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Mated to my stepbrother

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"Spread those legs wide for me, kitten. I want you to feel me as I fill your warm confines." My brother, Damian whispered into my ears sending a delicious chill spreading throughout my body." But... this is wrong, you are my..." My next words died in my throat as he thrust into me, a moan tearing through my mouth.*************Mia was always the apple of her brothers eyes until he turned eighteen. His behavior towards her changed even leaving home.When she turns eighteen, shock hits her when she realizes that he was her mate.How?Could this be a mistake?Is there a chance this forbidden Passion can bloom to something beautiful or will they shun the idea?

Chapter 1

A moan slipped past my lips when Damian's mouth caressed mine ever so softly.

This was wrong, it was wrong but it f*ck*ng felt so good that I wanted more, I wanted to feast more of my brother's sweetness. Oh goddess, help me.

“ What are you thinking about?" My brother's sweet seductive voice dragged me from my thoughts. He had one of his signature smiles on his face, the kind that wets my knickers.

I pressed my legs together, my arousal perfuming the room.

I watched as Damian's eyes darkened with desire as he took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of my arousal.

“ You smell heavenly." He breathed out and my cheeks burned.

That's not something you expect to hear from your brother, especially if it's sexual but why did that serve to turn me on even more?

“ I want to admire your beautiful body." Damian said, his fingers going to unbutton my blouse. My eyes widened in surprise and I held his hands in an attempt to stop him yet one look from him had me melting.

Damian took his sweet time unbuttoning my blouse, teasing my exposed skin with his fingers and earning moans from me.

He then traced my skin ever so gently as if he was imprinting every contours of my smooth skin into his mind.

Damian's lips covered mine in a slow yet sensual kiss. His caresses made me arch my back, wanting to feel more.

I wanted more of his soft kisses, his touch.

Damian pulled away from the kiss, looking into my eyes before he trailed his kisses down to my neck, sucking and nibbling the skin. I knew that he would leave marks on my body but at that point, I didn't care. I Just wanted to bear his marks as he claims me as his.

I bit back a moan when he kissed the valley between my breasts. He unclasped my bra, tossing it somewhere on the floor before his gaze fell on my perky breasts. I watched as his eyes glowed red, indicating that his wolf was taking control.

He smiled before cupping my right breast, rubbing my hardened nipple with his thumb. A sweet sensation trickled down, a moan slipping past my lips and coming out like a whimper.

" I love hearing you moan for me sister, I can't wait to hear you shout my name as you p*ssy clenches around my thick c*ck. " He cooed before his mouth went to cover my right breast, his tongue flicking over my hardened bud.

I moaned when his mouth moved from my right breast to my left, giving it a light bite before swirling his tongue around it.

My mind was foggy with desire and all I wanted was to feel more of my brother. I needed to feel him inside of me, the need was killing me slowly.

His tongue left my n*ppl*s and traveled down, sucking and licking as it traveled down to my belly button.

His hand remained on my breast as he did his magic.

Damian thrust his tongue into my belly button, earning a cry of pleasure from me.

His tongue then moved lower coming to a halt when he reached my waist.

" May I?" He requested, his eyes hooked on my pajama pants.

Against my better judgment, I nodded. I knew that it was sinful doing this with him but with all the pleasure he was giving me, I threw caution into the air.

I was insanely attracted to my brother and now that he was finally willing to treat me as a woman and not as his annoying sister, how could I let go of that chance to be pleasured.

Damian hooked his fingers at the hem of my pants and in one swift move, he sent them flying across the róom.

I felt embarrassed as his eyes roamed over my now naked body.

" So beautiful." He breathed out, his fingers brushing against my thigh, trailing up to my core. I arched my back as his finger slid along the slick wet folds of my p*ssy, my hips buckling, needing more.

" Please..." I cried out and he smirked.

" Please what?" He asked, his eyes glowing red, indicating that his wolf was in control and not him.

" Touch me, brother." I cried out again and his finger pushed through, entering my dripping wet c*nt.

I gasped and a whimper left my mouth.

Damian curled his finger, pressing against the walls of my confines and a loud moan left my lips.

Goddess! Why is it that sinning feels so good?

" You like it, don't you?" He asked. " You like it when your brother pleasures you." He purred in his deep and husky voice and I moaned.

I nodded, not trusting myself to utter words. Damian's movements halted, earning a protest groan from me.

" Words kitten, I want to hear words." He ordered and I swallowed hard.

" Y-yes..." I managed to breathe out and he smiled.

" Good girl."

He then thrust his finger inside of me, curling it again, rubbing it against the walls of my p*ssy and causing another cry of pleasure.

Damian then traced my s*x with his tongue, giving my p*ssy one long lick which had me throwing my head back and arching my back with need.

" You taste amazing." He purred and I blushed.

He then started kissing my thighs, trailing down and down, his warm breath fanning against my dripping wet p*ssy.

I was a hot mess, panting, aching for his touch. I needed him to touch my forbidden fruit, one that I was willing to let him have a taste.

His mouth then clasped around my swollen cl*t, his tongue flicking over it as he s*ck*d it.

I cried out his name, my fingers grabbing a fistful of his hair.

" Brother..." I moaned. " Please."

Damian ignored my plea and instead, inserted two fingers into my p*ssy, pumping them in and out, hitting that spot that had me seeing stars.

" Damian..." I cried, pulling his hair and thrusting my hips towards him, needing to feel him.

I could feel my orgasm building up making me increase the pace at which I thrust my hips up.

" Mia!" A light tap accompanied by someone calling my name ruthlessly pulled me out of my f*ck*d *p dream.

Cracking my eyes open, I was greeted by Damian's mischievous smile and a pair of glowing green eyes.

" Good morning sis." He smiled, his voice deep and husky.

I swallowed hard, pushing myself up and adjusting the pillow as my face burnt with embarrassment.

Sh*t! I can't believe I Just had improper thoughts about my brother but wait...

" How long have you been here?" I asked, praying and hoping that he didn't hear anything.

" Long enough to hear you moan my name, sister." Damian replied, a teasing smile ghosting his lips.

I pulled the sheets, burying my face.

I wished the ground could split and swallow me alive.

Could this be more embarrassing?

" Clean up and meet us downstairs, I have someone I want to show you." Damian said, placing a gentle kiss on my cheeks before leaving the room.

Chapter 2

After getting my shit together and taking a quick shower, I made my way downstairs. My mind could not stop wondering about what it was my brother wanted to show me.

After three years, he was finally back to the pack.

After Damian hit eighteen years, he mysteriously left home without giving me any explanation. I mean, I was always his favorite sister, one he said he could not live without. But that day, I arrived home from school only to have my parents inform me that he left the pack.

My attempts to contact him were futile and I later learned that he changed his number.

After pestering my mother to call him for me, he gave me the cold shoulder.

It's been three years and everytime I try getting close to him, all I get are excuses of how busy or tired he is and that breaks my heart.

Descending the stairs, I could hear soft giggles coming from the dining róom prompting me to walk even faster.

When I stepped into the dining róom however, my hea


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