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I'm Pregnant, Sincerely Your Rejected Mate

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A one-night stand with my handsome Alpha mate ends in disaster once he discovers I'm packless and was thrown away to fend for myself by my original pack for being a lazy stoner. Needless to say, my mate, Wesley, rejects me on the spot. I'm not good enough for him—too bad he won't get rid of me after our night together. Not when I'm carrying his baby. Karma is a B....isn't she?

Chapter 1


Who needs a boyfriend when you can get a massage with a happy ending?

Packless and alone,with nothing but my thoughts and a feeling of abandonment,I stroll through the doors of luxury.Normally,I would never be able to afford to get a massage at this place.I'm a brokeass rogue,but today is different.

Today is the day of my twenty-fifth birthday,and I have the most marvelous surprise waiting for me:an adventurous massage.Did Juanita rob someone to give me this birthday present?It wouldn’t surprise me if she pulled out some crazy stunt like that.Because one thing’s for sure...This place screams money.

I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Juanita told me to knock on door sixty-nine,and my knuckle is hovering above the wood.My heart rate is a few beats above normal since anxiety has gripped my entire body.I need to calm down.This is supposed to be relaxing,I remind myself;it’s not like I’m about to rob a bank or something.

With a sigh,I finally raise my fist and knock on the white wood.Time to get this party started...

The door opens.“Can I help you?”a deep voice asks,and a billion shivers race over my skin when my eyes land on the sexiest man that I’ve ever seen in the flesh.

I gasp,and the man frowns from the door,seemingly unwilling to open it all the way,but I still get a good look at him.He is tall,with broad shoulders and rippling muscles trying to escape his tight-fitting white shirt.His dark hair frames his model-like face,and his intense green gaze has me momentarily speechless.If I saw a picture of him,I would think he was photoshopped to look this good...

When the stranger lifts an eyebrow at me,I quickly gather my composure and try to sound intelligent.“Uh,yeah,am I early?I have an appointment for a massage.”

He blinks.“A massage?”

“Y-yeah...”This is the right door,right?And how come my heart is racing a mile per minute?This guy is a total stranger,yet I feel unexplainably drawn to him.

Could he be my mate?

He does carry a faint smell of a werewolf,but it’s barely noticeable.I’m guessing he is strong enough to hide his identity and scent,but I can definitely tell that he is a werewolf,just like me.The hot guy probably isn’t packless like me,though.Does that bother him?My status,I mean?I’m packless since nobody wants me,but so far,he hasn’t mentioned the fact that I’m a rogue.

Perhaps he doesn’t care?

“I don’t remember booking any massage.”

I giggle.“It’s for me,silly.My name is Lily,and I have an appointment here at seven.”

His expression turns into one of interest,and a small smile tugs at the corners of his lips.“Does this place look like one where you would be given a massage?”

“Well,I know this is your private room at the spa,but Juanita told me that you were doing this outside your work hours.The card is just to give that extra luxurious feel to it.”

He looks amused.“Juanita,huh...”

“Yeah,my best friend.You know her,right?She was the one who gave me the card.”I hand the stranger my gift card.He hesitantly takes it and studies it with blinking eyes.

“Free adventure massage at the mysterious werewolf spa...”

I force a smile.“That’s what it says,yeah.”

He meets my eyes.“What’s your name?”

“Lily...does that ring any bell?”I’m really looking forward to this massage.Especially if Adonis here is going to give it to me.He looks like s*x-on-a-stick,so who could blame me?I bet even his hands are perfect.

“Ah,Lily.Yes...of course...”The guy says,and I’m not sure why,but he sounds even more amused.A glittering smile touches his lips,and he steps away from the door to hold it up for me.“Right this way.I will give you your massage.”

“Adventure massage,”I correct him,narrowing my eyes.It’s very important that it’s the adventurous kind since Juanita said it was the stuff.

And luckily,the man bows as if having made a mistake.“I humbly apologize.Of course,this is an adventure massage.How silly of me to forget that.”

Pleased by his hospitality,I smile widely and step inside to hang off my coat and bag.

“I don’t have a table ready,but hopefully,my bed will be good enough for you.”

Gosh,he even makes the word“bed”sound s*xy.And he is so tall!Where has he been my entire life?!

I struggle to keep my composure under his sultry gaze,yet somehow manage to speak.“Your bed is just fine.”

“Perfect,”he grins.“Right this way.”

The bedroom is seductively lit,and the sweet smell of jasmine wafts through the air.There are candles burning all around,intensifying the atmosphere.I inhale deeply,feeling my body relax somewhat.This is precisely what I needed.

“Take off your clothes.”

“Right.”I slip them off,a bit self-conscious since my masseuse is so handsome,but I’m sure he is used to all kinds of bodies.Mine isn’t a bad one.I’m just not as fit as the man model in the same room, he eyeing my naked breasts right now?

I lift an eyebrow,and the hot masseuse clears his throat.I continue to look at him,and he steps forward to suddenly stand so close to me that every hair on my body stands on edge.“If you could please lie down on the bed,we can begin the adventure massage.”

“Oh...sorry...I got distracted.”By his handsome face and muscular body.

“It happens to the best of us.”


“Mind getting down on the bed so we can begin?”

While slightly blushing,I do as he asks but pause briefly to figure out how to get onto the bed without looking like a complete dork.I don’t want to look like one in front of a hot man,and eventually,I decide to sit first and lie down afterward,awkwardly falling onto the mattress and positioning myself face-down on my stomach.

The masseuse moves over to the side of the bed and clears his throat.“Is the temperature inside the room okay for you?”

“Y-yeah,it’s fine.”I try to steady my breathing,but it’s hard when he is so close to me.


