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About me

Hey! I’m Mary, the Author of a lot of beautiful books. I'm Nigerian and I'm 22 years old. I’ve been crafting stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Even though I write in the clean and wholesome romance genre, I like my heroines sassy and their struggles real. I also like to write beautiful paranormal and sometimes young adults too. You’ll find happy endings, yes, but a lot of mess along the way—and maybe some laughs. Just like real life. “Please read my book, I owe people money.” Thank you. ♡♡♡Found yourself here? Drop a follow and read my books. You won't be disappointed, I promise.♡♡♡


A Love So wrong
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BETH. If I closed my eyes, I would still see him. The way his eyes sparkled when he spoke to me, the way his eyes rolled into their sockets when he was about to finish into me and the way his every touch lit up every part of me like electricity. I had wished to the universe to bring him back to me and the universe listened, only that he was brought back as my bestfriend's man and that makes him off limit. Or does it? TONY. I remember her. Why wouldn't I? The same girl that made me have such an overwhelming feeling I'd never felt such that I had to just take off immediately? Her red dress was still etched on my memory, so was her face as I pounded in and out of her with ecstasy. I felt it, whatever it was, I do not know but I felt it and I do not like it, so I left. It seemed like the best option. I remember her but I don't want to, so I'll pretend not to. I love Lara now, I want my future with her and that was a past before her, the past should stay in the past, right? ________________ Well, let us start from the very beginning, it all started with a one night stand.

Don't Love the Big Boss
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KIKI. I hate Monday mornings or people who like Monday mornings. It's not supposed to be so hard to avoid it, but it is, cos I'm broke! Oh, let me rephrase. I'm poor. Life throws so much hardship at me, not even once did it decide to give me lemons so I can make some freaking lemonades! Well, until the big boss. Until him. Until us. GIOVANNI. Call me crazy but when I was a little boy, all I wanted to be was one of mother's numerous brand bags. As stupid as that may sound, that was the only dream I had. I've always fought for my family's love and acceptance since I was an outcast in there and when I was put on yet another mission to prove to them that I deserve their love, I took it. And now, there's a problem. I'm falling for her. Her. The one they'll never accept.

For the Camera
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"Lights! Camera! Action! Kiss and Hug, please. Okay, that's it, we are done." "Now get your filthy hands off me!" He whispered to me. "Oh please! I would not touch dirt like you if not for the pictures so don't flatter yourself." I whispered back, whilst giving a fake smile. _________ Ruby Coker understands what it means to be compared to her sister all her life. She has always been the neglected one and used as a consolation price. She however didn't forsee getting married to her childhood bully just for a business alliance. Not ever would she have seen it coming and the worst part was that she had no choice. Toby Daniels is a man who's used to getting all he wants. Fame. Power. Wealth. He however didn’t have a say in one thing, his bride. And that infuriated him. They took their vows, acted like a loving couple for the cameras, and in public, while in private they hated each other. But we all know what they say about that thin line between hate and love.

Living with the Enemy
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The Alpha of the Ferrari pack, Deangelo Ferrari is known to be the most brutal alpha in the werewolf world. He has no mercy for anyone he deems his enemy and he has only one, the Amato pack. He has sworn that every wolf that belonged to the pack would be killed, old and young. But then he found a lady in his bathroom, bruised and dirty, she somehow stole his heart before he learned she was an Amato.  Forgiveness is not an option for any Amato, he says, but what happens when he finds out that he's been living with the enemy all along?


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