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Kidnapped By The Mafia Alpha

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Mia never thought that while looking for money to pay off the debt her father owes one man, she will end up seducing the most ruthless mafia in Los Angeles and stealing two million dollars from him and he in turn will end up kidnapping her. Here she was, in his lair, in his house, his office and most definitely in his bed. She has to pay back what she owes but what about the first man her father owes that she needed to pay off?. Then she found out that he was a werewolf and the Alpha of his pack and she is his fated mate and Luna.


Crystal Aragon

Review after the novel completion

You did a great job with this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the fact that you didn't give the main character a "pick me girl" kind of vibe. It was at sometimes frustrating when she wouldn't do simple things to make her life easier like just communicate with Adrian but I understand that was apart of what made her who she is because of the trauma she went through. I'm not complaining at all, just a suggestion of maybe having a little more Mafia/violence/action thrown into the mix to emphasize the Mafia aspect of Adrian and possibly him showing his Wolf a bit more. Like I said tho these are not complaints at all just some things that would have made the book a little cooler. You did a great job with the storyline and kept things interesting and had just enough erotica to be satisfying yet not so much that it overdid it. Sometimes I've read books that just had way to much that I actual got bored with it, lol. I would even skip over the sex scenes cuz it was just the same old stuff and I wanted to get back to the storyline. (Not your book, in other books). One last thing I wanted to mention. I don't know if your autocorrect messed things up but there where a few times that words weren't used correctly or phrases that we use weren't used in the way we use them. Not sure if English isn't your first language so u just didn't know or again it was the autocorrect. Like for instance you kept calling it her CLIPT but it is in fact a CLIT. Just simple things like that I feel would improve your next book. No complaints tho❤️the book👍

April 26, 2024

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