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Mastering their Omega

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Scarlett is an Omega who has managed to survive without attracting attention and reach the age of 22 still being a virgin, but it was by her own choice. She never found her fated mate, but she doesn't want to live with only the simplest things anymore, she wants to be free and not have to depend on anyone anymore, so she decides to sell her virginity at an Auction. Klaus and Liam are Alphas from a successful pack, they've never met their fated mates and they didn't even want to go to the auction, but they changed their minds as soon as they saw Scarlett's photo... A beautiful Omega, with a voracious gaze and the posture of a warrior, but one who is willing to submit for five days. The two buy her and know she's not their fated mate, but that doesn't mean they'll pass up the opportunity to teach this woman how good it feels to be on her knees and begging for them to touch her.

Chapter 1 The auction One

Scarlett POV

You know, people believe that being a virgin until you find your Fated Mate is sacred, but I've always wondered why it's only with women. While guys go around having s*x at will and women have to be virgins and innocent. No, I'm not innocent, I know a lot about s*x - seriously, who doesn't know that we have the internet? I've played around a lot, but I just never got to the bottom of it.

I'm already 22 and a virgin, and I've never met my Fated Mate, so I took the opportunity that came my way, I'm auctioning off my virginity and that's a relatively rare item, for my age and for who I am, an Omega... But I'm rambling, probably to take my mind off what's going to happen in a short while, in 20 minutes my name will be called, and I'll have to present myself on a stage, show every part of my body, and then the bidding will begin.

I need money, not exactly for college since I'm a federal student, and no one in the family is sick since I'm an orphan... I want this money to be free, and independent, without having to put my head down and hide in the shadows, which is what I've done all my life, to escape predators.

I looked in the mirror, my hair was black with purple streaks at the bottom, it reached down to my shoulder, and it's straight, but the ends were curly. I have different colored eyes, one a light green and the other a bluish gray, it's a rare condition, but it makes me even more beautiful, something I've always hidden through contact lenses, my nose is naturally thin, my eyebrows are done, my make-up was done to resemble a mermaid, as the shadows go from purple to blue and green with details of scales on my cheeks. My lips also have a gradient lipstick, which goes from a deep red to a dark wine.

Why mermaids? Simple, they're something very coveted and extremely rare, not that I'm one, but it's always nice to add an extra touch and of course, everyone knows from my scent that I'm a she-wolf, an Omega.

There's a two-tone cloak, blue and purple, covering me completely, revealing nothing underneath. Many people have told me I'm crazy, but it's a risk I took, the revelation would happen little by little. Underneath this cloak I have other clothes, first a very loose, wide dress, in a gradient of purple, from the lightest to the darkest, the ease is that there's a zipper on the side that I can lower, and the dress will fall gently.

Then as soon as this dress falls, it will reveal a tighter one in a bluish hue, which sticks to my body and now the audience will see more of my curves, even though the zipper is at the back, I can still take it off without needing help. As soon as it comes out, I'm basically wearing lingerie, which is a silver corset made of leather and thicker lace. It covers the entire top, leaving my breasts and waist shapely, while the bottom is a pair of black pantyhose with scales on them that barely let you see the skin underneath, and now you can see my silver high heels.

This corset opens at the front in little hooks, and when I take them off you can finally see my skin. I have clear, blemish-free skin, my breasts aren't big or small, they're medium-sized, my waist isn't that thin and my legs are thicker, I have what many people call a "guitar body". I'm not ashamed of it, after all, I make the most of my body, not that I go on diets, but I do a lot of exercise.

My breasts are covered in shiny scales, as is the part of my waist that descends in a V towards my s*x, which is completely shaved, and the scales continue down the inside of my legs to my ankles.

This is a special paint that doesn't come off so easily, used by many prostitutes and high-end escorts who like to fantasize. And I'm counting on it.

"Come on, your number's here." A man's voice rang out behind me.

I nodded and turned around, starting to follow the man down some corridors, and we stopped in front of a large, black curtain. I adjusted my cape a little nervously.

"Item 662."

The presenter called out, and I took another deep breath, passed through the curtain, walked another five steps down a black corridor with almost no light, and arrived at a stage that was the only thing really lit. It was a circular light that didn't get hot, but I know that this was also to protect me, because it was a magical light, so no one could simply break in and try to take the person or item that was being auctioned.

"A 22-year-old Omega virgin. Passed the medical examination and attested by five of them, including our specialist in reconstructive magic. Magic-free and a natural virgin."

As these words echoed, I could feel the air change around me and the hairs on the back of my neck bristle. After all, I am a rare item at auction, because of my age, and of my beauty, because I am an Omega. It wasn't long before I could hear whispers and even some people talking louder and complaining about why I was fully dressed.

I tried not to show how much it affected me, after all, it's not something I can change now, so I just raised my head a little more, and a wry smile formed on my lips, but no words came out.

"The buyer will be entitled to five days with her, with a few limits imposed and a few rules that you can check on the form that I've already given you and that you can check again right now."

I've already said that I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to put my life at risk for anything, let alone without a guarantee. Those who wish to bid on my services will be aware of my limits and what I can and cannot do. I've made it very clear that if you want to use BDSM, you'll have to follow my guidelines of hard, medium, and soft limits. I've done my research on the subject.

Discussing this with the auction staff led to a bit of a debate about whether I should sell myself as an innocent who doesn't know anything and needs to be taught or this version of me, who prefers to make it clear that she knows what she's doing, and in the end I preferred to stay true to myself.

The organizers agreed, and I also have a little more security, because the Auction is something serious and with a lot of powerful people, Alphas from all over the world usually take part, and when I say Alphas, I mean those who rule their lands and territories. So there are Lycans, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Wizards, and many other races.

So it's an organization that needs to keep itself as serious as possible and with an unblemished reputation, which is why its fees are high, 50% of the money raised goes to the house and I keep the other half.

"There is a table of values, as the bids reach these values, the lady will withdraw and reveal more of her body and her abilities. Of course, on the auction app, you can already see the photos from the shoot we did earlier."


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Chapter 2 The auction 2

Scarlett POV

Then the bids started to come in, although nothing too significant yet, but with a good number of interested parties, at least enough to reach the first level. When this happened, I bowed briefly to everyone, like a perfect lady, lowering my knee and pulling the cape slightly to the side, before pulling the strings inside and letting the fabric slowly fall away, revealing the first dress. Several sighs and comments of approval were heard.

The bidding started again, and the values were reached more quickly this time, and soon it reached the point where the first dress would be removed. Again the bidding stopped, and I slowly pulled down the zipper on the side, revealing the third dress and leaving more room for imagination.

As soon as the new pitches began, another person entered the scene, a dark-skinned man wearing a dark gray suit with fine white lines. In his left hand, he was holding an object, a red leather collar, the leather was printed with sca


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