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Fated to him

Fated to him

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Catherina Silver is an innocent virgin girl who just wants life to be really good to hear but the outcome of everything she experienced really wasn't worth living for. Fortunately or unfortunately as fate may have it, she is betrothed to an Alpha werewolf who not only loves her but wants to spend his entire f***ing life with her. Their first meeting wasn't really the way she ever imagined being in love would be, she was literally by him on their literal first night together and for him he found it very normal . But would their profound love be really easygoing??? Or would Catherina be happy when she finds out about his past romance Life? His Bloodful and intimidating nature? the lustful desires in his that could be seen only by her? Her meeting his pack, would it be a really outgoing one? And would bearing a child for him really be the best for both of them for the growth of their relationship? Catherina Silver: She is an everyday good girl and a virgin for that matter ‼️. She dreams of life in such a way that would fit in her advanced personal life but is that really what she got?! Only at the age of 12 did she lose both parents in the twinkling of an eye?! or what about now when she dreams of falling in love in the most romantic way ever, did she really fall in love like that of a fairy tale?! No!. She finds herself being betrothed to an Alpha werewolf that is the least romantic person she'd have ever thought, but would their love be as strong and everlasting as she might have thought? Eric Hudson: He is the Arrogant and least sympathizing Alpha werewolf who was mated to a human (a virgin human for that matter). He finds love at first sight after rescuing Catherina from the heavy rain that would have taken her life for good. He still finds it very hard to believe that immediately she came into his life, everything started falling in perfect place for him,his attitude, behavior, even his social life. He would sometimes just stare at her appreciating the beauty that was God's given and often wonder if it's because she was a virgin when he met her or she put a dark strong spell on him? But he was really loving this spell. He wishes to spend his life now even in the afterlife with her but would this be so?.

Chapter 1

Ouch my head hurts, but wait,where am I?flashes of last night's events began displaying before me as I still remember his scent and body physique . The scent of this unknown man filled this room. I guess this might have been his personal room before now.

Before I could think of another word, noise coming from the bathroom caught my attention and behold this masculine intriguing figure came out from the bathroom and all I could do was gawk at his appearance. There was indeed none that I could explain. And I really couldn't explain as to why my eyes were just going to his lower abdomen where his towel rested firmly. Then He noticed I was staring inconsiderably and he coughed out hmm hmm and that's when I came out of my trance.

"Well my name is Eric, what's yours?" The voice was really overwhelming and I found my lips just saying "Rina" 'Catherina '.He immediately rolled his eyes towards my direction and I swear I could see some fiery flames in his eyes or rather would I say coming out of his eyes but within a twinkle of an eye it got back to normal. I was shocked at first but oh well what could I say or do that was currently on my mind was how to leave this adorable figure's sight.

'And why would you abduct me Mr man', I found myself saying out loud and all I could get as a response was a sexy looking stare from Eric which ended up in him laughing out so hard. And I wondered what could be making him laugh so damn loud?.

You should be very lucky for you to have been brought here by now if not, I don't think you'd still be alive by now was the reply I got and this triggered some flashes of memories coming down my lane indeed I remembered leaving my house to my work place early the previous day but how did I still reach here?.

Going to a work you didn't like everyday could really be a pain in the ass topping it up with Mrs Tina's regular and persistent complaining. I knew I wouldn't stay long here. The consistent nagging could really be seen outwardly directed to me very often more than all my fellow staff.

Working In a bar wasn't really how I planned my life from the very onset but even after acquiring all my certificates I guess that's where life thought I would fit in but I guess it was wrong. I started this work not less than 3 months ago and I really did hope that this particular one would last for about a year so that I could use the money saved from my salary to rent another apartment and move out of my current apartment but coming very early on a Monday morning and getting a sack letter really triggered everything in my body.

As I walked into the bar I could see Mrs Tina coming directly to me and she was carrying an envelope so before I could reach the counter she immediately waved me down and I stopped only for her to hand me the whole contents of the envelope and it was boldly written "For Catherina silver" and I began opening the contents of the envelope and read through it only for me to realize that this was a sack letter and I really didn't know how to contend my disbelief at that point and I yelled and cried out so loud but Mrs Tina wasn't moved at my sudden gesture all she said was "go get your things from the store room and leave immediately". But I then asked ``Mrs Tina what about my salary for the few days I worked within the month" and I didn't even get a response from her as she backed out on me.

I felt my world so crumble before my eyes and I didn't even know when I found myself outside the Anger and pain inside me knew no bounds but what could be done?. The deed has already been done. With all the racking of my brain as to how I was going to get another job with immediate effect because I needed money to move out of my apartment I felt drops of water landing on my head and I looked up to see the direction and immediately the rain started falling. I felt really numb at that moment, I just wished My dead parents could come back and take me with them. Life just suddenly began to make no meaning at this point but who am I to question him. I stayed outside amidst the heavy downpour of the rain for God knows when I was really beginning to see things in a double manner as I had been inside the rain for more than 2 hours but that was where I felt warm hands lifting me up and boom everything began blank for me.

