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Mated To The Alpha Kings

Mated To The Alpha Kings

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The Hybrid Queen Her name is Delaney. An addict! A girl who believes that no man on earth could satisfy her sexual cravings except herself. That's right! She's a masturbator. She hates the fact that she's that way but there's nothing she can do about it. Her stepdad made it impossible for her to be with other men. Never once has she felt any kind of sensation whenever she's close to males, no matter how cute or handsome they are. No heart ripples nor butterflies dancing in her tummy, nothing! But all that changed when she met them.

Chapter 1: I hate him!

"Earth to Laney! Geez, what are you thinking about?" Cassie yelled.l

I jumped in surprise, picked up my drink, and took a sip, "What? Did you say something?"

She rolled her eyes, "Ugh of course I did, would I be talking to myself?"

I laughed, "Sorry about that, I just... I just got carried away. What were you saying?"

She huffed, "I said, there'll be a party tonight, and guess what? All those hot guys, the D-brothers will be there, what do you say? You'll be coming, right?"

"Ugh, Cass..." I started, but she cut me off.

"Don't Cass me, you're almost twenty-one, and you don't even have a boyfriend? Who knows if you still have your V-card intact, that will be a shame to me."

I sighed, "You know I'm not interested, Cassie."

"You will be, and you're coming with me tonight, come on, let's go check out your wardrobe and see what you have," she said, dragging me back to my room.

I groaned"Cass!"

She raided through my wardrobe huffing at what she's seeing there "Geez! Why would you have such clothes? I can't find any sexy thing in here, Laney!"

I shrug but didn't comment. Why would I bother with sexy clothes when I'm not dressing for anyone? Besides, the little money I have will end up in house bills, not clothes.

Cassie finally picked out the clothes, she improvised by using a pair of scissors cutting it into a short gown and then adding a little touch to it. I could only watch helplessly because she's the fashionista between the two of us. Cassie became my best friend when I arrived in Boston, I have other friends, but I'm not as close with any of them as I am with her.

"There, isn't this much better? I'm off now and will come to pick you up by 8 pm, do NOT change the cloth I picked out for you, show those hot legs would you muah" she kissed my cheeks before leaving

I sighed watching her go, checking the time to discover it was already past five in the evening. Shit! I need to get ready.

I took off my clothes, walked into the bathroom, and put on the heater, while I was waiting for the water to heat, my eyes unintentionally went to the mirror.

My breath quickened as I stared at my nude body. At that moment, I felt the wetness between my legs.

Licking my lips, I moved my hands towards my breast, and my nipples hardened instantly at my touch. I pinched both cherry buds, moaning out loud.

Closing my eyes, I slowly trailed my fingers on my tummy, downwards. My breathing became laboured as my fingers touched my hot centre. Spreading them a little, I dipped a finger inside and the other, moving in and out.

I gasp"Oh yes..."

My body quivered, and my movement became urgent. I leaned onto the bathtub, spreading my legs further than adding another finger.

Letting out a throaty moan, I felt my tummy tighten, and soon I came. My body went lax as I tried to catch my breath.

After a long while, I got into the tub took the soap, and started bathing.


Okay, so you probably know my name but just in case you're wondering, I'm Delaney Foxx, I'll be twenty-one in a week.

I just finished my degree, surprising, right? Well, back then, my dad got into some kind of trouble which got him jailed. I had to fend for myself.

I continued going to school and thanks to my brain, I got a scholarship for high school. At that time, I was in Canada, but the scholarship is here in Boston. I instantly accepted for two reasons, one is because I didn't know how I was going to train myself in school.

And the second reason is my stepdad. Yeah, I wanted to use that as an opportunity to escape from him so when he gets bailed out from jail, he'd realize I'm no longer there. Now I'm here, he'll never be able to find me. Who knows what he'd have done to me if he had seen me in that house? Beat me up till death like he did mom? The fact that I'm exceptionally lucky that he never touched me is a miracle.

He never touched me, but that doesn't mean he didn't do other things, at times he'll come home late at night with different ladies forcing me to watch and repeat everything he does, or he'll put pornographic movies for me to watch.

"This was what I caught your mother doing, a whore! That was who your mother was," he would say.

To date, I still don't know if that's true or false. In my mind, my mom is a good person, she'll never do that to him, maybe it was just a misunderstanding.

As time goes on, I became used to it. I began to like, love it. I craved for it. Furthermore, I became addicted to it and can't live without masturbating.

I never thought it was a bad thing till I realize I've never found any guy attractive.

That's right, no matter how cute they are, they just won't do. Their touch irritates me. It makes me puke all the damn time.

