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His scarred luna

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What happens when fate plays dirty games? When you know you love someone but then you find out they are not yours?Anika Hurler craved only one thing in her life. And it was love. When she thought she found her mate, fate played her again. But she doesn't know, there is someone who can die a hundred deaths to be with her. Will she be able to reach Alpha Caleb, who loves her unconditionally? And will she ever trust him after all the betrayals? Skylar Hurler, Anika's twin sister, has everything in her life. Everything, except for the very person she had always craved for, Adam Hurler. She knew Adam was her mate, but he never wanted her. She cried and fought to have him because she decided to not give up. But Adam is stubborn. Will Adam ever open his arms for Skylar?

Chapter 01 His Scarred Luna

PROLOGUE His Scarred Luna


"Rogues have attacked the territory. Wake up everyone. Alpha wants us all." The Hurler family heard the call and they all jumped off of their beds. Hearing the call, a little girl who was nearly five, she stood up and went downstairs. As she knew that her uncle would be into the fight. They all stepped out of the house but the little girl made her way a bit secretly. So her evil twin would not get another chance to humiliate her.

As she was out, she ran straight towards the pack house where the Alpha of the pack and the beta who was her uncle, fighting the rogues to save their territory. She opened the door and saw a huge sized rogue who had slaughtered the wolf right in front of her. Gritting her teeth like a brave warrior she was, she looked around. She saw a sword lying on the floor right beside her. And as her uncle had taught her, she was better with the sword than any mature warrior in the whole territory.

The rogue ran towards her to kill that tiny soul. But only if he knew that she was not a helpless child. She was there to help the Alpha and her uncle. She just could not help it whenever it came to her uncle. The only person who treated her well ever since she was born. She lied on the floor as she saw the rogue hovering over her. As he was about to sink his claws in her chest, she grabbed the sword in an erect position. The sword went through his chest, making her bath in his blood.

She stood up and made her way towards the main hall where the meeting was held as her uncle had told her. She quietly opened the door and crawled inside the main hall. She could smell gasoline around. She stood up and looked at the scene in horror. Everyone who was in the meeting, they were all bathed in gasoline, including her uncle. The Alpha of the rogues had a lighter in his hands. He was threatening them all to burn them alive. Seeing that horrific scene, her heart literally stopped working. Her brain took over the charge and she thought of the only plan that could get everyone safe. But she was not sure about herself.

Holding her head high as a brave warrior, she held the sword in katana style, like she had always held it and made her way towards the Alpha of the rogue. "Hey, let them go or I will kill you mercilessly." She yelled as loudly as she could. Almost fifty to sixty people were in the hall including the Alpha. And she had to do something to save everyone. She knew, if she killed the Alpha, the others would submit to the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack and the war would be over. And she also knew that it would take her life. But she was stubborn. She could do anything to save her uncle's life.

The Alpha of the rogues turned around to look at the most adorable thing in the world. She was very sweet. "I can take her with me. She will be a perfect slave for me once she will grow up." He thought to himself as he made his way towards the little girl. A plan in his mind that he would slap her and she would be out cold for hours. But he did not know that he was standing in front of Anika Hurler. The one who could die a thousand times just to save the people she loved.

As she saw him coming towards her, she swung the sword. The impact made a little cut on his arm but did not do any bigger harm. The Alpha of the rogues gritted his teeth and grabbed her hair. He pulled her hair aggressively. She yelped in pain but did not let go of the sword in her hands. "I was thinking of taking you with me. But now I will kill you here and now. Then I will take care of them all." He roared at her but instead of shivering with fear, she kicked her balls hard enough that he groaned in pain and let go of her hair.

The beta of the Blue Moon Pack tried to step forward to save his angle, but was stopped by the bunch of rogues who were inside the hall along with their Alpha. The Alpha of the rogues raised his hand to slash her throat and the little girl actually found his weak point. She grabbed the sword tightly and stabbed it right through the center of his chest. Gritting his teeth with pain and anger, he clawed her throat and her face. But the little girl did not give up still. Before she fell on the ground helplessly, she decapitated the head of the rogue's Alpha.

"Anika!!!" The beta yelled loudly as he saw his little angel falling on the ground with blood pooling out of her wounds. Seeing their Alpha dead, all rogues went all pale and the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack took that moment as his advantage. He signalled his wolves and they captured all the rogues in the main hall. The Alpha then went straight to see the little girl who had courageously saved everyone but now she was taking her last breaths.

The beta sat on the ground and took his little angel on his lap. Crying crazily, he looked at the Alpha. The Alpha signalled all the enchantresses to come forward. "Can you save this little warrior who has saved us all today?" The alpha asked with a flicker of hope in his heart. They all nodded their heads and sat on the ground, making a circle. They all interviewed their fingers with each other and started mumbling a spell again and again.

The golden dust erupted in the middle of the circle and their hearts started glowing. The lights came out of their hearts and it reached the heart of the little girl. In a few minutes, the beta saw her wounds filled up and got sealed. The small ritual ended but the little girl did not open her eyes. "Baby girl, please wake up." He pleaded as he hugged the little girl as tightly as he could. Just then he heard a loud gasp. He looked at the little girl who had opened her eyes. Everyone cheered as the little girl was breathing again.

"You scared the hell out of me, baby girl." He said and hugged his little angel again. The Alpha sighed in relief and grabbed the head of the rogue Alpha. He signalled the other wolves to follow him. Taking the charge, he went out to tell all the rogues that their Alpha was dead and they had no choice but to submit to the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack.

