?

So many questions remain unanswered for me. I'd like to have my questions answered, but I don't know anyone who will.

My childhood memories are also few. I only remember my parents died because of rogues. I was orphaned when I was very young and after that, I don’t know what happened to me. This is also why I was unable to share my childhood memories with Auntie Susan and Uncle Peter. Because they won't believe me if I say I'm not like them.

I'm a wolf at heart. At least I know one thing about myself.

I got out of bed and went into the shower room to shower and get ready for work. Yes. Auntie found me a job after I had recovered from the trauma of the tragedy. I insisted on getting a job so that I could at least help them because they had been so gracious to me up to this point.

They then found me a job. An office clerk in one of the businesses here in Tyreese. Because of Uncle Peter's work, we left North Snow province two months ago. Uncle Peter works as a personal driver for a wealthy family in Tyreese.

In front of the mirror, I examined myself. Until now, I had a pale appearance. Perhaps I'm still not fully recovered from what happened to me. But now I'm completely fine. I dressed for the office in a pencil-cut skirt and a button-down blouse.

Because Auntie Susan and Uncle Peter had to work, no one was at home. Auntie Susan works as a flower shop vendor after retiring as a nurse. After finishing my breakfast, I immediately called a taxi to take me to my workplace.

I looked at the tall buildings and felt nothing close to me no matter where I looked. Everything in this city is strange to me. It was as if I had just walked into this place and looked different. It's as if this isn't really my home.

But where have I gone?

"We're here, ma'am," said the driver. I exited the taxi after paying the driver. I dashed into the company's entrance and went straight to my cubicle.

"You're here, Amara!" Elena uttered. She works in my office.

"Good morning!" I returned her greeting. She approached me as if she had some important news. And I'm used to her acting this way.

"Did you already know?" she inquired. I scowled.

"What exactly is it?" I inquire. She gave me a big smirk.

"There is a new shareholder in the company!" And he'll have an office in this building! " Elena giggled; I didn't hear about it, but Elena has good ears and can hear anything.

"Then...why are you so ecstatic? " I asked, perplexed because I didn't see anything unusual there; it's only natural that someone invests in the company to help it grow even more.

" he's attractive! Shit! When I first saw him this morning, I almost passed out. And he's incredibly attractive! Damn! He exudes sex appeal!” Elena giggled.

"Lower your voice!" I told her, shaking my head. Her eyes glowed brighter. Elena has a thing for handsome men.

"And you know what else?" she asked, her voice tense. While cleaning my table to begin my work, I raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I wondered aloud of Elena.

"He has blue tantalizing eyes! Shit!" exclaimed Elena. I stopped moving for an unknown reason. Something must have hit my head or something. I couldn't breathe properly because I felt heavy.


"Hey, Amara! What are you doing there again?" a girl asked as I stepped onto the ground. I had just returned from climbing the gate to see the prince arrive.

"I was...hoping to see him," I admitted sadly. She made a shaky motion with her head.

"You know what? You should stop hoping for the prince. He will find his mate sooner or later, and you have no hope for that! And can you see yourself? He will be the Alpha king soon, and an orphan like us would never have a chance," she lectured me once more. I sighed. I turned to look in the direction of the prince's carriage. Today is his tour of the kingdom as he prepares to become the Alpha king.

"But...I like him," I jested.

"Don't worry, he's not the only one here with blue eyes, right?" she teased.

"What? I don't like him just because of his blue eyes!" I argued. She laughed. I pouted even more.

*End of flashback*

I closed my eyes tightly as the memory weighed heavily on my mind. But it was only a snippet. I can't even see the girl I was speaking with. My memory of her was hazy.

"Amara...are you okay?" Elena inquired, concerned when she noticed my pause.

"Y-Yeah," I replied.

Prince…blue eyes…

What effect do Prince's blue eyes have on me? And who is that prince whose name I mentioned in that brief flash of memory?

Chapter 1

I'm still thinking about what I remember from earlier. It was so unexpected. Elena mentioned blue eyes, and it immediately came to mind. Perhaps because Elena mentioned blue eyes. Should I consult Auntie Susan on this?

I took a deep breath as I arranged my belongings on my table. It's already five o'clock in the afternoon, which means my workday is over. I have to go home because I still have to prepare dinner. I frequently do this because Auntie Susan and Uncle Peter arrive later.

"Amara?" I came to a halt when I heard my name called. When I looked up, I saw Henry. I gave him a friendly smile. When I first started working at this company, he was my first friend. He used to be my manager, but he was recently promoted to a much higher position, so we see each other every time we go home.

"Are you finished? Let's eat dinner," he suggested. I considered what he said. Instead of cooking, perhaps I should buy Auntie Susan and Uncle Pet


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