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Mated For Revenge

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~•~ Two alpha princes, one mate, and a dreadful revenge plan. Diana returns to the pack she was banished from, 16 years later. Not as the princess she was supposed to be, but a lowlife stripper and daycare teacher from Redmoon pack, a minority pack. She is despised and mistreated by everyone she knows, including her boyfriend. But all of it changes when she meets the Herd brothers, powerful sons of the alpha of Silvermoon pack. And they are both her mates. What started as a wild and adventurous threesome after a bachelor's party, turns out to be a nightmare for Diana after she finds out that they are the sons of the man she hated most in the world - the man responsible for the death of her parents. The she-wolf, once thirsty for the touch of her mates, becomes thirsty for blood and revenge. Diana would do anything to run the Herd family down, but how far is too far?

Chapter 1 |Something Extraordinary

The huge woman's equally huge palm crashed on her left cheek in a loud and resounding slap. Diana felt her body being hurdled towards the wall, but it was her legs that caused her to move towards the wall. She needed to hold onto something, she needed support, or she would fall and crash on the floor.

She was certain the woman would step on her and bruise her face.

Madam Chardonnay never showed anyone mercy. Whenever she was p*ss*d - even by the slightest things - she made sure she dealt with anyone who had wronged her.

And today, poor Diana had fallen into that trap. Diana plastered her palms on the wall and rested her right cheek on it. Tears burned at the corner of her eyes, but she would not let them flow. She refused to ever give anyone in the club the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

The woman stomped to where she stood and dragged her by the strap of her bra. Diana turned to look at her unwillingly, and the woman dished her another slap on her right cheek. This time, the slap was accompanied by saliva. Madam Chardonnay spat on Diana's face and flung her towards the table.

The edge of the wooden table stabbed her stomach and her head fell on the table's surface.

"You stupid, good for nothing, ungrateful b*tch! How dare you, Diana?! How dare you?!" The woman stood behind her and clasped her hand around Diana's neck.

Diana struggled to open her eyes, but when she did, she allowed her tears to flow freely.

It was hard to keep them in when she felt excruciating pain all over her body.

"If I had not already spent so much money on your body, I'd have skinned you alive and fed the rest of your flesh to rogue wolves! What gave you the audacity to cross me in such a manner?! How dare you?! You had the guts to place your filthy hands on a client! The one who pays for the f*ck*ng food you f*ck*ng eat! Huh?!"

But he deserved it, Diana thought.

All she had been asked to do was give him a private dance.

Her services never included sleeping with her clients.

She was only a stripper, not a prostitute, or a call girl.

But the man she had been assigned to had tried to grab her *ss. When she refused and danced away from him, he pulled her to the chair and tried to force himself on her.

At that moment, Diana did not bother to think twice. She stretched her hand towards the table beside them and picked the first thing her hand touched; a glass of champagne.

She emptied the content on the man's head and hit the back of his head with the glass.

He screamed and fell off her. She hurried and tried to gather herself, but she was quickly carried by Madam Chardonnay's men, and the client had reported her for assault.

However, he did not include the part he had tried to r*p* her.

Even if he did, Madam Chardonnay wouldn't have been on her side.

The woman did not care about any of the girls that worked for her.

Madam Chardonnay was only ever worried about her business, and the money involved.

"Speak, you twart! Explain yourself!" Madam Chardonnay screamed as she let go of Diana's neck.

She coughed and tried to stand. When she did, she opened her eyes slowly, tilted her neck to the right and stared blankly at the woman.

"He tried to r*p* me." She cried.

"He groped my *ss while I was dancing, but I didn't want him to do that. I tried to move away, but he…he grabbed me and pinned me to the chair. He was going to take advantage of me. I…I had to do something madam." She cried out, hoping to the moon goddess that the woman would somehow have a change of heart and reason with her.

Madam Chardonnay took in heavy breaths. Her round face contorted with rage, even the folds on her neck seemed enraged.

The woman corked her right brow as she gritted her teeth and stared at Diana.

"And so? What if he tried to r*p* you? Mr Delacroix has been a vital customer of the club for six years, even before your sorry *ss stepped into this place! We have enjoyed over a million dollars from him, and now he'll never step foot in here because of your stupidity! What is so precious about your p*ssy that you couldn't give to him?! He would have paid you a lot for it, he would have given you a wad of cash to return home with, but you just had to be a stupid saint, didn't you?"

Diana's intestines formed a tight knot in her stomach as she stared plainly at the woman in front of her. Just as she had thought, Madam Chardonnay did not care about anything besides herself.

"But it's fine. I would deduct whatever your stupidity has cost me today from your wages. In other words, you would not be getting any pay from me in the next one week!" The older woman screamed at the top of her voice.

Diana fell to her knees in front of her immediately. She held onto the woman's feet and allowed herself to cry.

She could not be denied today's wages. She had a deadline of payment to meet in the hospital her mother lay sick in.

If she didn't complete the payment in three days, the hospital was going to discharge her mother and she was going to die.

She needed this money, there was nowhere else she could get such an amount of money in such a short period of time.

"Please, madam!" She cried out.

"Don't do this to me. I would do anything you want me to do. I would have as many private sessions as you want me to have. If you want, I would call him back and I would sleep with him. Just don't…" She allowed her pride to wash down the drain.

The pride wasn't what was going to pay her mother's hospital bill.

Instead, the pride was going to kill the woman who had taken care of her for so many years.

"Just don't take away the money from me. I would do whatever you want." Tears rushed down her eyes and mucus ran down her nostrils.

She could not afford to not be given a second chance by madam Chardonnay.

The doctors in the hospital were tired of seeing her beg.

Frankly, she was sick and tired of begging too.

Madam Chardonnay looked down at her, and her face twisted into a grim smile.

"It would take something extraordinary to undo the damage you have done. You do know that, right?"

Whatever it took, Diana was ready to do it.

"I will do anything you want, madam. Anything at all."

The woman stroked the strands of beards underneath her jaw.

"Rise." She ordered.

Diana quickly did as she was told. That was the only thing she was going to be doing throughout her stay here.

She stood up and sniffed in her tears. It was then the cold breeze from the air conditioner in the room started to affect her.

She was now aware that she only stood in a pair of red lace bra and a thong, with lace socks.

"You would take a private session with the VVIPs tonight. The Herd Brothers, very special customers of mine. They are even more important than Mr Delacroix, so you cannot mess this up."

Diana was filled with fear. She did not like the look on Madam Chardonnay's face. The woman had a smug smile, as though she knew she was sending the girl to hell.

She swallowed hard and lowered her gaze to the ground. A drop of tear ran down her cheeks.

"I would do whatever you want, Madam."

Chapter 2| The Herd Brothers

The meeting with Madam Chardonnay kept Diana at the edge. Even as she was escorted by one of her able-bodied minions out of the office and into the dressing room, Diana could not forget the twisted smile that had been on her madam's lips. She tried not to think of it.

It was just a one-night arrangement. Once she was paid tonight, she would forget about everything, and her life would go back to normal.

All she had to do was dance and give blowjobs if they wanted, right?

Maybe they'll request a lap dance, and try to touch some parts of her body that were not supposed to be touched, but she would allow it to slide, because her mother's life was on the line, and it was more important than anything else.

She walked into the changing room. It was a magnificent cubic room that housed over ten dressing mirrors, twenty stools, a huge ten feet wardrobe filled with different sizes, styles and of thongs, lace bras, socks and gloves. It also housed a h

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