The only touch I wanted was mine and mine alone. I hate the fact that I'm this way, but there's nothing I can do about it, Max, the man called my stepdad made sure of it.

It might be that I haven't met the right guy. I shrugged at the thought.

Tonight is a little different though, even though I'm forced to go, I still want to give it a try. Since hot guys will be there at the party, I might as well hook up with one of them and see how it goes.

An hour later, I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my body. I took the hair dryer to blow dry my hair, after that, I applied makeup before dressing up.

Cassie arrived an hour later, looking hot as hell. I whistled"Wow babe, those butt of yours looks hmm" you can say that she's the curvier one among us, my curves are average, not too big, and not too small.

She rolled her eyes, "Come on let's go, the party has already started. I can't wait to hook up with Mr. hottie"

I chuckled, got into her car and she drove off.

The club was booming loudly with music, Cassie pulled me to the bar"One glass of Bloody Mary please" she yelled.

The bartender's eyes lit up, "Are you sure about that little miss?"

"Of course, bring it quickly."

His eyes locked on mine, "What drink do you want miss?" He drawled seductively.

I smirked"Cosmopolitan."

He whistled, "One bloody Mary and Cosmopolitan coming right up"

Cassie leaned on the wood and faced forward. Suddenly, she gasps "O. M. G Laney!!! They're here!!"

"Who?" I turned towards the entrance to see three good-looking guys walking in.

"So cute, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven" Cassie sighed.

I rolled my eyes, "Cute? Was this what you were calling cute? In my eyes, they seem okay," I shrug and took a sip of my drink which the bartender just brought.

The tallest guy among them turns in my direction as if he just heard what I just said.

Hold on, he didn't hear me right? Besides, the music is so loud, there's no way he'll hear me. Right?

As if reading my thoughts, he smirked and started coming my way, his eyes not leaving mine.

My heart skipped, what is he doing?

Cassie tugged at my hand"He's coming your way Laney oh my God!! Be good to him, okay? And have fun! Let me go talk to those two," she grinned and left me alone.

"Cass!! Damn that girl."

By this time, the man already arrived at my side, I composed myself, raised my head at him, and said"What?"

He made a tsk sound, "Beauty, that's not ladylike at all. Why don't I buy you a drink, and then we'll have fun together," he raised his hand to touch my hair, but I moved backwards.

This man, something about him doesn't seem right, I don't know if it's instinct, but I want to go far away from him as possible.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Cassie appeared out of nowhere and whispered"Behave, Laney, I think he likes you" then she was gone.

Taking in a deep breath, I smiled at the man" I'd love that."

"Better" he gave me his hand, I took it, "Let's go to a quiet place, this place is noisy."

He led me to a more secluded place in the club, where there were lesser people. The only people there were couples f*cking, the lights were dim, so one couldn't see them. We were still walking when he suddenly stopped and pinned me to the nearest wall. I gasp.

He kicked my legs apart and pressed himself to me. I felt his face on my neck, sniffing it, "Hmm, you smell so good beauty, I must say that I haven't come across your type in a long time."

He was touching me, all over, but I couldn't feel anything. My skin didn't heat up under his touch, rather I stiffened the more.

I became irritated when his hands found my breast. In fact, he didn't even put me in the mood, my panties are still dried as they were.

"Stop" I whispered

He didn't of course, he continued moulding my bobs.

The more he touched me, the more repulsive I became. I felt disgusted and wanted his hands off me.

"Let go of me right now," I growled out.

"Why beauty? I know you want me, aren't I handsome enough?"

I tried to hold in the urge to puke, I really tried, but couldn't. "Pfft!"

In the end, I ended up puking all over his body. He let go instantly"What the f*ck!!" he yells, enraged.

I shook my head and ran out of his side, I went into the dancefloor looking for Cassy. It's of no use, no matter how I try they just won't do. No guy in this world is meant for me. Thanks to my stepdad for making me feel this way, he ruined my life for good. I hate him for everything he did, I hate him to death!

Chapter 2: Taken

Devin took off his shirt after she left, throwing it in the trash. He couldn't help but smile happily, after searching for a long time, he has finally found something interesting. His boss is going to like her.

Without wasting time, he took out his phone to call him immediately. He picks up on the third ring.

"You'll die if this isn't reasonable," he said.

Devin gulps"No boss, it's reasonable! I think you'll like it, no love it."

There was a slight pause, then"Capture her at once, do not touch her in any way or make any mistakes, or you'll regret it."

"Yes, Boss."

Their work is to search for females around the world, and send them to their boss while he sells them to different werewolf packs. Devin and his brothers love this job because they get to play with some females before handing them to their boss. This time around, their boss gave them a special task, he wants them to find a feisty woman. He wants something different.

After hanging


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