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Hossy Rich

  • 👁 19.6K
  • 7.5
  • 📚 2


Love My Alpha CEO
  • 👁 9.5K
  • 7.5

Elena relocates to Italy to work as a model. She had a one-night stand with the Italian CEO Alex after fighting with her human boyfriend, Daniel. Alex disguises himself as a human being in the real world while he is the alpha of the White Moon Pack. He knows Elena is his mate, but Daniel is not ready to let go of Elena no matter what. Now, what will happen between the alpha CEO and the human boyfriend when Elena's urge is to be loved by someone as a family? A triangle relationship between human Elena, alpha Alex, and human Daniel.

The wolf from the beach
  • 👁 10K
  • 7.5

Avril Henderson got kidnapped and raped the same day. She was taken aboard a boat, sailing off to sell girls as sex slaves. Unfortunately, she fell off the ship during a fight and miraculously ends up on a deserted island. There she meets a being that didn't even exist in her wildest imagination. He was a Wolf Prince who lost all his memories and was sent on exile to that island. He had a curse and she unknowingly helps to break a part of it by just loving him and he loving her back. But the curse on this handsome prince was still much, because the demon that possessed him wouldn't back down. Avril and Prince Dakar got separated and when they meet again, he is a different person. The direct opposite of the one she fell in love with. But the curse is still there, it's eating him up and only one person in the whole world can break it completely, which is her. Would Avril do that for her island love even though he is now different from who she actually loved? What about Prince Dakar, the Wolf she met on the beach? What happened to him and would he continue to shut Avril out, knowing fully well who and what she is to him?


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