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Lycans King Fated Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Twain
  • Chapters: 95
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 629
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


“As his hands roamed over her body with a firm touch, she felt a wave of desire as She tried to suppress her moans, but when his mouth found its way to her neck and began lavishing her with kisses, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She threw her head back against the wall as she surrendered herself to his touch, letting out moans of passion that echoed through the room..." Selene thought she had lost everything when her high school crush found his destined mate, but little did she know, her life was about to take a dramatic turn. When she met Levi, a mysterious man who always appeared when she needed help, she had no idea that he was a Lycan. Her world turned upside down as she learned more about her family's history and the intricate politics of the werewolf world. Despite the challenges they faced, Selene and Levi's love prevailed, as they fought against all odds and overcame obstacles. However, when Selene discovered that one of her closest friends was a hunter who killed her parents, out to kill. She finds herself in the center of a dangerous and suspenseful situation, fighting to protect herself, Levi, and their pack from harm . With trust shattered and alliances tested, Selene must navigate a treacherous path as she tries to stay one step ahead of the hunter and protect the ones she loves. In the end, Selene and Levi's love proved that it knew no bounds, and they were destined to be together, regardless of their differences. As Levi became the new Alpha and Selene the new Luna, they led their pack to a new era. A pack of both lycans and Wolves.

Prom Night

Chapter 1Third Person POV“I've been looking forward to prom, and I can't imagine going with anyone but you. Would you like to be my date?” Lucas gazed at Selena, his puppy pleading to be fed.There was an undeniable longing in his gaze, a silent plea for her attention and affection. His eyes spoke volumes, silently conveying the depth of his desire at that moment.“Of course, how long I waited for you to ask,” Selena said as she leaned forward, feeling Lucas breathe on her face.Time stood still as their lips met in a gentle, tender kiss. It started softly, a delicate exploration of each other's warmth. The kiss deepened, As Lucas's tongue gently traced the outline of Selena's lips, seeking entrance.A surge of desire coursed through Selena's veins as she opened her mouth, granting him access. Their tongues met in a dance of sweet surrender, their mouths becoming a symphony of sensations. At that moment, they felt an electric connection, an undeniable chemistry that seemed to transcend the physical world.Their kiss was a blend of innocence and passion, an intoxicating fusion of emotions that left them both breathless. As they finally broke apart, their foreheads resting against each other's, their eyes locked in a shared understanding.“I've been waiting to do that for so long,” Lucas admitted, his voice filled with wonder.Selena's lips curved into a blissful smile. “Me too,” she confessed, her eyes sparkling with newfound joy. She could hardly believe that this long-awaited moment had finally arrived. Every daydream, every stolen glance, and every flutter of her heart had led to this very moment. It was as if all the stars had aligned, granting her the wish she had secretly harbored. “Alexa!” Selena's voice reverberated through the room, a mix of excitement and anticipation. Her hand gripped the doorknob tightly as she twisted it, flinging the door wide open with a burst of energy. Her eyes widened as they landed upon Alexa, who sat on her bed, a curious expression etched across her face.“What happened?” Alexa asked, her voice laced with genuine curiosity as she watched Selena with an amused glint in her eyes.A wide grin spread across Selena's face, her eyes sparkling with joy. “You won't believe who kissed me today!” she exclaimed, her voice carrying a mix of awe and disbelief.“Someone kissed you?” Alexa asked, a hint of playful mockery lingering in her voice.Breathing in deeply, Selena mustered the words, her voice filled with a proud undertone. “It was Lucas,” she declared, her tone reflecting the sense of accomplishment she felt. It was as if she had conquered her life's mission, and the pride in her voice was hard to miss.“In your dreams,” Alexa responded, her laughter erupting spontaneously. A mixture of playful teasing and genuine disbelief. The idea of Lucas, reciprocating her feelings, seemed almost too good to be true.Selena's face flushed with a mix of annoyance, She narrowed her eyes, meeting Alexa's gaze with a firm resolve. “You want a shoe flying at you next, right?” she retorted, her voice laced with a playful threat.“No girl,” Alexa replied, chuckling. As her tone shifted to one of genuine curiosity.“Wait, so you're serious? He really kissed you?” Her skepticism lingering in the air.A surge of warmth spread across Selena's cheeks as she nodded earnestly. “Yes, Alexa, he really kissed me,” she affirmed, her voice filled with a mix of exhilaration and awe. The memory of his lips on hers flooded her mind, and a shiver of delight coursed through her.The disbelief in Alexa's eyes gradually transformed into astonishment.