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Catherina Silver is an innocent virgin girl who just wants life to be really good to hear but the outcome of everything she experienced really wasn't worth living for. Fortunately or unfortunately as fate may have it, she is betrothed to an Alpha werewolf who not only loves her but wants to spend his entire f***ing life with her. Their first meeting wasn't really the way she ever imagined being in love would be, she was literally by him on their literal first night together and for him he found it very normal . But would their profound love be really easygoing??? Or would Catherina be happy when she finds out about his past romance Life? His Bloodful and intimidating nature? the lustful desires in his that could be seen only by her? Her meeting his pack, would it be a really outgoing one? And would bearing a child for him really be the best for both of them for the growth of their relationship? Catherina Silver: She is an everyday good girl and a virgin for that matter ‼️. She dreams of life in such a way that would fit in her advanced personal life but is that really what she got?! Only at the age of 12 did she lose both parents in the twinkling of an eye?! or what about now when she dreams of falling in love in the most romantic way ever, did she really fall in love like that of a fairy tale?! No!. She finds herself being betrothed to an Alpha werewolf that is the least romantic person she'd have ever thought, but would their love be as strong and everlasting as she might have thought? Eric Hudson: He is the Arrogant and least sympathizing Alpha werewolf who was mated to a human (a virgin human for that matter). He finds love at first sight after rescuing Catherina from the heavy rain that would have taken her life for good. He still finds it very hard to believe that immediately she came into his life, everything started falling in perfect place for him,his attitude, behavior, even his social life. He would sometimes just stare at her appreciating the beauty that was God's given and often wonder if it's because she was a virgin when he met her or she put a dark strong spell on him? But he was really loving this spell. He wishes to spend his life now even in the afterlife with her but would this be so?.


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