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Heart Dies Without You

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: ENGMAN
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Lindy was not comfortable to live in the apartment together with her stepfather, who elegantly touched at her legs, especially when the hot guy put off his t-shirt. Can’t deny, she crazily magnet her breast to him. She didn’t want her mommy, to get enraged in her. A slippery bed, the tempting guy romantically touched her hips,” I can’t hold my hot body, can you put off your dress?” Lindy candidly uttered her voice,” my mom will get furious, and stop supporting for my studies.” Then, the hot guy pledged not to disclose their relationship. Would Lindy accept his offer?

Chapter 1 seeing at the tempting guy

Her stepfather had confidently lay down in the cool bed. Immediately, she stood up and yelled,” hey, get out in my room.” Then, Danny has laughed staring at her, a sweet voice,” sorry, I don’t like to take my rest at the cool room,” he further mentioned that Sheldon was not around.

A harsh voice,” stop touching my hips,” then, her eyes were gazing at him, like the tiger. After a while, the light has disappeared in the whole room, what she could glared at; the tempting arms and chest which craved her body to lay down beside him. Meanwhile, an echoed voice reached at her ears,” learn to keep your virginity,” she quickly stood up, and pulled the hot guy.

Such a night, Lindy never took her sleep again, even if the hot man already took his night off beside his mommy. She couldn’t forget her experience with him; she kept on asking why her eyes were captivating to her stepfather. That time, she wished that someone might be her superstar in the bed.

Every day, Lindy had noticed her mother who never gave a money to her, especially for the expenses in the University. What she found out; Sheldon spent the money for her stepfather. So, she candidly uttered her complaint about it, but her mother got enraged, what she finally heard,” you must leave this apartment, I don’t have a money to support for you,” Sheldon never disclosed the 80 billon dollars that she had got the money after Benjie’s death.

Lindy just heard the worst statement which slapped by Sheldon to her face. That time, she couldn’t concentrate her studies since Sheldon always got furious in her, even though without a valid reason. That time, her stepfather had changed his treatment for her after declining what Danny urgently craved to happen in the cool bed with her.

In the night, Lindy never found her personal things in the room, what she gazed at her stepfather’s things. She couldn’t describe her anger what Sheldon did to her. She got insanely to search her things, yet she never found it anymore.

Two meters away from her feet, there was a shadow which insanely gazed at her, not only that but also, the soft voice which touched to her arms,” I would help you to stand,” it was very awesome to reach her ears.

That night, Lindy enjoyed her night while walking on the way together with the soft voice which urged her feet to stand up on the tough road. Meanwhile, she fell down her tears, especially when she casted back how worst her mother was!

Too dark attaching on the way, Lindy’s eyes were definitely closed; it began to take her nap. Meanwhile, the nice voice had gone beside her, but she coolly attached at the hot hands which covered her t-shirt not to be frozen how cool the way was. It began to dribble the romantic hands to her cell, so she slightly opened her silver eyes. What she enticingly found; a man who glared at her without covering his tempting bodies which pulled her blouse and pants away from her. That moment, she was madly liked how handsome the guy was!

When Lindy stood up slowly, she finally found that the guy’s t-shirt has covered to her shoulder which gave too hot instead of being cold night. That time, her eyes were never stopped looking at the hot chest which captivated her cell.

Who was the tempting guy?

His name was Mark, a civil engineer who worked in the government. In his workplace, Taylor, his colleague obviously infatuated and craved to take his tempting body for one night. Honestly, he got her virginity which temporarily gave a satisfaction in him. That night, he never had a plan, to take Lindy’s virginity what he waited from her; a perfect time after uniting their relationship. So, he expressed out his feelings for her, but the sunrise began to appear its dazzling image. That moment, Lindy felt shy glaring at him who was very appealing. With him, she ultimately forgot what she has been experienced for the storm in her life.

A superb voice,” would you give me a chance to live your heart?”

Precious smile,” I will answer it soon,” can’t deny the fact, she attracted with his smile and tempting chest.

“We will meet in the cinema,” then, he slowly went to his car. That time, Mark never wanted to leave the sexy girl, however he needed to report his work. So far, he couldn’t explain how awesome his night was. He positively expected that his silver eyes might meet her again, while Lindy got motivated to search for a job, to support herself financially.

