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Her Alpha King

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Babzie
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15.3K
  • 5.0
  • 💬 12


Xavier, the king of all Alphas, has been searching for his mate for nearly a decade and is about to turn thirty, but mates are expected to be found at the age of sixteen in the typical werewolf realm. Every year, balls are organized in various packs to find his mate, but all prove useless, causing him to lose hope and wonder if the Moon goddess ever gave him one. Alyssa, an innocent girl who will turn 16 in a few days, is concerned about leaving her grandmother when she meets her soulmate. Her grandmother is the only family member she has ever known even though they are not related by blood. What will happen when she discovers that the ruler of all Alphas is her mate, and that he is far too mature to be her uncle or brother? Will she accept or reject the bond between them? And also, will she be able to hold her ground or will she crumble as secrets about her identity begin to surface?

Chapter 1


Alyssa, that is what my grandmother calls me. "Yes Grandma, I am coming". I replied, walking down the stairs to the kitchen. I immediately reached the kitchen and the smell of her cookies hit my nose. My grandma loves to bake cookies in her spare time, and I must say they are the best you can ever taste.

Enough with all my gibbrish. I am Alyssa and I am a werewolf. My grandma is not my blood if you get me. We are not blood related anyway. She told me she saw me in the woods near the Silvermoon Pack while on her journey back to Riverdale Pack where we live now.

She was in her wolf form when she heard a loud cry in the woods and decided to see what it was. She took me with her and took me to her home and treated me like her own grandchild. I love her with all my heart. And I bless the day she found me crying my lungs out in the woods.

In a few days from now, I will turn sixteen. I shifted when I was ten, but the normal age for a werewolf to shift is fourteen. My grandmother and I have hidden it from everyone that I shifted at ten and the most interesting and fascinating thing is that I am a white wolf.

The first to have been in ages. My grandma refuses me to shift in the woods since I could be seen by anyone, and she claims my life will be in danger. I am nervous about seeing my mate. If he will like me or accept me for who I am. The name of my wolf is Jessica and these days she has been making so much noise in my head about how happy she is to meet her soulmate very soon.

But I do not want to move away from my grandma. We live in the Riverdale Pack, the second fiercest pack in the whole of America. The number one fiercest pack is ruled by the Alpha king, Xavier. He is grown, and rumors are all over the place that he has not met his mate and will be turning thirty very soon.

I feel bad for him for a reason I do not know why.

Every Alpha gets frightened when they hear his name because he is the Alpha king and, above all, ruthless and takes no nonsense from anyone. He organizes balls every year in packs to find his mate along with unmated males and females to also find their mates, but I do not attend those balls each year because only those who have turned sixteen and above are allowed to attend.

My dream has been to visit the Alpha King's kingdom, because people that have a chance in their lifetime to go there always come back with pleasant feedback about how the place is so beautiful, with gold-adorned doors and, above all, how if you decide to stay there when you win the yearly competition, you will be given a house and made a pack member.

Every year, a competition is carried out and the two lucky winners are given the opportunity to become pack members of the Bloodmoon pack if they wish to. But I can not join the race yet, since I am not eighteen. I cant seem to stop thinking about heat. Heat is what every female wolf goes through when they turn sixteen and is experienced once a month.

Stacy, who lives three steps away from us, always goes through it because she has also not found her mate yet and she is about to turn eighteen.

"Alyssa", grandma called out to me as I entered the kitchen. I walked to where the cookies were and took a bite and it tasted divine.

"Grandma, your cookies taste divine as always" I said, hugging her.

"Oh silly girl you always tell me every day" she said, patting my head still in her embrace.

"Why don't you want to go out with the Alphas' son, Lucas, Alyssa? He has always been asking about you for almost five years now", she questioned me, making her way to the dining table along with Ollie tailing behind her as always.

Ollie is my grandma's pet and sometimes I think she likes him more than me. Just kidding, she cannot like Ollie more than me. Of course what the hell am I thinking?

"Grandma, I don't feel any connection with him and I also hate his company as well, always bragging about how he will become the next Alpha once he turns eighteen. I hate his guts. I wonder if he is his parents' son? I mean Alpha Kane and Luna Grace are one in a million and always helping others, but no! Lucas is just an annoying, unmated male always blowing his trumpet", I explained to her as she sat on the chair patting Ollie.

"I see that is why you have been avoiding him" she muttered knowingly.

"But you do not know his real personality, Alyssa, and what have I told you about listening to rumors around town, since they may be wrong. And what if he is your mate?" she said excitedly.

"Hell no grandma!, he can't be my mate" I said as grandma laughed energetically, glancing at me.

I knew she also did not like Lucas but was just pulling my leg, which she loves to do all the time. Have you heard, Alyssa? The Gamma's daughter Elizabeth met her mate at a ball she attended last night", she informed me, which made me surprised at once.

She was the pack wh*r* and had already been in every mated or unmated male's bed.I feel bad for her mate. I remember during school days she was the number one hoe in the entire school and she used to pick on me, since all the boys liked me. I am not bragging, I am a fine specimen.

I mean I am beautiful. I have blond hair, blue eyes and an hour-glass figure, which makes a lot of girls in my pack jealous. I know that is why Lucas wants to have a thing with me so he can get in my pants.

