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Mated To The Big Bad Alpha

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Imagine being sent to kill the most ‘unkillable’ man in the underworld—The Big Bad Alpha. If you fail, he kills you without mercy. And everyone else who ever tried failed. How then can you, a lone female assassin, kill this monster? You decide to do it against all odds but when you get there, BOOM! The deadliest Alpha alive is your mate. ✧✧✧ Wayne Knight stepped into the room and Olive's heart thudded loudly. He was the most powerful Alpha in the country, and she was sent to assassinate him. But she failed and was caught, which meant he would not have any mercy on her. He was going to kill her mercilessly and ruthlessly. But why was she loving the scent of him since he stepped into the room? Why did she love his gaze on her despite being scared? And why was he not breaking his eye contact with her ever since he entered the room? Well, her wolf growled her the answer to all her questions...“MATE.”

Chapter 1

Olive was more than scared to walk through the door and complete her mission. She had already come so far, why back down now? She belonged to a cult… Or rather, she was forcefully held in a cult where she could not do otherwise. She had to obey the laws or she'd be punished… slowly and painfully.

She had escaped from kidnappers at the age of 14, and ran to a man to help hide her. He actually did hide her, but he never let her out again. She was abused by him, sexually and physically. He made her succumb to joining a cult after much beatings. The beatings later stopped, but she turned into something else.

She was nothing but a vessel, an object to the cult. She had slept with men for them, maimed people, and killed a few too. The life Olive lived was terrible, but she had no choice. She was bound to the cult until she found her mate.

Her ultimate wish was to find that special one who would free her from the cult automatically, and make her life return to normal. She had seen how some of her colleagues were freed the very moment they found their true mates. In fact, they needn't come back to the cult-house if they choose to go with him or her that second. Oh, how she wished she could just see hers soon and fly off. She was twenty two years already, yet her wolf had not felt attracted to any man at all.

Olive heaved a deep sigh as she stared at the black door. She had to get this done. She couldn't go back. The cult would kill her if she didn't do this. Finally, she pulled the doorknob and pushed the door open. The sound of distant music reached her ears as she stepped in. She untucked her gun from behind her and held it firmly as she walked through the dark and narrow hallway. The house would have seemed to be empty if not for the music coming from upstairs. The lights were all out. Soon, Olive was climbing through the stairs from the living room. She reached the balcony and looked around, wondering why the whole house was that empty. Shouldn't guards be all around the house? Was Wayne Knight too confident in himself that he didn't station men outside? Well, he must have thought no one knew him in this small town and he could be all by himself. A smile crept on Olive's lips…this was going to be easy. She would kill him and be gone.

The faint music was coming from a room with a half closed door. Light was illuminating that part of the hallway from the room. “He's in there,” she said to herself. Her heart began to beat loudly. This was certainly the hardest and deadliest mission she had come across.

The man she was supposed to kill was known as The Big Bad Alpha. He was often called, The BBA. Wayne Knight was a famous bad boy amongst the creatures of the night—the werewolves, vampires and more. He was notorious and the Alpha of the biggest and most developed pack in the country. He took care of his own, but trampled on the minor packs around. He was too fast to anger and too quick to kill. He owned a lot of establishments so he was buoyant and independent…and too proud of it. He had enemies, which was no surprise. And it had to be Olive who was called upon to eliminate him. It had to be her!

Pushing the door gently, she looked in and saw that the room was empty. Her eyes widened as she couldn't believe her ill luck. Wayne Knight was not in the room. What was she going to do? Where was she going to search next with this thumping heart of hers? She could be easily detected because her heart was racing so fast and loud. She turned around and pointed her gun ahead of her. She tried pulling the doorknobs of the other doors but none would budge. She had to kill Wayne and do it fast.

“Mission impossible,” she found her conscience pricking her. She took a silent breath in and walked further. Suddenly, she heard the shutting of a door behind her and she gasped and turned behind her abruptly only to see a gun pointing at her face. She felt another gun gently touching the back of her head.

“Busted,” the one behind her whispered. She shuddered but remained standing firm and tough. She could still take them down. She just had to relax then attack. But as if they read her mind, she was knocked out immediately and she fell to the floor unconscious.