“He even asked me to be his date for prom,” she continued, her voice carrying a subtle tremor of excitement. The words hung in the air, laden with the weight of newfound happiness.Alexa's eyes widened in response, her face a canvas of joy and surprise. “Woah, congrats, dear!” she exclaimed, her voice filled with genuine happiness. The room seemed to radiate with their shared jubilation, an eruption of pure elation that transcended their close friendship.For Selena, this moment was particularly meaningful. Being in her second year of high school and living as a boarder in the school hostels, she hadn't formed many close friendships. Alexa was not only her roommate, but also her seatmate, and their connection had blossomed into a bond that extended beyond the ordinary.• • • • • • • • • • • •It was prom night, a momentous occasion that held the promise of unforgettable memories and endless possibilities. However, there was a tinge of sadness amidst the excitement for Selena, as Alexa didn't have a date of her own, but she had made up her mind to attend the event, determined to make the most of the evening regardless.Selena's phone buzzed, a wave of anticipation washed over her. With trembling hands, she glanced at the screen, and her heart skipped a beat when she read the message from Lucas: “Look out your window.” her imagination soared with the possibilities that awaited her outside.Without uttering a word, Selena slowly makes her way to the window, the glow of the moon casting a gentle illumination on her face. She reaches for the curtain and with a swift pull, the curtain dances aside, revealing the world outside. Selena's breath hitched as her eyes met a breathtaking sight. There, standing beneath the moonlit sky, was Lucas, his silhouette framed by the soft glow of the night.“Go, I know my way to the hall you know,” Alexa said with a smirk on her face.“Thanks dear” Selena said as she picked her bag and headed for the door.*******Selena's heart skipped a beat as she stepped out of the building, she saw Lucas standing there, his eyes sparkling with admiration. His voice, infused with tenderness and genuine affection, sent a shiver down her spine. He greeted her with “Hey beautiful,” caressing the air with his words and leaving a trail of warmth in their wake.“You look stunning,” Lucas complimented, his voice filled with admiration and appreciation. The warmth in his smile mirrored the genuine affection he held for her. Returning the compliment, Selena's voice carried a gentle sincerity. “You look good as well,” she said, her eyes meeting him as she adjusted his tie with delicate fingers.They headed for the Hall not too far away and once they were inside, swallowed up by the crowd, the music pounding in their ears. Lucas pulled her close, his arms around her waist as they danced and drank the night away.The crowd was energetic, and the lights were flashing in time with the beat. Lucas and Selena were on the dance floor, Their bodies moving together in perfect sync. She looked up at Lucas, but his gaze had wandered, and he was looking over her shoulder at something or someone. She turned around to see what had caught his attention, and her heart sank even further.Lucas' attention had been captured, and she turned around with curiosity. As her eyes scanned the surroundings, despair settled deep within her chest.Across the dance floor was a tall and striking blonde whose eyes were locked onto Lucas's. He stared back at her with intense interest.Realization hit me as panic gripped me coldly. Someone had told me that I was the only one he wanted. However, it was now clear that his attention was elsewhere.She tried focusing on the music and movement, but couldn't shake off the feeling of dread. Thoughts of what made the blonde girl catch Lucas' eye consumed her mind.She tried to get his attention, to pull him back to her, but he was lost in his world, his gaze fixed on the blonde. She felt a sense of anger building within her, a sense of betrayal. “How could he do this to me? How could he be so careless with my heart?” she questioned within.As the night wore on, she attempted to hold on to the feeling of happiness and excitement that brought her here. But it was no use. Lucas' attention was stolen, and with it.She watched as the blonde girl made her way over to Them. Lucas' gaze never left her, his eyes drinking in every detail of her appearance. She felt sick to her stomach, a sense of foreboding washing over her like a cold wave.The blonde approached us, her eyes locked onto Lucas'. “Hey,” she said, her voice low and sultry. “Can we get a drink?”


Chapter 2Third person PovLucas didn't even look at Selena as he turned to her, his eyes alight with interest. “Sure,” he said, his voice husky. “I'd love that”.And then, without so much as a glance to her direction, he shoved her aside, his hand on the blonde's waist as he led her away to the bar.Selena stood , frozen, watching as he disappeared into the crowd with his new date. It was like a nightmare came to life, a sense of disbelief and betrayal washing over me.Tears sprang to her eyes as she realized what had just happened. Lucas had found his one true mate, and it wasn't her. All the promises he had made, all of the love he had professed, meant nothing in the face of this new connection.Selena stormed out of the hall, her tears streaming down her face, blurring her vision. Each step felt heavy, as if carrying the weight of her shattered dreams.“Selena!” Alexa's voice called out,


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