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Mated to the Devil

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"Careful," the man whispered that sent shiver down her spine. He is positioned behind her and no matter how hard she uses her strength and try to break free from his grasp-- the man's hand were chained to her neck stopping her to move away from him. "I can feel nothing but the desire to kill me," he muttered. "You are not going to succeed." Her heart hammered inside her chest when she felt a pair of sharp fangs in her neck. "You crossed the line and now you are mine, woman." *** An order to kill a man named Valerian Fenrir was pointed upon the she-wolf Natasha by her father alpha Acanthus ever since she was little. When it is finally the time for her to go to the city to fulfill the wishes of her father— she thought it was going to be easy, little did she know, a couple of surprises awaits her.

Chapter 1 - Beginning

Natasha's POV

"I'm going to miss you!" Sayna, one of my friends in the pack said as she clung to my arms.

I hold her hand. "I know, me too."

I'm going to miss everything here in this town. From the people up to the beautiful sunset and sunrise, my favorite.

"Promise me you're going to be careful there, okay?" she said as if asking for assurance. She already told me to be careful once I get there for the nth time already but instead of getting annoyed with her for repeatedly reminding me that, I chose to understand.

I know Sayna. She's the sweetest among all my friends and she's always looking out for us.

I quickly nodded at her. "Of course, I promise I will. And, I'm sure I'll be back so you should not worry too much."

She heaved a sigh. "Why can't we come with you? Why can't I come with you?"

I laughed lowly at her words. Sayna's been nagging about coming with me ever since she knew about me leaving the town to go to the city to do something.

"I want to explore the city too!" she added.

"Well, I'm not going there to explore. You know that, right? I'm only going to the city for one thing," I told her. But, I hope I get to explore the city and all the things in this world with them one day.

"I just can't understand why we can not come with you. We can help you with your mission." I saw her pout her lips but she sound like she was convincing me to let them come with me.

Me too. I don't understand why they can't come with me. Why is it that it should only be me to do the thing? I mean, yes, my father gave that order to me but it is such a dangerous one and I could use some help. But then again, it's the reason why I trained to fight all my life.

"You know my father, Sayna." I sighed. "That's his order and we can go against it."

"Yeah. Alpha's order and we should obey," she said and smiled at me but I can see the ghost of sadness in her smile.

I know she's worried about me no matter what assurance I'll give her. And I know her worries will only subside if she's going to come with me to the city but unfortunately, she can't— they can't.

My heart aches at the thought of being away from them. It's the first time we'll be apart and I have no idea how long I will be in the city— well, until I've finished my mission.

"But you also know they need you here, right?" I squeezed her hand lightly. "Our people are depending on you guys for their safety and you know you can help them."

She nodded and flashed a smile at me.

"Natasha doesn't need you there, Sayna. Stop it," someone spoke behind us.

I turned to see who it is and found Draven with Urien, our friends.

Sayna glared at Draven. "You're just jealous because we both know that if Natasha is given a chance to choose who will she bring with her, she will take me."

Draven glared at her back as he gritted his teeth. "That's not true!"

"It's true!" Sayna tried to run towards Draven but I was quick to hold her arm stopping her.

It's always like this. I'm even surprised they haven't killed each other yet judging by the times they argued and banter with each other.

"I'm Natasha's favorite!" Sayna hissed.

"No, I am," Draven retorted.

Sayna cringed at his words. "No, you're not. I am!"

"Well, maybe you are. But that's just because she has no choice." Draven smirked at her and Urien laughed.

I tightened my grip on Sayna's hand because I know what was going to happen next— she's going to transform and they'll fight. Even though they always do it, the possibility of actually killing each other is never zero so I always try to stop them.

"You jerk!" Sayna screamed.

"Stop it." I quickly scolded them both as I saw my mother walking in our direction.

Sayna and Draven stopped bantering and Urien stopped laughing.

"Mother," I greeted.

She signaled my friends to leave us alone and they quickly obliged.

