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Mated with My Former Alpha’s Enemy

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Henry: 'Are you ready for our engagement celebration, my love?' Daisy: 'Congratulations on the engagement! To my closest friend!' How could they send me messages as if nothing had happened after betraying me?! Clenching my teeth, the more I thought about it, the more ironic those two messages seemed. One from my chosen mate, my fiancé, and the other from my closest friend. How could they have s*x on the day of my engagement? "Just a little while longer, and you will be engaged to your beloved Aurora. Aren't you excited?" Daisy asked Henry, panting as she spoke. Henry smiled, lifting one of her legs onto his shoulder and thrusting forcefully, causing Daisy to scream, "You know I've always loved you the most, Daisy." The thought of their conversation made me sick. I couldn't accept this, nor was I willing to let them off the hook. I recorded their scene on my phone and played it for all pack members at the engagement. Henry was filled with regret and agony, begging me to forgive him. But would he receive my forgiveness?

CHAPTER 1 Betrayal

Aurors's POV

Today is one of the most important days I will ever experience in my life. The entire Nightfall Pack has been busy setting up the day for me since six am.

One of my omega servants approached me with a beautiful box covered in red velvet, I gently opened it to reveal the most expensive set of jewellery I had ever seen. "Help me put it on," I stated bluntly.

"Yes, Miss Aroura," Several of my Omega servants walked over, heads bowed in respect and began to dress me.

I lowed myself in front of my mirror, gently lifting the hem of my skirt as I sat so I wouldn't crush it. My golden hair was curled perfectly, making it arch over my face and drape softly behind me. My makeup was done by the most precise artists who made my eyelashes look so long and full, then paired them with a bold red lipstick to give me a sophisticated yet charming look. I added a small amount of highlighter to my cheeks and collarbones to completely prepare me for the engagement party. Finally, adding the jewellery from my mother I felt dazzling.

The red gems matched near perfectly with the red of my dress. A smile of satisfaction lit up my face at the thought. I'm ready to begin this new chapter of my life.

Today is the day I finally get engaged to my boyfriend.

An Alpha who holds a lot of power in the Nightfall Pack. My pack The Swiftfoot Pack and his The Nightfall Pack have always been close. We played together as children because of this bond between our packs. At 16 we declared our love for each other and promised we would be together for our entire lives. Today is the day we can cement that promise. I'm beyond excited.

"Aurora, I have the schedule for today,"

An Omega declared after gently knocking on the door and walking in her head bowed. I was still letting the servants handle most of the decorations for the day, so they were in and out of my room with updates constantly. I didn't reach out to take the schedule. I just nodded clearly once and said, "Read it to me."

She immediately began reading. It was nothing more than the traditional ceremony content, but I still listened closely. After all, I didn't want any issues at my perfect engagement party.

"Afterwards, you and Alpha need to drink the Moon Goddess's wine together and pray for your wolves."

Upon hearing this, I looked up sharply. The Omega who was carefully rearranging my necklace, startled and pulled on the arm of the Omega who was reading. "Sorry Miss Aurora, I think there may have been a mistake. I will rewrite the schedule." The Omega squeaked.

I looked up at the two of them and calmly nodded. I could see the fear in their eyes and said nothing to quell it.

I knew they feared I would be angry. After all, talking about praying for my wolf is absolutely useless when I don't even have a wolf.

Being an Alpha's daughter only made this fact more embarrassing. I'm already 18 and most wolves experience their first transformation when they are 16. On my 16th birthday, I was completely prepared to do the same.

My father held a grand banquet in my honour that the entire pack attended. I had invited all my teachers and classmates to come enjoy this special moment with me. We counted down for the bell at 12 while cheering. However, I never transformed. I waited until noon the next day just incase but still nothing happened.

Even now, I can still remember the sneers from classmates. My banquet became a joke throughout the whole school.

Only Henry and Daisy stood up for me when I was at my lowest.

Henry, the son of the Alpha and Daisy the daughter of the Beta. Both are from the Nightfall Pack. My two closest friends. The three of us have been completely inseparable since we were children. Henry approached me while Daisy was criticizing those who were jeering at me. "The best things always take the most time."

With them on my side, I began to silently wait for my wolf. I waited until I was 18 before I began to give up hope. Both of my best friends had their transformations at 16. Why do I have to wait?

Fortunately, they were always there. Daisy is still my best friend, and Henry always reminds me that whether we are fated mates or not, he will still be with me for a lifetime.

Having this kindness from both of them made my heart feel lighter. So what if I don't have my wolf? I can still become the Luna of the Nightfall Pack!

Thinking about the role I was soon to take on made me desperate to go see Henry as soon as possible. I'm so excited to see his face when he sees my dress and jewellery.

I told the servants to leave me so I could walk to Henry's study alone. I rush up the stairs and quickly pull out my phone to check that my hair is still in perfect condition.

As I was busily perfecting my hair, a strange sound came out of nowhere startling me.

"Oh my god, this is amazing! Mmm ... "

Is that a woman moaning? Who would be bold enough to have s*x in an Alpha's study?

I padded softly over to the door and carefully turned the handle. Only pushing the door enough to make a gap to look inside.

Instantly, my eyes widened it felt as if all of my blood had frozen in my veins. I'm almost sure I can't breathe.

In the study, a man with no shirt was pinning a woman, whose clothes were dishevelled. against the desk. I could clearly see his d*ck every time he thrust into her. Each movement caused her to moan louder. The man lent down to pinch at her breasts while he panted heavily.

"Ah, Henry, It's too deep! I don't want to scratch you accidentally. You still have the engagement party later..." Her slender arms were wrapped around the neck of my fiance, her hands flexing with each movement. Through the gap, I saw her face clearly. Her lust evident in her eyes...

CHAPTER 2 Revenge

Aurora's POV

It was Daisy. My Daisy. Having sex with my fiance.

I'm trembling. The anger won't let me release my phone from my grasp. I'm holding it so tight it feels as if it's embedded in my palm. I know there must be pain in my hand right now but I can even feel it. I am so numb yet so angry at the same time. Looking back in the room sends a chill running down my spine. It feels like a lightning bolt.

My hand is still clutching the doorknob and I'm so close to pushing it open fully, running into the room and punching both of them. But I feel like my feet are glued to the floor. My heart feels like someone is trying to crush it and I still can't breathe.

What am I supposed to do now? Run in and question them about everything, and ask how long they have been doing this. Or do I just cancel the engagement party immediately?

No. It was them who betrayed me. Why should I endure being the laughingstock again? If I cancel the party all eyes fall on me I los


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