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I don't love him

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The story begins with the war between two kingdoms, in one of these kingdoms lived Alana, who is sold for marriage to Edward, a just and kind king, after her marriage Alana begins to discover that there are beings beyond her kingdom, never seen before. However, one day, Alana meets the guard Nolan, a mysterious and kind man who hides the secret of being the son and Heir of the Wolf King. He was just spying on the King of Edward under an assumed name. Everything changes when by an accident Alana falls into the sea and is taken by the water without memory to a tribe that is also fighting the wolf king, she does not recover her memory and lives in this tribe of different beings for a long time. Until Nolan and Edward discover Alana's location and the wolf begin to fight for the woman's heart. She must carefully choose who to trust and who to love, as she faces dangers and challenges on her journey. The book is an engaging story of love, difficult choices, and adventures in a magical and mysterious world. The characters are captivating and the plot keeps the reader hooked until the end.

Chapter 1

Alana was a unique princess and the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful kingdoms on the entire continent. She grew up in luxurious surroundings, surrounded by servants who catered to her every whim. However, one day, the peace of their kingdom was shattered by a war that was fast approaching.

Alana tried to maintain her composure in front of her staff and family, but her heart broke at the thought that her kingdom was about to be destroyed. She felt helpless and hopeless, not knowing how she could protect her kingdom.

One day, while walking through the castle's gardens, she left with a war meeting led by her father. She didn't want to interrupt, but her curiosity led her to the group.

"What is connected?" She asked her father.

"Alana, we are preparing for war," her father replied with a worried expression.

"But Dad, isn't there another way to resolve this? Can't we just talk to them? War will only bring destruction and death," Alana said in a worried tone.

"My daughter, I understand that you are worried. But unfortunately, this is the only way to protect our kingdom and our family. We cannot let these invaders conquer us. We will fight to the last drop of blood to maintain our independence. and sovereignty," replied his father in a firm voice.

Alana knew her father was right, but still, she couldn't help feeling that there was something wrong with this whole situation. She got up from the meeting, a lump in her throat.

Meanwhile, King Edward, a neighbor of the kingdom, learned of the situation in the kingdom of Alana and offered help in exchange for a marriage alliance, sent an informant for the exchange, but he only wanted the princess.

The days passed...

It was a sunny afternoon when boarding on horseback arrived at the entrance to Voltron's castle. He announced himself as King Edward's informant and asked for an audience with the king.

The King of Voltron, a strong and well-liked man, but now amid war, welcomed the envoy warily.

“What is the reason for your visit?” asked the king, with a serious and suspicious look.

“I come in the name of King Edward,” said the transporter. “He knows about the war that rages in his kingdom and he wants to help you. He offers a deal: the hand of his daughter, Princess Alana, in marriage.”

The King of Voltron was shocked by the proposal. He hadn't expected King Edward to make such a direct offer. On the other hand, he knew that Princess Alana was in danger because of the war and that he was facing financial difficulties in maintaining his soldiers.

“What do you expect in return for this?” asked the king, frowning.

“Nothing but a wedding ring,” replied the sender. “King Edward is interested in helping you, as he believes that together we can form a strong and prosperous kingdom.”

The King of Voltron was thoughtful. He knew this proposal could save his kingdom and protect his daughter from war. But on the other hand, he would have to sacrifice his daughter's welfare by handing her over to another man.

After a few minutes of silence, the King of Voltron made a decision: "Tell King Edward that I accepted the proposal."

The passenger bowed and immediately departed toward King Edward's kingdom.

That; Alana was sitting in the great hall of the castle, while her father, the King of Voltron, walked towards her. She could feel the tension in the air as he approached, and her heart began to beat faster in her chest.

"Alana, my daughter," said the king in a warm voice, "we need to talk."

"What is connected, Father?" Alana asked, noting the worried expression on her face.

"As you know, our kingdom is at war. We are fighting a powerful enemy and the situation is becoming more and more dangerous. I decide that you should leave Voltron for a while and go to a safe place", said the king.

"Somewhere safe? Where, Dad?" Alana asked curiously.

"King Edward of the neighboring kingdom has offered you protection. He says he will keep you safe until the war is over and things are back to normal," the king explained.

"Edward? I don't know him, Dad," Alana said uncertainly.

"He is a powerful man, Alana, and he may be our only hope of surviving this war. He has promised to keep you safe and I trust him," the king said.

Alana frowned, worried at the thought of leaving her kingdom behind and being handed over to a stranger. She looked at her father, wanting to believe he was doing the right thing.

"I don't know, Dad. I don't want to leave Voltron and leave everyone behind," she said.

"I know it's difficult, my daughter. But this is the best option we have right now. I don't want to risk your life," said the king.

"I understand, Dad," Alana said, relenting. "I will do whatever it takes to help our kingdom."

The king nodded gratefully, and they were asked to make preparations for Alana's journey to Edward's realm.

Days later, Alana said goodbye to her family and friends and left for Edward's kingdom. She was accompanied by some of her father's trusted guards, who were assigned to protect her during the journey.

As they rode across the field, Alana was silent, lost in her thoughts. She wondered what awaited Edward's kingdom and if she was safe there.

After days of travel, they finally arrived at Edward's great castle. Alana was impressed by the grandeur and majesty of the place.

She dismounted her horse and was met by a group of men, who she assumed were King Edward's guards. They escorted her into the castle, where she found the king himself waiting for her.

"Princess Alana, welcome to my kingdom," said King Edward, with a gentle smile.

"Thank you, King Edward," Alana said, trying to hide her anxiety.

Chapter 2

Alana couldn't believe what she was hearing. Edward's words echoed in her mind like a sad and desperate melody. Had she been sold to him? Had your father doing this? What about your kingdom, your family, and your people? Had everything been destroyed?

Tears fell from Alana's face, she couldn't control the pain and sadness she felt in her heart. She looked at Edward, searching for some kind of comfort, but all she found were his cold, calculating eyes.

"Why would my father do that?" Alana asked, trying to understand why her father would have sold her to a man she barely knew.

"He did it to save the kingdom," Edward replied, in a tone of voice that was cold and indifferent. "He knew he couldn't win the war, so he chose to save his only daughter's life."

Alana felt a lump form in her throat. She didn't know if she should be grateful to be alive or if she should be angry at being sold like a commodi


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