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Forever My Future

Forever My Future

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Ivy is the typical teenager with with sister and two brothers until their Alpha throws a leader event to their pack that brings all the Alphas and future Alphas to their lands. The four siblings soon find out that their lives are about to change way earlier than they think. Finding their mate plus some hidden family secrets lead them into a journey that they weren’t prepared for. Are these siblings going to be able to make it through this mess that they were brought into and are they going to live up to the expectations they are to uphold not only in their mateships but their bonds with each other?

Chapter 1


I’ve waited my entire life for this exact moment. A small moment in time, and to receive this letter was everything to me! I ran up my steps after school and snatched the letter out of the mailbox. This is either an acceptance or rejection letter. I applied to the best colleges across the country. This letter was from Stanford. If I got into this college it would get me out of this life.

My parents were great and my whole home life was fabulous, but the soon to be Alpha is a straight up jerk. His father is a lot different. Quiet and kind but leads with passion and looks at everyone as family.

A pack! A big happy family. He takes our lifestyle very seriously. He agreed with me that he would allow me to leave the pack territory for 4 years but I had to come back unless I met my mate and he was from another pack.

I took a deep breath and ripped open the envelope. This was my future. I had 2 other letters. One from a local school and one from one on the east coast. I was so excited so far, so good, but this is what I wanted the most. An elite college could push me to go very far.

Ivy Ventures,

We are pleased to inform you that you have be accepted into the program.

I stopped right there and began jumping up and down. I was so excited. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was going to Stanford because of course I was going to accept this. My sister stormed into the room and looked at me.

“What is it Ivy?” Ava said looking me up and down.

“I got in Ava , I got into Stanford!” I yelled. At that moment both my brothers showed up at the door.

Congratulations sis!” They said excitedly.

My twin brothers and my sister are quadruples which is rare where we come from because my mom didn’t just have 4 but 6 babies in the pregnancy. A whole litter! She loved us so much from the first moment. It’s strange thinking I should have 1 more sister and 1 more brother. My parents wanted multiple litters since most werewolf pregnancies wind up being multiples these days with wars bursting through the east coast. We live in California so it’s not as bad but the Moon Goddess has a way about her to help our population.

“I start in the fall! That means I’ll leave right after graduation to find a job and a place to live! God knows I’m not staying on campus.” Ave, Ryan, and Liam all looked at me puzzled.

“But our birthday is 2 weeks after graduating from school Ivy! You can’t leave before!” Ryan said before Liam could interrupt.

“ Please Ivy! Just stay until the day after our birthday!”

“ Ivy, what if your mate is here?” Ave questions. I didn’t think about it like that. It’s been 2 years since we first shifted and once we turned 18 we wouldn’t be able to find our mates. I wasn’t interested in finding someone in our pack who could potentially stop me from going to college.

“ And you guys know how I feel. Trust me I don’t want to leave all of you and miss you so much but with Arron taking over the pack after graduation I have to make sure I’m out of here before then. You know he would keep me from leaving even after his father had made an agreement to let me go to school elsewhere.”

They all sighed and nodded knowing I wasn’t one you could argue with.

“ Well Arron told us that his father is hosting an Alpha get together this weekend, and all four of us have to attend. He hasn’t decided which one of us he wants to make his Beta yet so he’s waiting til we find our mates so he can pick.” Ryan said.

Only him and Liam were in running for Beta out of the 4 of us because if either me or Ava had mates in other packs we would possibly go there instead of staying here.

“ That isn’t fair Ryan, I have a lot to prepare for! 2 months before we are done with high school and his father has decided to play party host!” I was shocked to say the least.

“ It’s more about the Alphas than us but I have a feeling he wants to show you off Ivy. Arron even thinks so because his father has something good to say about you constantly.” I huff and sit down on my bed. “Ivy, you are pretty, talented, and smart! I’m sure any Alpha would show you off sis, but think about this logically. A pack from up by Stanford might be able to take you in on their territory while you are there so you can still shift.” He was right. While Stanford was still in California it was over 9 hours to our pack.

“ Why are you just informing us about this party Ryan?” I was actually mad at my brother for keeping information from me. “ Ava and I have to get party looks together for these Alphas and you know it!”

“ Fine, I’m sorry guys but Alpha Martin wanted to surprise you. He set you guys up for an appointment for 4:30 so get ready. His treat!” Ava squealed.