On the other side of the picture, Eric and his driver were just driving down the alley and then out of the blue Eric howled. The recent feeling he'd been getting was a clear explanation that his mate was nearby but where could she be?.

The feeling inside him grew more and more intense and he could bet that she was this close he then directed his driver to turn to the left hand side of the road as that was where his instincts were driving him at. As they drove, they got to this bar and he howled more and more which was a clear sign that he was getting closer to her. He gestured to his driver to stop the car and the car was stopped. I stepped out of the car in spite of the heavy rain that poured and was determined to find my mate at all cost. From a distance I could see a figure coiled up at the corner of the bar and I couldn't really tell if it was her but I knew my instincts couldn't be playing games on me. As I approached the figure I could feel my heart racing heavily but I was extremely determined to know my mate today.

I was close enough now to the figure and I knew immediately she was the one. My adorable mate was coiled up at the corner looking way too innocent and it really sent some nice good shivers to my body. But how could someone be sitting down in the middle of this heavy rain? I could tell that she wasn't happy but who could have angered my one and only betrothed mate, How dare the person!. She bent her Head down and wasn't moving, No she can't be dead!!! and I touched her forehead and found out that she was running a temperature and I immediately gestured to my driver to come over here and he helped me carry her to the car and I then told him to drive us home.

Eric pov

We got to my hotel room and then I told my driver to bring her into my room and after he had brought her in, She was really soaked in the rain so I had no other option than to bathe her even though I knew it wouldn't really be easy but I had to give it a try. I gently let down her soaked gown off her body. I could see the transparency of her nipples already 'gosh this was even harder than I thought it'd be but I have already started. I can't let her go by now. So my next step was to take her panties off and as I began to take the bra off I could feel that she moved a bit but immediately I let down her pants. That was when I heard a loud soft moan saying "don't do this to me". I wondered if she was having a bad dream or what but I could tell that that soft moan I heard totally disfigured my brain in thinking as a whole as I made a very strong yet Alarming 'howl' and only God knew how I felt at the moment. My self control was tried but I overcame it but I wouldn't be too sure that this would be the last time I'd heed to my self control.

As she laid lifeless before me, I could already see her submissiveness towards me and it made me think how she'd really be in bed 'Oh my, why would I be thinking of this suddenly' someone I barely know but indeed the temptation was strong but once again I overcame it.

I gently held her in my arms and dipped her into the still running warm water and I could see some sort of appreciation as her body immediately shook. Only at the sight of this beautiful naked body did I find peace and discomfort. Wow, I never knew I had all these feminine qualities of emotions. Unlike everyone would say that I was a wicked and motionless being.

I gently took the sponge and rubbed the soap round about it and held her up above my knees so that I could get a full control of her body and I could still feel this tingling sensation in my body but I bet that by now my self control was just at 10%, I muttered this little prayers in my heart "So God help me" and I think it worked. I gently scrubbed her whole body including her beautiful hair so as to be cautious of removing every single particle of dirt from her body and I peacefully rinsed her body with a bit of warm and cold water. I then took her out of the bathtub and used my towel to gently dry off the remaining water droplets off her body and put on her new clothes.

As I gently laid her in the bed I felt some movement as I saw her trying her best to resist whatever being or thing in her dream. I saw this movement and just made a sneer and continued tucking her into the arranged bed. As I was through with tucking her into the bed,I just looked at her for the last time admiring all the nice features she carried and I was being carried away but I was later brought back by my instincts. I Then made an attempt to leave the room but it was then that I got one of the biggest shocks from this mysterious girl as she forcefully pulled me to her cold body and started kissing me so passionately that I couldn't but concur with the profound movement.

Chapter 2

"Oh my God this girl would really be the death of me" I muttered to myself as I felt the continuous flow of saliva from ourselves to really be honest she wasn't a great kisser but as we continued far enough she was able to easily flow with the rhythm of our tongue. I could feel the eagerness from her to continue our new profound activity.

By now the already heated activity was going so far that I could feel my inner confidence telling me to stop because if I don't,then this would far more than I could imagine. By this time, this mysterious beautiful girl was not going to stop if I didn't do something so I tried getting her off my body because by now she was already on top of me busing herself with my lips and touching my abs and body as a whole but wait a minute, who am I deceiving I really enjoyed this unpleasant torture she was giving me and I wished it wouldn't stop anytime soon. But my inner mind kept telling me to back off but my soul and sp


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