"Grandma, are you serious, you mean Elizabeth the pack wh*r* met her mate?" I questioned her as she laughed, raising her brows at me.

"Alyssa, what did I tell you about calling her a wh*r*," she questioned me, looking intently at me.

"Grandma, that's what everyone calls her and I have seen with my own two eyes, she making out with someone in the janitors' closet at school", I explained to her.

" OK enough with that she is mated to Simon the pack warrior" she said nonchantly as she continued to pet Ollie.

"What did you say, grandma? She is mated to Simon, the boy that always puts down every proposal made to him by females".

"The moon goddess definitely made a mistake pairing those two together, grandma, because such an honorable man does not deserve Elizabeth" I explained to my grandma wholeheartedly and must say I was disappointed.

"No girl, the moon goddess, knows what is right for everyone and she did not make a mistake. It's probably a way to change the ways of Elizabeth" she said wisely.

"So now you agree she is a wh*r*" I said excitedly.

"Grandma, If I was Simon, I would have rejected her right away the instant I found out she was my mate", I rambled.

" Oh dear, it's probably the mate bond which makes you do or accept things you do not want to and you will get it once you find your mate" she explained, smiling warmly at me.

"Oh, poor Simon, I hope he is fine" I stated.

"Yes, he will trust me on that" grandma said.

Grandma was once mated to a warrior of the pack but was killed years ago when rouges attacked. She has not married since then because she said he was the only love of her life. When she was done with the story, tears snaked down my face. He was a good man and I hope to find a man just like him.

A knock came from the door. Who might it be?

"Grandma, are you expecting anyone?" I asked.

"No dear you go and check it out" she answered, sitting lazily on the chair.

We did not live in the pack house like others did because my grandma claims she wants her privacy, but I know it has something to do with me being a white wolf and she was doing everything in her power to keep it away from people. I walked to the door. Immediately I opened, I came face to face with Emily, my childhood friend who went away to live in another pack when we were twelve years old.

"Emily, I shouted and hugged her. I was shocked to see her all of a sudden and she was no longer the child I used to know but now looked womanlier.

"Are you not going to invite me in" she asked, feigning pain.

"Of course, sorry come in" and we made our way over to the dining room where grandma was seated.

"Oh, my is that not Emily" grandma questioned, looking at her from the rims of her glasses.

"Yes grandma Dorothy, the one and only Emily you know" she said, hugging her.

Emily was so close to me when we were children. She used to come to my house, and I also used to go to hers whenever our parents were not around to sleep over.

"What brings you here, Emily" grandma asked her, looking so happy.

"My parents decided we came back since this is where they were both born" she answered, looking all cheerful.

"I am glad you are back, Emily", I said to her, hugging her once again.

"Okay girls, I will leave you two to catch up." I need to rest . Alyssa I would be in my room and then she was out of the door.

"I have missed you, Emily" I said to her.

"Me too, Alyssa," she answered back.

"What has been going on since I left? Has Elizabeth been worrying you?" she questioned, looking intently at me.

"Speaking of Elizabeth, I placed her in her shoes when you left because I can not make any one bully me and I just heard she got mated last night at a ball", I muttered to her.

"What! You do mean the wh*r* found a mate." I knew she would be shocked as I also was.

"Yes, she is mated to Simon .You remember him right, as the nerd at school but now a warrior of the pack.

"Oh poor Simon, who would have thought a nerd would have been mated to a hoe. Poor Simon, she said, looking genuinely worried about him.

"And what about you, Emily, what has happened in your life since you went away?" I questioned her because I was curious.

"Okay, nothing much. I just felt lonely in a foreign pack for the first two weeks but made with two friends with lovely girls and they will visit in a month's time by which I will be introducing you guys and Alyssa you will love them.

I was instantly happy to make other friends. Since Emily left, I have had no friends because they are all jealous of me for my looks.

" Alyssa, can I have some of your grandma's favorite cookies" she asked. I guess she could smell the lingering aroma in the air.

"Of course, Emily", I got up from the chair and made my way to the kitchen.

I brought her some cookies and immediately I placed the plate in front of her. She had already taken a bite.

"Oh I miss this" she kept muttering under her breath.

I remember during our childhood days we would always steal some of the cookies even though grandma had already given us both cookies in our lunch bags.I know she knows but did not mind.

We spent the rest of the day catching up in my room by showing her pictures of high school and other memorable days she was not around. And later around, we watched the series Jane the Virgin and, surprisingly, that was also the series she had been watching before she moved back to the Bloodmoon Pack.

She left around seven at night, saying bye to grandma, with me promising to visit her house when I had the chance to.

Chapter 2


I am Xavier, the Alpha king of all Alphas. It has been more than a fucking decade and I haven't met my mate. Since I turned sixteen, I have always yearned to meet her, but I guess luck was not on my side like that of my parents who met each other at sixteen years.

Every year, balls are organized on my behalf to find my soulmate in different packs.

I have been going to the balls for nearly a decade and I vowed not to go again if I don't find my mate this year. My Wolf is always sad because he claims he is lonely without his soulmate. I always have to shut him out when he nags, because it also hurts me as well.

I do not want people to mock me that I am weak because I have not met my mate yet. By which I continue to prove them wrong that not having a mate by your side to rule does not make you a weak Alpha.

People always bow when they hear my name. They al


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