“ Ivy, you really can’t be mad!” Ava laughed and it was addictive when my sister laughed and I let out a small giggle. “ Alpha Martin set up a whole thing for us!”

“ I guess.” I peaked at the clock. It was almost 3:45 so they didn’t give us much time. “I don’t need to change so if you are ready we can head into town I’ll drive.” I offered my sister. “ Plus I put gas into the car last time!”

Ava and I shared a car and the boys shared a truck. Liam and Ryan were identical twins and Ava and I weren’t and neither was our baby brother and sWhen we were born my mother had insisted that there were 6 babies but the doctors could only find 4 babies so my parents along with the pack were prepared for 3 boys and 1 girl, but Ava and I were tucked behind the boys more into our mothers back. When we were born it was a surprise as all of us were all healthy and big for twins because of our bloodline, but our brother and sister got an infection.

Mom wanted a natural birth even though doctors told her it would be impossible with 4 and some told her if she was right and there were 6 babies then they would need to hurry, but Ryan and Liam had there own timing and kick started labor for her. They were born on June 18th at 7:23am and 7:31am and then Ava at 4:14 and me at 4:20 and our brother and sister didn’t come until 9:40 and 10:03. They didn’t actually know when they died since they were still born but they knew it was after Ava and I were born since they still had heart beats when the midwife checked our heart rates.

My parents ended up with 3 of each and were so happy and sad at the same time. My mother struggled a lot when it came to the death of that set of twins. She never talked about them so We didn't even know their names, just baby boy and baby girl.

My sad thoughts were broken by Ava again so excited about this Alpha weekend. We were Beta daughters and no Alpha would turn a blind eye to us.

“Let’s go! I’ll pick your look and you pick mine!!” Ava knew me really well inside and out so I knew I could trust her. As we were walking out the front door to the car my phone buzzed.

‘Your nail appointment is first and then hair and I always have set up dress fittings for both of you.’ I smiled. It was a text from Alpha Martin. He always tried to take care of us. He lost his daughter when she was a child not much older than us. Right after Arron was born, there had been an attack on our pack and Luna had decided to take the little girl out and when the attack happened her and the little pup were killed to get to the Alpha. It was very sad from what I’ve heard about it and still so little.

Ava once again interpreted my thoughts to beeping the horn signaling we needed to hurry up so I hopped in the driver's seat and took off down the road into town.


We arrived at the nail salon just in time. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for us but it wasn’t something we did all the time because it ment we obstructed our claws and no wolf wanted that, but the Alpha wanted something more for us when it came to pampering I guess. We both took our seats and let the ladies do their jobs. In the end we both just had manicures with polish.

Clean cut most would say. When we headed to the hair salon Ava was bubbly as always and was chatting about what she wanted me to do with my hair and I occasionally would put my input on what I wanted done with hers.

Ava was tall with fair skin and green eyes with long cherry blonde hair. I couldn’t change a thing, but so knew she wanted something different. My self on the other hand had long blonde hair and blue eyes with a more tan complexion. I spent way more time training with the boys since everyone knew I’d been off the territory for four years. It seemed like a lot of time, but I’d be coming back from time to time to visit my family.

I sighed walking into the bright salon. Ava spared me a glance before we both went to speak with separate stylists to inform them about what was going on with each persons hair.

“ I just want to go with a slightly dark root and to enhance the strawberry highlights in her hair. We have a big event coming up and I want her to stand out.” The stylist smiled.

“ I definitely can do that for ya.” I nodded and we split up with me going to the stylist waiting for me.

Ave didn’t give me much to work with when it came to what she told the stylist to do to me. I sighed and let her get to work. But nothing could shock me more than what she did. But boy was I surprised!

Chapter 2


Walking out of the hair salon I knew everyone was about to be surprised when they saw me. Of course Ava was so happy that I even liked it because it was super risky for me. She decided to keep me blonde thank Goodess, but she decided to put in some color. A mix of purple and red and a little bit of blue and definitely not something I’d choose for myself right before an Alpha get together! I smiled and couldn’t wait to show my brother they are going to freak out! We got our dresses and headed home. We had school tomorrow and in the evening the Alpha would all start arriving.

By the time we made it back home it was late and we had homework to do. I signed and pulled into the driveway.

“The Alpha is doing what is right for us, Ivy.”

“But what if something happens Ave. If an Alpha turns out to be our mate we won’t know only he will. I just have a lot of fears and dreams for someone to stand in the way.”

“Calm down Ivy Seriously!” She jumped out of the


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