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Lycan In The Midst

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As soon as I kissed him, he pushed me aside, got up from the bed and walked over to the other side of the room. He suddenly seemed angry and I didn't understand why. Was it the kiss? Was it me? "You know what? Maybe we should do this some other time instead," he suggested. He began to sweat and was acting strange; like someone who was afraid of something but what he was afraid of, I couldn't tell. "Some other time?" I said frustratedly because it wasn't the first time he was rejecting me. "I'm tired of hearing this b*llsh*t over and over again." I wasn't going to take no for an answer again, not this time. So, I walked over to him and claimed his lips for the second time. "Stop!" He yelled at me in anger as he fell to the ground. He started groaning, rolling around on the floor like someone in pain. I was terrified by the scene and didn't know what to do. Next thing I knew, I heard his bones snapping and right before my eyes, he transformed into a creature; a creature I had seen before, the same creature that saved me the day I got chased by a wolf. He stood before me with raging red eyes and seven-inch long teeth. My mind was in distress and my knees gave way as I fainted from the shock.

Chapter 1 First Encounter


“Holy… sh*t! A wolf…” I stuttered as I fearfully and slowly glanced at the creature from its head and in no time, I unknowingly dropped my bag that was containing the documentaries of my research so far as I took off.

My foot practically slipped from beneath me. The ground blurred below me. I continued running for what seemed like longer than it should have. I figured it was because this maniac was after me. The only thing that could hinder me from survival was my physical limitations as a human and my doubt.

At this very point, I couldn't tell where I was running to. I couldn't even tell where my colleague had run to. I also didn't know if he had gotten hurt. My brain wasn't even thinking straight. All I thought about was how to survive this unknown maniac behind me. I couldn't even feel the pain that came from the thorns that punctured my skin. The bushes that appeared like an embargo to my survival were something I couldn't notice.

The steady pounding of my footsteps echoed into my ears. My heart could have fallen off if it got the chance to do so.

My hoodie didn't give me any hint of an opportunity to notice the air that came from my speed.

I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead and splatter to my chin. The hopelessness that developed from seeing that I got to save myself added more strength to my weak state. The injuries I got from the thorns, hitting and touching more thorns. I wasn't giving up. I could feel some liquid substance dripping down, and I could feel it was my blood.

Despite all of this, I still couldn't feel any pain. I was running for my life, I guess. My speed was something I couldn't explain. For that reason, I could no longer see that creature chasing me, but I could hear its footsteps. That was my only chance to hide.

Luckily, I saw an enormous tree that had an opening that looked like an entrance. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I leaped from the little mountain to the ground with my legs very firm and ready to continue the run. How I did that, I couldn't tell. It all happened so fast.

Focusing on the tree in front of me, I sprinted more quickly. My breath quickened, trying to appease my need for oxygen.

I immediately rushed into the tree and hid. I didn't care to know if that place was safe for me. All I cared about was, at least, I was able to escape from that creature. I was just an innocent girl who required safety at that very point. Nothing more.

I squeezed myself inside the little hole as I held my heart and shut my eyes tightly in fear. My breath came in short gasps. Cold air went into my lungs.

A few seconds after, I tried to keep my breath steady when I suddenly could hear the howling sounds of wolves from different directions. It was so deafening, and I could tell I was going to be invaded by them soon.

I shut my ears and I tried my best not to scream from the fear that gripped me at the thought of “wolves are real.” Struck me so hard.

Thanks to the reflection from the moonlight, I saw another creature leaping towards the wolf aggressively.

Shortly, the howling sound started getting louder and louder. In no time, I could see from a peek through the tree, the two creatures fighting. I got more scared and confused.

My heart skipped the moment I realized it was a lycan.

With a leap, the Lycan welcomed the wolf's face with a scratch and a continuous bite as it tried pulling the wolf from approaching my end.

I got more confused if I was the reason for their fight. At that point, I knew I was already seen by them. Running away now wouldn't help in any way because those howling weren't giving any hint it would stop soon.

I just continued to squeeze myself in fear as my eyes couldn't leave the scene.

Shortly, I saw the Lycan on the winning side. It looked as if its power surpassed the wolf.

A few seconds later, I saw how it threw its weak opponent away, using its body as it watched it fall against the tree beside me unconscious.

I instantly held my breath and shut my mouth as my eyes started threatening to get wet.

I continued to peek through, and the next scene I saw rendered me speechless.

Furthermore, I watched and saw that lycan as it fell to the ground, slamming his hands to the ground and stretching out his body, shaking uncontrollably with a groan which sounded like a fading sound of a howl. Likewise, I got scared. So scared that I would have helped if I could.

Shortly, his howls were no longer heard. I watched him, still lying on the floor but looking unconscious. After a while, I saw his skin shedding off and in no time, he turned into a naked cute handsome man around his early 60s with blood all over his body and most especially, his mouth. I'm not sure of his age, but he looked old.

I couldn't blink. My eyes were in shock as I continued to look. Still naked, a few minutes later, he walked towards me and stood in front of the tree.

“Come out from there if you want to see another day.” He said.

“...” I couldn't say a word. Still shocked in disbelief, I slowly came out of the tree with my trembling legs, taking a few steps backward away from him.

“Please don't hurt me,” I begged as I continued to step backward.

“The other wolves will be here soon. You need to leave now. They find it so hard to control themselves. Leave if you would rather not die.” He said and grabbed my hands as we both started running. He didn't even care to know whether he was naked or not.

While I ran, I could hear voices screaming in pain. I knew those humans were in trouble and needed to be saved from those wolves, but what could a helpless girl like me do? No matter how loud their crying voices could disturb my ears, I ignored them all as I continued to run for my life.

Chapter 2 The Secret


Several minutes later, we got in front of the orphanage building, encompassed by little bushes with a very long fence.

“Thank you.” I thanked him as I quickly traversed the road with a run and sprinted into the orphanage. Luckily, the gate proprietor was so vigilant to open the gate on my 3rd knock.

Everywhere was so quiet as I glanced at my wristwatch and saw it was 2:00 in the morning. The entrance door was already locked. I guess they weren't expecting my return at this time.

I thought of how to get into my room as I ran towards the backyard where my room window was located and luckily, my windows weren't locked.

Furthermore, I needed to find a way to get in somewhere. Likewise, I looked around and found a ladder carefully positioned on the floor, as I immediately took it up and made its way to my window. Not only that, but I quickly climbed through.

I finally got into my room and I fell to the floor, holding my chest and gasping


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