He gathers my dark hair in a ponytail and is surprisingly gentle with his hands while making it for me.My heart flutters but comes to a full stop once his hands move to my back.His touch is feather-light at first,but it grows stronger as I feel his strong hands begin to knead my shoulders in a gentle manner.

Holy pancakes,he is good!

“Do you like it gentle or a little bit rough?”he asks,his voice low and intimate.

My answer is a moan since I’m unable to form coherent words as he massages the knots out of my muscles.I’m embarrassed by the sounds I’m making,yet I can’t hold them back.This man’s hands are a perfect concoction of pleasure and pressure,and I can’t handle it.

Is it strange that I’m getting turned on by this?

As if being able to read my mind,the masseuse presses down on this magical area in the middle of my right buttcheek,slowly teasing me with a circular motion until I’m practically groaning like an animal.

“F*ck…”I moan,and the masseuse lets out a low laugh that turns me on even more.It’s sultry and husky in a way that makes me remember just how attractive he is.

I still can’t believe I’m getting a message from a man that could have stepped out of The Vampire Diaries.I need to steal another glance at him...

Silently,I turn my head and hold my breath.The handsome man is staring at me with an intensity that’s almost frightening,his green eyes glowing in the dim light of the candles.It’s like he can see right into my soul,and I feel a tremor run through my body.

“Do you want a happy ending?”he asks in a low tone.“I’m offering you one for free.Just say the word.”

Who am I to deny him?

“Yes,please,”I whisper.“Give me the happy ending.”

My hot masseuse doesn’t waste a second.His calloused fingers slide down to the inside of my thighs but don’t touch me right where I want him to.He is teasing me,making me wetter and wetter until finally,he slides two fingers deep inside of me.

That utter confidence!

I’ve never been this wet in my entire life,and the masseuse groans his approval,which makes my cheeks flush.

Is he supposed to be making sounds?Because Jesus Christ,I’m soaking wet and so goddamn horny.This man’s sessions must be in high demand.I can see why Juanita said it was life-changing coming here!

I s*ck in a staggered breath as the masseuse’s fingers sink deeper into my wetness,hitting my spot so perfectly that I lift my hips from the bed.

“You have such gorgeous pink lips,”he murmurs from above me,and I moan again.

“That feels so good...”

“Oh yeah?”

“But I want more...just a bit more...”

“Say less.”

Without warning,the guy flips me onto my back and presses his lips against my neck.Kissing my chest and caressing my nips before deciding to blow soft kisses against my breasts.

“More,please…”I moan,delirious from his lips,and within seconds,his warm mouth is on top of mine.Instantly overpowering me,I melt underneath his total control,unable to remember ever having been kissed like this.

I’m so utterly dominated and consumed.I had no clue kisses came with a happy ending,but I would dare to complain.I’m in utter bliss,and my core is on fire.

Is it possible to have an orgasm from a kiss?

The answer might be yes,but my masseuse won’t let me suffer.His hands are working between my legs,and with one final thrust from those expert fingers,I’m sent over the edge.A moan leaves my lips as I see a billion stairs,and my whole body rattles underneath the s*xy masseuse.

So,so good!

My body trembles from the aftershocks of the intense orgasm,and I lay there helplessly as the masseuse softly strokes my forehead.

As reality slowly returns,my eyes flicker open,and I’m met with an amused expression on the face of my masseur.

“Was it good for you,Miss?”

“Yes,”I whisper,feeling my cheeks heat up with embarrassment.I can’t believe I just had an orgasm from being touched and kissed by a complete stranger.

He chuckles,and I close my eyes again,exhausted yet satisfied.

“I’m glad that I could help make this a unique experience for you,”the masseuse says in a soothing voice.“That’s what adventure massages are supposed to be like,right?”

“Uhh...I think so?”I’m a bit confused by his tone.“I mean,you’re the expert.”

“Expert?”he smirks.“That was my first time giving a woman a massage.I’m usually on the receiving end.Not that I’m complaining,”he cups my face,stroking his thumb over my bottom lip while widening his smirk.“You’re very beautiful.”

I freeze under his gentle touch,and I swear the only sound that can be heard in the room is the sound of my racing heart.There is something I’ve repressed.Something I’ve known for a while but didn’t want to accept until now.

“You’re not a real masseur,are you?”

A low s*xy laugh leaves his lips.“Nope…you knocked on the wrong door,”he tilts his head,laughing again when I stare at him and brush a loose dark curl behind my ear.“Aww,don’t look at me like that.Didn’t you have a good time?”

“So…let me get this right…I just…I just let a hot total stranger give me an orgasm in their private room at the spa?”


“Okay,”I’m trying to smile,but my lips are trembling.“You might go ahead and kill me right about now.”

He chuckles,and that s*xy sound is all it takes for me to pass out.

Chapter 2


The reason I smoke is because I’m agitated without it.Restless.Easily overwhelmed.A lunatic with way too many daily panic attacks.I had one earlier,I’m sure,but damn,where the heck am I?

“Do you feel better now?”

My eyes fully open to the sound of a sexy male voice,and I freeze into a block of ice when concerned,green eyes meet mine.The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen on this planet is lying in front of me,so I guess that part when a hot guy massaged me wasn’t a dream...

I’m suddenly struggling to breathe.

The man in front of me is single-handedly putting every book boyfriend I’ve ever read to shame.He is dressed in nothing but a crisp t-shirt and a pair of boxers,and his clothes barely hide his perfectly carved“V”and lower abs.He is incredibly attractive,and the little smile on his lips tells me he is very aware of me checking him out.

He tilts his head to the side.“I wasn’t sure whether or not to call an ambulance,but perhaps passing out

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