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About me

I am just a quirky weirdo who loves listening to the voice of their characters and telling their stories to the best of my abilities, albeit sad or beautiful. If you've read any of my books, then you'd know that my characters hurt a lot, and making my readers cry for these characters brings me joy. Most of my OG readers know me by the name Cassydoll, but the new ones call me WiXXard.


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  • Author: P_wiXXard
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 607
  • 7.7

Jade knows what it feels like to have no one in her corner; she experienced it firsthand when her aunt sweet-talked her parents and took her to the Philippines' when she was 8 years old. The life and education Aunt Diwa promised Jade's parents weren't what she was given. After years of abuse and being used, the only thing Jade wished for was an escape to finally go home and be with her family. All Jade wished for was to experience what it feels like to be loved once again and she got that when she finally escaped her aunt and made her way back home to her pack and family in Detroit. Finding out that the Alpha Heir Hunter was her mate was the best thing to ever happen to Jade, and Hunter gave Jade a home, love, and became the safety and comfort Jade's has always wished for. Two years of blissful union came to an abrupt end when Jade woke up in bed with her sister's boyfriend after a party. Her life went from sweet to bitter in a matter of days as everyone Jade once loved turned their backs on her. Jade goes from preparing to becoming the Luna of the Blackwood Pack, to be treated no less than a traitor. Hunter doesn't waste a heartbeat to reject her, and Jade is soon branded as an unworthy mate, banished to the woods as rogue. How will Jade survive life as a pregnant rogue? Did Jade really cheat on her mate or was she framed? The cursed brand on her neck makes it impossible for any pack to take her in; not even the fact that she’s pregnant is enough to convince any pack to help or take her in Will her mate, Hunter, come after her? Or will Jade have to keep running until there’s nowhere else to run? Or will Jade find her strength somewhere else and come back for the people who hurt her?


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