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Her parents were killed by the Ecleteon werewolves that caused their Kingdom’s fall. She vowed to take revenge and reclaim their Kingdom. Seeking to gain power again, she risked in entering the Glodeous Kingdom and claimed to be the soon-to-be wedded wife of the Glodeous’ Vampire King. It was hell of a journey. Would she be successful in marrying the Glodeous Vampire King or has she just entered the path to her complete downfall? How about the prophecy? Is she the missing piece to fulfill the prophecy? Jump in to know the deepest secret behind hero's motivation. It will be very interesting!

Chapter 1 - The News about the King of Glodeous


Princess Asalea who is currently living in the world of mortals, disguising herself as a lowly saleslady in a small boutique, heard the news from two customers, whom she smelled like vampires. They are from the Kingdom of Glodeous.

“Gosh, the new King of Glodeous is looking for a wife. Have you seen him already? He is so gorgeous! I will come to his palace and will offer myself to him to be his wife,” the taller girl said while giggling.

The smaller lady sneered. “Before you can touch him, he will be my husband already!”

Then both of them laughed then continued to check on some dresses in the boutique where Asalea is serving as a saleslady.

Asalea glanced at the two ladies and something hit her mind. “What if she will apply to be the wife of the King of Glodeous? Hmm, but applying is too cheap. There should be a better way to get the attention of the King and be his wife,” she murmured.

The two young lad vampires, all of a sudden, simultaneously glanced in the direction of Asalea with narrowed eyes. Their senses of hearing are so sharp that they heard Asalea’s murmur. In a flash, both of them are already beside Asalea looking at her grimly.

“You are a vampire too? I can smell your blood.” The tall girl murmured.

“Never touch our King, we will be your enemies.” Seconded by the smaller one.

Asalea looked at the two ladies with a smile on her face. “What you heard was just an illusion, don’t worry, he is all yours.”

“Good,” they said in unison then disappeared from Asalea’s side. She saw the two female vampires getting some dresses and bringing them to the cashier counter to pay. They nodded to her before they finally left the boutique.

Asalea’s intelligent mind brought her to a plan on how to get the attention of the King of Glodeous. He is the man she is looking for to return to the vampires’ world; to be more strong and powerful while thriving her way to carry out her long unforgotten promised revenge on the Ecleteons Werewolves. Her smile thereafter was so mystical that only her own mind could understand.


In her invisible form, Asalea roams around the palace of the Glodeous Kingdom. She is searching for the King. She did not know his features yet, but she knows she will identify him, the moment she found him.

She entered a big glamorous room in the palace; she is still in her invisible form. Most likely, this is his room, she thought.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” a booming voice at her back almost made her jump. She is in her invisible form. How come he can see her? She bravely faced the owner of that voice.

Asalea has been surprised to see deep blue like ocean eyes in rage, sharply looking at her directly. In a second, the man caught her right arm and held it tightly.

“I can see you, you better transform to your visible self now!” His teeth gritted as he said these words.

Without any other recourse and thinking that showing up might lead him in bringing her to the King himself, Asalea suddenly transforms into her visible form.

Asalea saw the sudden reaction of admiration in the man’s deep blue eyes. Oh, yes, she knows she is beautiful, her rounded brown eyes with gloomy looks coupled with long eyelashes and eyebrows of perfect shape plus her pointed nose and cherry red like lips, top with her splendor body and extraordinary height; Asalea knows very well that she is a sight to behold.

Asalea looked at him in her most adoring and precious look. “Apology Sir, it seemed like I was lost. I was running from someone and never knew that my feet brought me here.”

He dragged her to the bed and pushed her there. “Don’t you know that whoever entered my room without my permission can never come out alive?” he said while coming near to her position. She is now seated on the end part of the Victorian-type bed covered with all-black bed sheets.

“Who are you?” Asalea asked.

“It was me who was asking you that a while ago. Who are you lady?” his hands are inside his pocket and he is intensely looking at Asalea.

“Lea, I am Lea.” Rattled, Asalea replied.

“What is your purpose in coming here?” he asked again.

“Err, I was just lost.” She lied.

“Don’t give me that craft woman!” he yelled.

Asalea was frightened but she tried to be still confident and brave. “I am the King’s future wife,” she answered and held her chin up.

The man made a deafening laugh and then grabbed her chin. “Really?”

She answered, still confident. “Yes.”

“Have you seen the King already?” he asked with a hint of a smile in every corner of his eyes.

“Err not yet.”

“So, why are you saying that you are the King’s future wife?”

“Because I can feel it.” Asalea’s eyes deeply looked at the deep blue eyes of the man holding her chin until now.

A mysterious smile was painted all over the lips of the man. “Let us see then.”


Asalea knew she is now in great trouble. She was locked by the man inside his room and he left in a flash.

Unknown to her, an announcement coming from the Palace of the King of Glodeous has been made. Dreckos, the right-hand man of the King was tasked to do the announcement.

Dreckos gathered all Glodeous vampires in their courthouse. “Our beloved vampires of Glodeous, our dear King is soon to be married. He found a wife! Three days from now the wedding will be celebrated at the Palace’s Astrodome. Be ready everyone to enjoy and feast!”

Every vampire in the courthouse shouted and clapped because of excitement.

Dreckos adjourned the general assembly and returned to the King to report. “King Timodore, your wish has been done and everyone is excited now.”

“That’s good. Make sure that everything will be done accordingly. I want a perfect wedding for my perfect wife-to-be.” He declared before dismissing Dreckos.


Chapter 2- Asalea's Reminiscence


While laying on the Victorian-style bed inside the room where she is being locked up, Asalea’s heart has been consumed with great anger as she reminisced the reason why she is here in this room in the first place.

It was the celebration of her coronation night as the Princess of Knostica when the Group of werewolves from the Kingdom of Ecleteon, attacked them, killing mostly the Knostican vampires. They were surprised and overwhelmed by the sudden attack, thus they failed to defend to the utmost, their kingdom.

They only realized that they were attacked when the werewolves simultaneously jumped onto the seated Knostican vampires, who were then happily feasting with their food. They did not even notice that their guards in every gate of the Knostican Arena, where the celebration has been held, have been killed all already by the Ecleteon werewolves.

She shouted and cried in total despair as she saw how her parents had been brutally killed by the Ecleteon wer


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