"Natasha," she said softly as she cupped my cheeks. "Are you ready?"

I nodded.

I've been preparing for this my whole life. Father prepared me for this my whole life.

"Take this with you," mother said as she placed a gold ring in my palm that has an emerald stone in the center.

"You're not going to transform in the full moon as long as you're wearing it," she said.

I quickly put the ring on my ring finger. "Thank you, mother."

"Remember what your father said," she reminded me.

My heart sank at her words.

I thought even on my last day here she'd be different. But I was wrong.

She was always soft to me but I wish she was more. She was never cruel to me but she never stood up for me especially against my father. She would always tell me to obey every order my father gives.

"You can't go home until you've completed your mission. That's your father's order. That's the alpha's order."


I took a deep breath and cleared my throat as I went back to reality. I once again dreamed again about my conversation with my friends and mother on my last day in our town. I refused to remember my father's last words to me because it's somehow affected me and pained me but I just can't seem to get it off my mind. My return home is determined by the completion of my mission and it's just unfair.

I drew a deep breath and stood up from my bed and fixed myself. I wore the hood of my hoodie to slightly cover my face. I can't be seen. At least not for now and especially by him if ever we finally cross paths.

This is my second day in the city and I now have to go out and find him.

Some things here are brand new to me as I lived in a small town my whole life but I'm glad I managed to blend in.

This is a big city and father said this is where he lives now.

I quickly went out of the room I'm renting located at the heart of the city. The humans here are kind enough and I don't have trouble with them so far.

The busy street and loud noises of vehicles filled my ears the moment I set foot outside.

Being here made me realize that I will always be going to choose a small town over this.

I started walking with my head low. The lady in the other room knows him as for he holds such reputation. She told me that I can see him in that certain place and I'm heading there now.

I flinched and cursed repeatedly when suddenly a cold liquid poured over me. I got too caught up with my thoughts and because I'm facing down while I'm walking— I didn't notice the woman walking in front of me and we bumped into each other. She is too, busy with her phone causing her to accidentally pour her coffee at me.


My hoodie is now wet because of her coffee but I'm glad I'm wearing a color black hoodie making the stain not be visible.

"You b*tch! Look at what you've done!" she hissed.

I creased my forehead at her. I was expecting her to apologize for pouring coffee to me but she did exactly the opposite of what I'm expecting. And she even called me a female dog.

I drew a breath as I look at her eyes. I have no time for her and she should be thankful that I don't and that her coffee is cold instead of hot.

"You poured your coffee because of your stupidity. Walk away and forget this happened," I whispered as I stare straight into her eyes.

A red sparkle sparked in her eyes. She then turned her back at me with obedience.

I sighed and continued walking. Interacting with people and engaging myself with them is the least of things I want to do but destiny is playing with me.

A moment after, I finally arrived at my destination.

I saw a man talking to someone from a distance. I remained to stay slightly far from them.

Unfortunately, I can only see his back and not his face and there's no other way to see what he looks like. But I heard his name being called and that confirmed that it is him.

I deeply closed my eyes shut as their words traveled to my ears.

"The party's tomorrow be sure to be there," the man in front of him said.

I saw him nod but didn't say anything.

A party.

My chance.

That's finally my chance.

Chapter 2 - Masquerade ball

Natasha's POV

"Good evening, madame."

I smiled at the man who greeted me. "Good evening," I greeted him back.

"Your invitation please." He offered his palm waiting for me to give him the invitation that he's asking.

I repeatedly cursed inside my head.

I don't have any invitation because I'm not invited to this party. It's my first being in this kind of event in my entire life and I have no idea that this is how it works. All I know is that, I need to wear a long sexy dress that exposed half of the skin in my body and a red mask that covers half of my face, and I'm glad I did that but the invitation. . .

I smiled at the man in front of me. He's a big man and looks scary but at the same time has a gentle aura and is smiling back at me.

I removed my mask so I can look at him and he can see my eyes clearly.

"You are very beautiful, madame," he said.

I smiled a


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