Lindy tried to look for a job in the hospital, since she was third year college; nurse student. Here, nobody accepted her application, since she was still undergraduate. Despite that she never lost her hope, to find for the solution of her problem. So, she went to the hotel where she had met her stepfather before. Here, Alli, the rich guy, who sweetly showed his precious smile for her,” do you want apply for a job?”

A soft voice,” yes sir,” then, Alli offered to finance her studies, but she must clean and cook for his son. That time, Lindy happily grabbed the opportunity, so she followed the rich guy at his sparkling mansion.

For the first night, Lindy abnormally imagined how precious the engineer was! Here, she longed to go back in the plaza, to meet Mark, who kept on dancing to her shining heart. After a while, she went to the kitchen, to drink a water, just to remove her insane attraction for him.

When Lindy opened the door, she glared at the handsome guy who ate his food on the table. That guy was a medical doctor, who currently worked at city hospital, Davao City. So far, he never had a dream to search for his destiny ever since he madly loved his job in the hospital

Who was the doctor?

Kim, the medical doctor actually glimpsed at the helper who passed in front of him. He got astonished why his father hired a new cooker who never gave a satisfaction to his tongue. That time, he candidly uttered his message that he would be the one to cook the food for himself. It was really insulted at Lindy’s heart, since the rich guy has been assigning for her.

In the morning, Lindy felt ashamed gazing at the doctor who personally cooked the food. She was worrying if her master would know it, maybe the rich guy might remove her in the mansion. So, she started to clean up the whole first floor, just to make her hands busy, while she madly casted back how awesome to assume at Mark’s heart.

That time, Kim, the doctor had not finished cooking the food, but he wanted to disturb Lindy’s task. So, he confidently approached the woman,” stop cleaning the room, I will do that later.” That time, Lindy never followed him, but Kim angrily glared at her, so she went to her room; to think about him.

Kim came back in the kitchen, to finish cooking the delicious food, while his mind abnormally thought about her. He craved to insult or disturb her, just to be given a chance to take their conversation. That time, Lindy went back to the smooth floor, to wipe the dusts.

Here, a soft voice pulled her body to the kitchen, she silently helped the doctor. So far, she felt ashamed to look at him, since the doctor had obviously showed his strict treatment for her.

Every day, Lindy was not comfortable in the mansion, except if the doctor would leave. So, she candidly uttered her request to the rich guy since her graduation had done,” I would resign my work here.” But Alli did not allow her unless his son would marry a woman; to prepare a food for him.

One night, Lindy went to the bathroom; to wash her body. Here, she slightly found the doctor who finally removed his t-shirt. That time, her eyes were captivated how stunning his body was! However, her heart never replaced the cool guy, who has been covering for her body. It was the sweet night that she could slipped back.

That time, Mark just chatted Taylor, the first girl who has been giving her virginity for him. He romantically received her messages while recalling what they did in the hot hotel. However, he insanely slipped back how flawless his life to have Lindy’s heart which sparkled to his way. That night, Taylor forced Mark to take their precious night in her apartment, since she was very stressful. However, Mark never accepted her request, no matter how sweet the girl was! What he madly looked for Lindy’s heart linked with him. On the other hand, Kim had freshly done taking his bath; he slightly found the beautiful girl, who washed her body, though the light was not really clear. Still his copper eyes were madly wishing to take her heart. He candidly disliked this girl, but he secretly craved to own her shining heart.

That night, his father had gone to the hotel, perhaps he might not be back tonight. So, he craved to get her precious heaven, just to prove how he liked the girl.

Would Lindy allow the doctor to get it?

Chapter 2 A hot body displayed at her

Alli felt agonized while he drove his car. His mind negatively thought at the prepossessing helper, who had made a food for his son. He intentionally remembered what his mind taught to his heart,” I must marry my son with Tylor, who is trillionaire,” he assumed how precious his life, if his son would marry in her. Surely, he could build another business, to treasure the whole heaven.

At Kim’s heart, it was too hot like the inferno; indeed, his fresh body turned into dry. He went to the balcony, it was a fresh wind, attaching to his arms. His eyes were glaring at the precious girl who was beautifying her face in front of the mirror.

Lindy ultimately prepared herself; to meet Mark, who promised to give a necklace for her. It was not really interesting to her eyes, but she grabbed it because her mind got befuddle why the handsome guy got irritated wherever they met. She actually wanted to ask for, but she did not have enough confidence, to utter for it.

A little fa


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