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Mated to Twin Brothers

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After the vile rejection from her mate of a year at the alter, Kyla decided to leave the werewolf pack and start life anew. What she didn't know was that she was pregnant and that she would be mated a second time to the twin brother of her first mate.

Chapter 1 : Kayla

"Wh...what?" My voice croaked on the word as I stared into Jake's eyes intently.

"I, Jake Russels. Son of the Alpha and prince of the Blood moon pack hereby reject you Kayla storms as my mate" Jake repeated.

My mind kept replaying the last words of the pack priest as he had previously asked if there was anyone against our union. 

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that the enemy of my happiness would be standing at the altar with me, still holding my hands.

"Jake" I whispered and searched his eyes to know if he was playing a prank on me or if he was been real.

He rolled his eyes and scoffed impatiently and like a dream, he let go of my hands as though it burned him.

"What? No. No!" I shouted and the audience gasped in my misery, I didn't even remember that we were in front of thousands of people.

That we were in front of the whole kingdom.

If Jake thought that he was going to destroy a year of our bond, a year of me making plans for this wedding, a year getting to know all parts of him. If he thought he was going to throw our whole life away then he got anything coming.

"You can't do this to me. To us!" I screamed, the pain searing through me destroying me from within.

"I can and I have," he said curtly and nodded his head.

All eyes turned in the direction of his eyes and from the side of the hall, an image of white started to form behind the glistening of the tears that blurred my vision.

Like the thief that she was, she carefully walked down completely ignoring the aisle. An aisle I had worked countlessly to make perfect.

I swabbed at the tears, my mascara smearing my face as my eyes caught a dark colouration on my hands.

Jake opened his hands for the bride to walk in and I stood there on the altar, flowers aloof and scattered like an art across the floorboards.

The woman moved closer and the moment she stood in front of Jake, his smile reached both ears and she matched it.

My hands balled into fists as I waited for her to open the veil to reveal herself to me.  The crowd began to whisper and the priest looked uncomfortable.

I looked at the crowd and back at the drama that unfolded right before my eyes.

"Jake. You cannot marry her, you were marrying me. Remember?" I asked, anger steaming confusion as I pointed to myself but Jake ignored my presence and began to lift her head scarf.

The more I stared into Jake's smiling face, the more I realised that this wasn't a joke.

I moved quickly, unable to wait for the painstaking moment when Jake revealed the harlot he chose over me.

The crowd gasped in horror as I succeeded in tearing down her veil and scarf, ruining her hairdo in the process.

My eyes searched as the bride quickly evaded her face from my view but I saw something that caught my attention.

"It can't be" I spoke, my voice coming out barely above a whisper.

Slowly, she turned her face and a grin settled peacefully on her lips.

"Jake!" I screamed, rushing forward to grab Melissa's neck.

My best friend and confidant for over five years.

I was restrained by guards, guards who had promised me to make sure this event was my happiest.

Those guards were now the ones holding me down so that I didn't tear Melissa apart.

"You cannot do this to me. What about us, what about everything?" I asked, my eyes developing pain as tears stung the back of my eyes.

"I already have, cupcake," he said so smoothly, as though he had revised it in his head.

Melissa's grin was so loud but  her betrayal was louder.

"How could you do this to me? You planned every detail of my wedding! You were my—

"Point of correction Kayla. It was never your wedding. Why do you think I made such an effort and look at the glory of the place? For a befitting queen!" She exclaimed into the crowd and more gasps and whispers rang out in volumes.

"I'll show you what befits you!" I screamed and charged at her again but this time, my claws only got an inch to her face before I was snatched up like a yolo and hurled on the shoulders of one of the guards.

"I will not have you embarrass yourself more than you already have and I will not have you disrespect the queen! Get her and her wretched family out of my sight. Now!" Jake ordered and my face crashed into tears. The last thing I saw was Melissa hugging Jake as though her life depended on it while my family were escorted out of the premises with me just a few inches behind them.

The moment the guard crossed the threshold of the halls, I was again hurled and thrown to the floor, my hands brushing against the granite earth, bruising in the process.

I got up with speed and rushed towards the entrance of the halls, if I could get back inside I would tear Melissa bit by bit till nothing remained.

But the moment my feet touched the stairs, the sharp sounds of doors banged against my face, sending waves of abandonment through me.

"Jake!!" I screamed as I banged on the door with ferocity.

"Kayla Storms!" His voice boomed

" How dare you embarrass the family name" his voice came out slow but roared me to a halt.

For the first time, I realized that I wasn't alone and by the time I turned back, I was met with the eyes of a very angry man and even angrier relatives.

"You get yourself rejected, that wasn't enough. You had to make a scene? Who raised you!" My aunt shouted and hit her palms against each other.

"I have never been as disgraced as I was in all of my moons. You are a failure! A complete nuisance! And a disgrace that brings more disgrace!" My father thundered as I crumbled on the steps of the halls.

Chapter 2 : Kayla

"Do you have any idea what you've done!" He shouted and shoved his hands up in the air while I struggled to breathe as the full effect of the rejection held me down.

"Do you realize what my position in this pack signifies Kayla? Do you know!?" He shouted some more, my relatives murmuring and my aunt looking at me scornfully as saliva trickled down my face as the pain passed through me, shutting my eyes to the world.

"Speak! Do you know!?" He asked me and I finally opened my eyes, my eyeballs felt like they were on fire and they wanted to pop out of my head.

My heart beat three times as fast and everything had a tinge of shaky physics to it.

I wiped the sides of my mouth and struggled to stand, my legs nearly giving way as I struggled. 

I stretched my hands for help and my aunt scoffed, much to my shame.

"She thinks we should help her stand, to insult us further. The audacity!" She spat and turned her no


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