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Living with the Enemy

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The Alpha of the Ferrari pack, Deangelo Ferrari is known to be the most brutal alpha in the werewolf world. He has no mercy for anyone he deems his enemy and he has only one, the Amato pack. He has sworn that every wolf that belonged to the pack would be killed, old and young. But then he found a lady in his bathroom, bruised and dirty, she somehow stole his heart before he learned she was an Amato.  Forgiveness is not an option for any Amato, he says, but what happens when he finds out that he's been living with the enemy all along?

Chapter 1: Wedding Night in Hell.


The moment my childhood best friend hugged me, I knew I was done for. I knew that night was about to be another hell for me, I just knew it.

Although it was not customary for invitations to request special attire, most of the women wore evening gowns and precious jewels and most of the men were dressed in dinner jackets with black ties, and some even wore frock coats.

Salvatore was not left behind as he was dressed in a colorful tuxedo and looked like the angel they said he was, the angel I couldn't see.

He walked towards the both of us almost instantly, giving the usual fake smiles of his as he placed his left hand on the small exposed part of my back. I was wearing a backless dinner gown after all, one that was way too shiny and uncomfortable for me but had been forced to wear.

"Baby, what's going on here?" He questioned looking between my childhood best friend and I.

"Oh! If it isn't the man of the moment, I'm Romeo, Elena's friend. We go way back, I was just in town for something when I heard that my favourite girl was getting married and I knew I couldn't dare to miss it." Romeo introduced, smiling and looking sincerely happy for me but I was sure that wasn't what Salvatore was seeing but he was sure to of course play along.

"Hy, nice to meet you. Thank you for coming around, she sure appreciates it and so do I. " He replied.

I looked at Romeo who had his gaze on me as if wondering why Salvatore was the one speaking for me or why I had suddenly gone mute since he stepped into the same space with us.

I blinked severally as if someone had just told me to blink thrice if I needed some help.

As we walked around the hall for the rest of that evening, I could feel the pinches and painful squeezes that he gave me each time I did what he thought was wrong of me to do and then when it was all over and night fell, I knew and dreaded what was going to happen yet again.

As I took my bath to wash away the day's sweat and dirt, he barged into the bathroom and dragged me out by my hair while I screamed, he then threw me on the bed like I was a simple rag.

"Do you know how many times you embarrassed me today? Do you know how much of embarrassment I had to face just because of you? How dare you go around hugging and kissing other men? Elena, how many times do I tell you to always think about what I'd do to you before you take some steps or do some things? Am I such a joke to you now? Oh, I'm not to be taken seriously? Is that it?" He questioned continously as he took off his shirt and then got to his belt.

I screamed as soon as he began to pull it out because I knew what was going to happen so I started to do what I've always done for the past three years, plead for mercy.

"I'm so sorry, please. I'll never do it again, please. I'm so sorry." I pleaded in between sobs and tears.

"If everything could be solved just by saying sorry, do you think we would need the police, lawyers and judges? I own you, Elena, you are mine and no one else's." He started as a whip landed on me making me cry out again.

"Turn around!" He commanded as I immediately responded, he then continued to whip me, "You must do as I say every time and I can do anything I want to you. You are mine and mine alone. You are my property, you are nothing."

After he was satisfied that I was bruised enough, I felt his naked body on mine and then him, in me as he did what he does every night since I was given to him by my father.

Someone came in unannounced while he was at his brutal act. No one cares to knock around here, their master taught them that way. He loves to share, he loves to show me off, he had said that several times, so many of his men had practically seen me naked without my permission.

"The boss wants you." He simply announced before leaving.

Salvatore groaned in frustration as he got off me and slapped my butt aggressively.

"I'll be right back to finish what we started, do not think Daddy being here saves your d*mn *ss!" He said as he put his clothes on and then stormed out of the room.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I laid on the bed. Bruised, abused and maltreated.

And then I suddenly got off the bed, as if on impulse. I walked towards the large window and looked down, it wasn't too far from the ground. I got hold of the nearest dress I could find and threw it on not minding how flimsy and light it was against the cold.

I could hear my father and Salvatore talking loudly.

"You interrupted the nice time I was having. Why do you always show up at the wrong time, huh?" Salvatore snapped.

"You know d*mn well that I do not care what you do to or with my daughter but do you think a nice time is more important than the shipment of weapons that suddenly sank in the middle of the sea last night, and all of a sudden at that? Do you?" My father responded, once again placing every other thing above his own daughter.

I've never understood my dad nor the relationship between his wingman or beta and him, neither have I ever even tried to understand.

I shook my head bitterly as I looked around the large room just one more time. I climbed out of the window gripping on so tightly despite the fact that my palms were sore and burned.

My nails dug deep onto the wall to give myself a better grasp, to give myself one more hope that I would succeed. A tear rolled onto my cheek, but I didn't care; I had to stay focused, I had to survive.

I soon landed onto the hard floor and then I took to my heels, not bothering to look back.

Chapter 2: Running From Hell.

Elena."Run, keep running, you can do this. Don't look back, just keep running." I told myself repeatedly. Escaping wasn’t easy. I had planned it for years but never had I found the courage to actually do it. But tonight I had to escape from the nightmare I’d been born into. I had had enough, I wanted to be free from the shackles, I needed some hope.My father never cared. He knows all that I go through and always turned a blind eye, he was never a loving father, he had always allowed the family to treat me like I was nothing even though I was his daughter. Family didn't matter to him not my mom, not me. My father only cared about profits, it didn’t matter that I begged him to listen.  Despite being the leader, the Alpha of the Amato Pack, despite being the feared leader that he was, I was always nothing, I was just a pawn in the cruel game. I had no choice, no will. No respect. No love. I had nothing.  My engagement to his beta hadn’t


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