When she woke up, it was dawn. She tossed and found out she was on a wet and hard surface. Water was pouring on her face and flashes of light kept lighting it up now and then. She heard deep rumbles and it kept getting louder. Olive realized she was outside in the rain. She gasped loudly and began to cough inadvertently. She opened her eyes slightly as the pouring water blinded her vision. She could see a pole right beside her and her hands were tied to it. She looked around and saw no one. Only cars parked.

“Please, help me!” she screamed even though she knew deep down that she had gotten into a mess she would never get out of alive. Alpha Knight's men were going to kill her. They would take information out of her and kill her. Just like they did to others at their own cult. “I'm sorry, please! Don't kill me!” she yelled as the rain intensified. She could see clearly now, as her eyes had gotten accustomed to the water flowing into them though she was blinking repeatedly. Cold hugged her body like another skin and she shivered terribly.

However, she wasn't bothered about the rain. No, this wasn't torture to her. She had been whipped in the rain before. She had been raped in the rain before. She had been stripped naked during winter and left outside to turn blue. So, just being left in the rain wasn't torture. It was what was going to happen to her afterwards that bothered her. She was getting scared to death of her fate which presently laid with The Big Bad Alpha and his men. She prayed silently for a quick death. She prayed they wouldn't torture her first. If it meant giving them enough information so they wouldn't have to torture her for it, then so be it. She'll blurt out everything she knew about The Vrek Cult and beg to be shot in the forehead. On a bright side, she was finally going to exit this world of pain and no freedom. She would be finally free from that stupid inhumane cult.

But— She wouldn't be happy in the afterlife. She would be alone again. All what she wanted was to find her mate, so if she died without finding that special one…then her life over there would still be empty.

The thought of not finding her mate bit hard into her flesh more than the deadly cold she was experiencing. Oh, if only she could find him and get wrapped in his arms. If only she could experience love just once…just once.

Her wolf whimpered inside her at the thought of not finding their mate before departing. Olive began to cry. She cried until her tears became distinguishable in the rain because of how they flowed in the same sequence almost more than the water pouring down her face. She looked up at the moon that was slowly getting overshadowed by sunlight.

“Please, don't let me die until I find my mate. Please, have mercy,” she pleaded out loud amidst loud sobs. Suddenly, she felt a terrible pain strike her through her shoulder. Her eyes widened with shock from the pain. She felt warmth mixing with the cold on her shoulder and looked down to see red liquid flowing down her body with the rain. Another strike and more blood.

“No,” she mumbled as another strike landed on her back. Somebody was whipping her with a whip of thorns. Her skin was getting slashed off. The pain was terrible. She screamed as more strikes fell on her back and the whips were even coiling against her neck and face. She fell to the floor and screamed loudly. She tried to see who it was that was whipping her, but all she could see was the whip landing all over her and tearing her skin. Soon, she was in a pool of her blood which flowed with the water down. Her cries were too loud, even louder than the thunder roaring through the skies.

The person whipping her began to kick her angrily, as if the whipping was too merciful. She got paralyzed with pain and couldn't move even a finger anymore. She just laid there, all bloodied, cold and in pain. Her lovely black hair stuck to her like glue. Satisfied with Olive's present predicament, the whipping and kicks stopped from the torturer. She moved her head with much difficulty to see the face of her oppressor. And she was more than surprised when she saw a very familiar woman.

“Hello, Olive,” the woman said with a wicked smirk. After that, Olive got engulfed by darkness which was the most welcome thing at that instance considering the betrayal she had just faced.

Chapter 2

It felt like a thousand bags of cement were tied around Olive's body when she woke up. She couldn't even move her neck to look around because it felt so heavy and painful. She however knew she wasn't outside anymore. She was still on the bare floor, but under a roof. Olive didn't stay for long before someone realized she was awake. Maybe they all came to check up on her turn by turn.

“She's awake,” a man announced. Fear skittered through her heart. She was going to face another torture again. Two strong arms pulled her up and she cried in pain. Her injuries hadn't healed at all despite the healing ability of the body of wolf shifters. Dry and fresh blood were still all over her but her hair and clothes were already dry.

She was dragged into a room and pushed to the floor roughly. She screamed and hugged the floor while crying. Oh, her life would have been roses if she had found her parents instead of running into the arms of a strange man who turned her life into a livin


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