After everything got settled, the Alpha allowed me to take my little angel back home. I knew that she just came to save me. But with her actions she had saved the Alpha of the whole territory. The Alpha announced her scar as the signature of our pack's victory. That she was the one who saved everyone with her brave action. He was very proud to see that my little angel saved everyone inside that hall without caring for her life.

Holding her close to my chest, I made my way towards the house of my parents. Even though a little girl was missing, the whole house was back on their beds to sleep. They never cared for her. And it broke my heart to see how she was treated. I took her towards her bedroom but to my surprise, her bratty sister was sleeping on her bed. "Baby girl, did they change your room?" I asked her in a confused tone. She looked at me with teary eyes and shook her head.

"They told me to sleep in the kitchen. Skylar took my room. She said she does not have enough space in her room." She replied in her small voice, trying hard not to cry.

"What about your stuff? Your clothes, your belongings and your toys?" I asked her but she did not reply. She just rested her head on my shoulder. Hinting me that Skylar had taken everything from her again. I gritted my teeth and cursed that little brat mentally. I sighed as I knew there was no way to ask her stupid parents to treat them both equally.

I took my angel towards my own bedroom. I opened the door and took her straight towards the bed. I made her lie on the bed and laid beside her. She quickly snuggled closer to me. I chuckled seeing her enthusiasm. She was crazy. And the only thing she had ever craved for, was love. Something that she had never gotten. My parents loved her as she was their granddaughter. But her parents treated her like trash.

I did not tell her anything about the scar she had gotten. I knew she would cry a lot after seeing that scar. It looked way too hideous. That son of a b*tch just took her stunning face. I sighed as I knew she would see it soon and would cry her heart out. And I also knew that I would be the only one who could make her feel better.

I laid straight on the bed and pulled my little angel on my chest. She had a small smile on her face. She was sleeping peacefully.

The day she was born, since that day she had been facing all that crap. But the very moment I had held her in my arms, something really melted my heart that day. I never knew whether it was her small heart or her heavenly scent or her cute smile that appeared on her angelic face when I had held her in my arms. All I know, she and I were somehow connected from the day she was born. And I did not know why, but I wanted to keep her with me forever.

When I learned that I was actually the adopted child of my parents, instead of being sad or anything, I was happy. I was happy because I knew that relationship would have been a wall between me and my angel. I never even asked anything about my biological parents. I kind of don't even remember them. All I know, I was too young when my family died and I was adopted by the Hurler family. I would have asked about them, if my parents would not have loved me more than their real children. I made her lie on the bed and went towards the bathroom to take a shower. I still had gasoline on my clothes. I needed to wash it off before I could get some sleep.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I was sleeping peacefully when I heard a loud scream. I sat up on the bed abruptly and looked around. My angel was sitting on the floor, hugging her knees tightly. She was sobbing hard. "Sh*t…" I cursed under my breath and quickly went to her. I patted her head but she did not look at me. I felt so bad seeing her like that.

"Baby, please look at me." I pleaded to her in a cooing tone. But she shook her head and her sobs became louder.

I pulled her up in my arms and carried her back to bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and made her sit on my lap. I grabbed her hands and pulled them down. She tried to hide her face in my chest but I did not let her. I cupped her face with both of my hands and made her look at me.

"What is wrong? You look perfectly fine." I said, ignoring the fact that she had already seen that hideous scar on her face. She shook her head and signalled me to look at the scar that was almost covering her right cheek and it ended up till her neck.

"I am ugly. No one will love me." She said between her sobs. I shook my head and pecked her forehead.

"My sweet little honey bunch, you are beautiful even with this scar on your beautiful face. What you did last night, not everyone gets this much courage to face a rogue. And you actually killed the Alpha and saved our Alpha. Do you know how proud he was when he saw you fighting bravely to that b*st*rd?" I cooed her then asked her a question. I wiped her tears with the pads of my thumbs. She shook her head and narrowed her eyes.

"You don't have to feel ashamed of this scar. It is declared as the signature of victory against rogues for our territory. You should be proud, baby girl. Now everyone is under your debt. You kind of saved the whole territory last night." I said and a small smile appeared on her face.

"Will mom and dad love me from now on like they love Skylar?" She asked me and I sighed. A forced a small smile on my face because I was speechless. That little girl had been through more than she could handle.

"I love you. Alpha Thomas loves you. Is it okay for you, my little angel?" I asked her and her smile fell for a few seconds. She then smiled cheekily and nodded her head. I sighed in relief and pecked her forehead again.

"Come on, let's get you ready and fill your little tummy. Then we are going shopping. We need to buy you a bunch of clothes, shoes, accessories and toys. And from now on, you are going to stay in my room. No one will ever take this room from you, I promise." I said and she clapped her hands in excitement. I pecked her cheek. She finally had her smile on her face.

Chapter 02 His Scarred Luna



I came back home after a long time. It had been so long since I had met my parents. I was the youngest child of my parents. That's why my parents loved me more than they had loved the other siblings of mine. My siblings were jealous of me. That's why I decided to stay away. I am Beta of the Blue Moon Pack. The Alpha trusts me more than his life. I had to beg my Alpha every time I visited my parents. I knew they just couldn't live without me.

I entered the house, it was quite around. I haven't witnessed it quite ever in my life. I didn't talk to anyone. I went straight to my parents room. I knocked at the door and waited for my mother to invite me in. But my mother didn't reply. I used my super hearing sense. I heard her sobbing quietly and my father was cooing her. I opened the door and both snapped their heads towards me.

They both stood up as they saw me. They came to me and hugged me. I hugged them back. I had missed them bot


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