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Freya lived her life as the only daughter of Omega Draco and Kimble’s family but she was lucky to get a Beta as a mate, attracting envy from all sides. She loves Emory with all her heart and dreamt of being his wife for years but her male best friends, Ansel soiled her plan and turned her life around when he r*p*d her and stole her virginity some days to her wedding and even told Emory about it but lied that they were having an affair. She was rejected by Emory without given a chance to explain herself and ran away from home in embarrassment where she found another fate where she had to live as another entity who is surrounded with evil people all her life. Will she be able to visit her past? Will she even be able to find another mate? Who exactly was the person she had to replace? Will Emory ever found out the truth behind what Ansel did to her?



The musky and sweet smell of a leaf pile filled the air as I strolled briskly around the abandoned park which held most of my memories with Emory. We would always meet there almost every evening to catch up on our days and discuss every other things we felt was needed to be discussed.

That particular evening, I was riding the broken carousel and got carried away by the excitement without noticing that the one I was waiting for had arrived at the pack. The fresh smell added to my joy as I closed my eyes to enjoy the faint smell gently passing under my nostrils.

It was glorious!

The perfect romantic scene of holding hands with Emory was still playing in my head when a soft voice called out “Freya”, cutting the moment short but I wasn’t annoyed.

I was there for him after all.

Did you have a nice day?” his softly brittle voice inquired as we linked hands under the huge maple tree and I shyly responded with a mellow “It went fine but it wouldn’t have been completed without you”

That was completely cheesy but it needed to be said, I love Emory so much, and he does. So, why hold back in expressing how important he is to my life?

Mine wouldn’t have been completed without you too” I heard him respond and my heartbeat accelerated.

That was all I needed, he didn’t make me feel like a fool.

Our hands flung up and down as we touched everything we had planned to discuss. I didn’t fail to whine about how the kids in my lesson class were giving me so much trouble for the past few days. They all wanted to enjoy the holiday but their parents wanted them to study so I was kept in the middle of rebellious children and strict parents.

You will soon stop doing this so I think you should enjoy this short moment before you start missing it” he advised and that was the encouragement I needed.

It is only for a short while like he had said.

My shoelace got stuck in a twig all of a sudden and I paused to gently fix it in order not to snap it when he went down on his knees to fix it for me. I was still thinking about how it was so sweet of him when he slowly reached for my hand.

Freya” his voice almost broken.

His eyes were shaky and watery, still they glistened with so much happiness and expectations. They were exceptionally beautiful that evening under the setting sun. The sudden and gentle call of my name sent my mind into a frenzy mode.

Ye… eess” I stuttered, wondering why my heart was beating fast into my mouth.

His throat got elongated and retracted in the span of seconds as anxiousness swept over him, making my own chest rise higher.

It’s not what I am thinking right?” I managed to mumble and his eyes shone as he raised them at me from below.

His subtle “It is” almost made me shriek. His hand reached for mine and the spark went off.

I almost screamed!

With his right hand coming out of his pocket, he finally asked the question “Will you marry me, Freya?” and my naughty instinct kicked in immediately.

I didn’t hesitate to ask “Why?” to his surprise and that took him aback.

His gaze went from being locked with mine to wandering around the dimly lit empty park. It took almost two minutes before he found his voice.

I love how we meet and discuss here, I love how I spend time with you. Having someone waiting for you to tell them how your day went is a huge blessing and I want to bring this happiness closer to me. I don’t want to run to an empty park anymore, I want to run home and hold you tight. I want someone to greet me with a warm smile, with the assurance that they would always be there” he gently explained and I didn’t let him finish his line before screaming “Yes, I will!”

Emory was everything I could ask for!

Bubbly feelings of excitement surged through my body as the ring slipped through my slender, long fingers and it was the exact fit. Everything was sealed and perfect at that point, nothing else mattered.

Must be nice, you are so happy that you could shift right now!” Bea commented and let out a mellow rumble but I was too happy to pay her any attention, she has always been like that after all.

The engagement meant everything to me. I had always been scared of being jilted by Emory due to the much difference in class and status but we have really come a long way and this assurance was all I needed to know that wouldn’t be happening.

An omega like me has always been considered too lucky to have a Beta’s son as a mate. Ever since the selection night, I had always been the gossip of the town.

You are not worthy of such a mate, I wonder what the moon goddess was thinking about when she did the matchmaking”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she ever get jilted or rejected along the line”

“They just do not fit”

Those spiteful and hurtful remarks were what I had endured for the past three years. At first, it was too hard and I wanted to give up but Emory kept reassuring me that he would never reject me, he loves me after all.

My tear glands could not contain the surge in water, they released the tears without my permission and I didn’t resist it, I just let them flow. It was like a victory at last and I couldn’t wait to flaunt it to everyone’s face that I now have my space sealed in Emory’s heart.

We didn’t need to discuss any other thing that evening, the unspeakable joy that filled was our hearts were enough. We only stared at each other, giggled and rode on the broken carousel which he pushed till he was tired before walking me home and left for his.

I can’t wait to be your wife” I remarked before letting go of his hand and he returned the same phrase “I can’t wait to have you as my wife” with a solid and assured voice before parting ways with me that night.

Never did I ever think the day would never come…..


My mother, Kimble was picking the herbs at the garden by the time I got home and I rushed to her side to flaunt my newly acquired ring. The stone on the ring flashed as it basked in the glory of the setting sun as it fell on it.

What is that on your finger?” she asked, trying to get a good look

Did you get a new ring? You just love to buy unnecessary things” she started to scold me and the big smile on my face dropped at her reaction only for her to realize and pause when she saw the position of the ring on my finger.

She almost stuttered, “By chance… did Emory?” her hands rushed to her mouth to cover it up.

It took you so late to realize” my eyes rolled

She jumped at me and pulled me in a tight hug. Her reaction was obvious that she was happier than me at that point and I did understand her.

What if the pressure around makes him reject you?”

“I honestly don’t think this will work out”


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