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Love My Alpha CEO

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Elena relocates to Italy to work as a model. She had a one-night stand with the Italian CEO Alex after fighting with her human boyfriend, Daniel. Alex disguises himself as a human being in the real world while he is the alpha of the White Moon Pack. He knows Elena is his mate, but Daniel is not ready to let go of Elena no matter what. Now, what will happen between the alpha CEO and the human boyfriend when Elena's urge is to be loved by someone as a family? A triangle relationship between human Elena, alpha Alex, and human Daniel.

Chapter 1

Elena's POV.

I palmed my face after reading the email for the third time. I couldn't believe it didn't work out too. Furthermore, I had all hopes for that agency and didn't expect them to ask me to do monkey business with some VIP before they could give me the endorsement. I removed my palms from my face and stared at the tears glistening on my palm, against the light in my room. Two balls of tears rolled down both eyes as I blinked and got off my bed. I stared at my phone for some seconds then picked it up, switched it off and walked out of the room. Entering my living room, I picked up the remote control and turned on the television.

“There's no need to cry over spilled milk, again. I rather give up on my dreams than go about it the wrong way”, I muttered to myself as I strolled to my fridge to get myself a glass of chilled pineapple juice. After pouring myself a glass, I hurried to my couch to watch my favorite TV show that was about to start.

I felt a lot better after watching TV. But since my favorite show was over, I decided to go take a walk to shove off any negative thought that would want to crawl in and destroy my mood. I grabbed my leather jacket and wore it over my blue t-shirt. Then I wore my favorite white sneakers and tied my hair up in a ponytail. Taking a glance at my figure in the mirror, I nodded and left the house.

It was already dark but not too late at night. Countless people were moving about, and I joined them on the pedestrian way. I loved that the air that night was cool and slow. It brushed and kissed my face, and I felt relieved. That email I received earlier was another rejection from a modelling agency. I have been trying to get an endorsement or job as a model. I am well-qualified and have the perfect body type, but each agency wanted me to do illegal business with one or two people. Some wanted me to sleep with their sponsors. Others directed me to the CEOs special room, and I needn't ask what was going to happen there. Most of the agencies even use their models as s*x tools to get partnership with other companies. That kind of life is one I cannot live. Cheating on Daniel is a big no for me. Apart from that, my mom would die of heartbreak if she finds out her beloved daughter has turned to a wh*r*.

As I was walking that night, my phone vibrated in my pocket and I removed it. I had turned it back on and shoved it in my back pocket before leaving the house. The notification in front of my screen was an email, and it was from some agency I had never heard of. I swiped it, open and read it in my mind.

It said,

Rad Fashion N' Style LTD.

Letter Of Nomination.

Dear Ms Elena McGregor,

This is to inform you that you have been nominated to be present at our next scouting for models who will take on our upcoming beauty products and styles. The scouting will take place at the address and date attached to this email. If interested, please register using the link below and make your manager contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Devon.

Human Resources Department.

I furrowed my brows after reading the letter. I stared at the name of the agency and scoffed. Obviously, it was a scam because I had never heard of such an agency even after doing research on all the modelling agencies in America. And I didn't even apply, why then would they email me? I hissed and tucked my phone back into my pocket without reading the address the scouting would take place. I looked ahead of me and saw an ice cream truck.

“Let's get some ice cream to cool down this temper”, I said and walked to the truck. I got one cup of chocolate and vanilla flavor and sat at a street table. As I took spoons of my ice cream, I looked around at the other people going about their activities.

Suddenly, I saw someone sneaking a white paper into another person's hand and receiving money with another hand. I looked at their faces immediately but couldn't see the other person because he had walked away so fast. I gaped at the one with the paper as he shoved it into his front pocket. He was wearing a suit and looked like a business. I scoffed as he opened the door to his Range Rover and got inside.

“So many illegal businesses going on”, I snickered and looked at the car driving into the road. The face of the man got pinned at the back of my head. I didn't know why I kept seeing his face while I was sitting there. Even as I walked home, I saw his face and I felt irritated.

I entered my house and locked my door. As I turned to walk further, I saw my manager sitting on the couch. I got startled because I wasn't expecting him there.

“You are here already. Good. Because I was just about to call you”, he said and lifted his phone.

“What is it, Jack?”, I asked as I removed my jacket and hung it on the wall.

He stood up and began to operate his phone.

“It is about the email I suppose you received about an hour ago”.

“That? Did you receive it too? It's totally a scam isn't it?”

I sat on the couch, and he stared at me like I had just blasphemed God.


“Elena, don't tell me you thought that was a scam”.

“Maybe I did think it was a a scam. I mean, I didn't apply, and I have never heard of such an agency. Or is it a start-up?”.

“No. It isn't a start-up company. It's one of the best agencies in Milan. Owned by Alexander Radcliffe, the Italian-American.”

“Never heard of such a person in all my researches”.

“Obviously, you didn't make enough research,” Jack stated and sat beside me on the couch.

“So this man is a what?” I asked, totally uninterested in the conversation. I was tired and needed to rest my sore bones on my soft bed.

“He is the Founder and CEO of Rad Fashion N' Style LTD. A fashion agency that produce quality clothes and accessories. They also produce skin care products.”

“And this company is scouting models?”

“Yes. They want models from the USA and lucky for us, they nominated you. Only the nominated is permitted to come”.

“And how did they know about me?”

“They searched through the servers of other agencies and look for qualified models who were either fired or not given the job”.

“Oh, that explains it”.

“The scouting is taking place next week Saturday at the Sam Events Auditorium by 3:00PM. You better be ready”.

“Yeah, I'll be ready. I'll also be ready to get rejected.”

“Don't be pessimistic, Elena.” Jack scolded and I rolled my eyes. I got up and walked to the kitchen tap, I ran some water into a plastic cup and gulped it down.

“I only came to verify the email, and I'm so glad I came because it seems you would have thrown the info into the mud”.

“Thank you, Jack Harper McGregor. I'll make sure I make good use of this quality information. Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to bed.” I huffed and walked to the door, then opened it wide for him to walk through. He laughed and stared at me.

“Hey, how about we go out tomorrow night? For dinner, I mean”, he asked as he stared at me.

“Your girlfriend hates me. She keeps forgetting that I am your cousin”.

“You are beautiful. That's why”.

“She is also beautiful. And so rich”, I scoffed and looked away.

“Seems she's not the only jealous one” Jack snickered, and I chuckled.

“Good night, Jack”

“Night, CUZ!” he hailed and left.

I closed my door and leaned against it with a very deep sigh. Somehow, the face of that drug buyer showcased in my mind.

“Why do I have this feeling that I will see him again?”, I asked myself.

Chapter 2

Elena's POV.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and smacked my lips together. I wore bright red lipstick and had on, smoky eyes. Furthermore, I had curled my hair and let it fall onto my shoulders, and I knew I looked good. No wonder Elisa disliked me around Jack. Maybe she thought I'd steal my cousin away from her.

“Well, too bad. I'm going out with him now!”. I picked my purse and walked out of my room. I found Jack standing by the door with his hands in his pocket. His jet black hair was curled too, and he wore a suit as usual.

“Oh! You're here already?”, I asked as I walked towards him.

“Got here about five minutes ago. By the way, you look hot, Elena!”, he said and whistled. I laughed and combed my hair with my fingers, gently.

“I hope I run into Elisa tonight”, I joked, and he chuckled.

“Then I'd be single tonight”. We laughed.

“You look so good, too. But with that hair, we could pass out as siblings instead of a couple”.



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