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Jade knows what it feels like to have no one in her corner; she experienced it firsthand when her aunt sweet-talked her parents and took her to the Philippines' when she was 8 years old. The life and education Aunt Diwa promised Jade's parents weren't what she was given. After years of abuse and being used, the only thing Jade wished for was an escape to finally go home and be with her family. All Jade wished for was to experience what it feels like to be loved once again and she got that when she finally escaped her aunt and made her way back home to her pack and family in Detroit. Finding out that the Alpha Heir Hunter was her mate was the best thing to ever happen to Jade, and Hunter gave Jade a home, love, and became the safety and comfort Jade's has always wished for. Two years of blissful union came to an abrupt end when Jade woke up in bed with her sister's boyfriend after a party. Her life went from sweet to bitter in a matter of days as everyone Jade once loved turned their backs on her. Jade goes from preparing to becoming the Luna of the Blackwood Pack, to be treated no less than a traitor. Hunter doesn't waste a heartbeat to reject her, and Jade is soon branded as an unworthy mate, banished to the woods as rogue. How will Jade survive life as a pregnant rogue? Did Jade really cheat on her mate or was she framed? The cursed brand on her neck makes it impossible for any pack to take her in; not even the fact that she’s pregnant is enough to convince any pack to help or take her in Will her mate, Hunter, come after her? Or will Jade have to keep running until there’s nowhere else to run? Or will Jade find her strength somewhere else and come back for the people who hurt her?



I awoke to a numbing pain in my limbs, a headache threatening to split my forehead open, and my eyes aching as I rubbed them open to an unfamiliar ceiling. Confusion slowly set in as I rubbed my eyes a little more to get rid of the blurriness in my vision while staring at the unfamiliar ceiling again.

It’s impossible that I am dreaming at this moment or suddenly do not recognize the ceiling of my home. I’ve been waking up to the ceiling in my bedroom for two years, and I am certain it is definitely not painted this absurd red color with a ridiculous chandelier hanging down from it.

My body cried out in protest as I pushed up on the bed, my eyes trailing off the ceiling as I took in the unfamiliar sight of the bedroom. My mind rang with different questions while I tried to recall my memory from last night—how I fell asleep, when, and what I was doing in a strange room.

Nothing quite made sense until I heard a deep groan beside me and my head snapped to the side with so much speed that I almost gave myself a whiplash.

“Morning.” The owner of the voice greeted me with a smug grin on his face.

I had to take a moment to myself, blinking rapidly while trying to process my thoughts and what I was actually seeing. Or perhaps who was lying right next to me on the bed, and how I did not think to even check if I was alone or with someone.

“Why the hell are you sharing a bed with me?” I yelled, all the while trying to reign in the anger in my voice.

“What do you mean?” He pushed forward, reaching his hand out as I put more distance between us on the bed. “Don’t you remember last night?” He smiled widely, licking his lips seductively as he asked, and I blinked.

“Are you okay? Stop touching me, the f*ck.” I slapped his hand away from my shoulder while scrambling to pull more of the bed-sheet to cover my naked upper body.

I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was naked under this sheet. I can clearly feel the cold fabric against my skin and the cool air from the air conditioner with every movement I make. My problem here is, how the hell did I get in bed with this *ssh*l*?

“Come on now, Jade, stop acting so oblivious. You clearly enjoyed yourself last night. I can still vividly remember how s*xy your voice sounded when you moaned and the pretty face you made when I made you climax.”

My hand moved before I could make sense of the ringing noise in my head as I slapped the smug smile off his face.

“Do you have a death wish?” I screamed at him,

“What the hell are you talking about? Are you f*ck*ng playing with me? I enjoyed what! If you’re the last person on earth, I’d rather end my life than let you touch me. What the f*ck is wrong with you, creeping into the same bed your girlfriend’s sister slept on?"

 I was losing my calm with every passing second, and the sound of the annoying laughter that spluttered out of him didn’t help my anger.

“You really don’t remember what happened? I brought your drunk *ss into this room so you could sleep because Arya begged me to, but you were all over me and wouldn’t let me leave. You literally begged me to touch you.” Darren remarked mockingly.

"I..." No, there is no way in hell I would do that.

“I don’t drink; everyone knows I don’t drink alcohol.” My senses were screaming at me, but I ignored it, shaking my head at the mere possibility of the nonsense Darren just sprouted.

Me? Begging him to touch me, drunk out of my mind? There is no way in hell. That can’t be me. Yet every attempt I made to remember what happened last night seemed futile.

‘Levana, do you remember what happened last night?’ I called for my wolf, hoping she would help jolt my memory because the last thing I remembered had no correlation with anything this b*st*rd just said. I was met with silence as I called for Lev again.

"Well, your *ss was pretty drunk last night, and it sort of made you hotter than you’ve ever looked.” The creep replied, winking at me, and bile rose up my throat as panic set in the pit of my stomach.

My eyes trailed down my body as I registered my situation right now. I am naked, with no form of clothing on my body as well. Darren is half-naked. 

Did we—

“No… No.. No. That’s not possible; that’s not." I shook my head frantically to dispel the thought of what he was implying.

That can’t be true. I wouldn’t do that. Not with my elder sister’s boyfriend, not when I have the absolute best mate in the whole f*ck*ng world. Why the hell would I have s*x with a scumbag like Darren? Hell no.

My mind screamed for answers, yet the only moment I can remember before the break in my memory is when I was with Arya in the dining area. I had moved away from the party noise in the living room. Arya joined me a few seconds later, and she offered to get me something to eat.

I don’t like spicy food, and the peppered meat she brought was extra spicy. I had choked, and she hurried back to the kitchen to grab a cup of water. I remember taking the glass from her. I gulped it down in haste, set it back on the table to get over the harshness of the pepper, and then—nothing.


 I don’t remember anything after that. How is that possible? I don’t remember leaving that dining area after drinking the water. I don’t remember anything else. 

Arya couldn’t have—no, that’s impossible. I shook my head at the absurd idea in my thoughts. She wouldn’t do that to me. Darren is just messing with me; he’s an *ssh*l*; he’s only trying to mess with my head.

“I know you’re sick and you play all kinds of dirty games, you shameless twat. Right now, you’re trying to mess with my head. I know that’s what you’re trying to do, and I won’t let you. You should really consider jumping into the lagoon.” I cursed at him, ignoring the look of mockery on his face, as I tried getting off the bed without exposing any part of my body.

I am not going to remain in this room and let him play his stupid mind games with me.

“You think this is a joke?” He voiced, smirking while he arched his left brow bone.

“F*ck you, Darren.” I growled out, irritated with him.

“Oh, we did that already, but I don’t mind showing you a reminder of what it felt like.”

“If you think I am going to let you get away with this nonsense., what the hell?” I gasped in shock as he grabbed my hand, pulling me forward.

I lost my grip on the sheet, causing it to slip down to my waist as my naked body crashed into him, and the door to the bedroom crashed open.

A loud growl bounced off the walls of the room, sending dreadful shivers down my spine because I knew that voice. Panic and frustration crashed through my nerves as I managed to wiggle out of Darren’s grasp, turning to face my mate, Hunter, whose eyes glowed with anger and his nose emitted breaths of fire.

“Darling, it's not what it looks like. I swear it’s not what it looks like.” I rushed out in a frantic voice, hoping that would quell the bloodlust in Hunter's eyes. Which didn’t because I watched with trepidation the shift in his eyes as Hunter lost control. His wolf pushed forward, lunging at me with claws and fangs all out to attack.

Chapter 2~DOWNHILL~


 I don't know why I didn’t move, even though it was quite obvious that Hunter had lunged for an attack.

That’s a lie. I know quite well the reason I didn’t move. My body had frozen in place when I saw him lunge, and a part of me thought my mate wouldn’t exactly attack me. It was just impossible that Hunter would want to attack me, given how he has never raised a hand at me for the past two years that we’ve been together.

But I was deluding myself. Maybe the reason he never hit me for the past two years was because I never gave him a reason to, and now. Now I gave him every viable reason to want to hurt me, but I still tried convincing myself that he wouldn’t.

The realization dawned on me too late. Before I could get my body to move out of the way, Hunter came barreling forward, his hand outstretched, his palm striking me in the face, and his claws cutting a deep wound across my cheek.

My head swings sideways, and echoe


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