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Fated to Doom

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Art is beautiful and also enchanting. Camille is a struggling artist trying to survive the expensive world of arts. With rejections by different art galleries because of her paintings. Camille believed she was a terrible painter. All her paintings were of a wolf with red glowing eyes. Every time Camille applies for an exhibition in art galleries, she is always rejected but fate smiled on her when she was accepted to exhibit her painting in the biggest art gallery in the country. There, Camille met her Fate. A fate that could lead to her doom. Axel is a popular gallerist in the country and also had a hidden identity. He was a lycan cursed to walk the earth for eternity. Axel's fate changed when he saw Camille's paintings. They were the paintings of his Lycans. That was when it all started. The path to his doom. With the curse on Axel's destiny, his ex, and an Alpha who wanted to kill him, Camille and Axel must conquer the threats that might ruin their fate.


Amara's POV

Two thousand years ago,

Lycans and witches had been known to be foes since the beginning of their creation. No one knows why they hated each other but according to history, the moon goddess Selina and the witch goddess Artia were been sworn enemies since the beginning. Rumors had it that they had the same mate leading to a feud between them and ever since then, the two creatures had hated each other.  

Although they shared a border, if any of the creatures found their way to each other's village, they are imprisoned until the leaders of both Clan met and agreed on a peace treaty. The Lycans and witches lived like that for hundreds of years until an unfortunate incident happened. It's changed everything.

A pregnant Female Lycan Missed her way and landed herself in the Witches' village, she was captured and locked up.

"The Lycans have always looked down on us. It's time we show them that we are great." Satiah, the witch head announced to all the witches.

"Yeah!" The witches all chorused.

"Because of them, all we get is this!" Satiah pointed to their hideous outfit made from the skin of a tiger. The men only have a piece of Tiger's skin around their pelvic area while the women have the skin around their breast and pelvic area. "The Lycans get good food and wonderful garment to adorn their body while we have nothing but tiger skin. What do you say we do?"

"Kill her!" The witches all agreed that the Lycan should be killed.

That night, the female Lycan was tied to a tree in the center of the Village. The witches all sat down around her and started chanting in their language. When the chanting ended, they set a fire around the Lycan and watched her burn. "Help me," the Lycan screamed and begged to be saved but no one stepped out to help. She burned to her bones and when she took her last breath, she howled to the moon.

Back in Lycan's village, her mate felt the breaking of the bond. He felt a part of him gone. He was the second in command of the Lycans and he had been searching for a mate for two days but when he felt the connection gone, he knew his mate was gone. He howled to the moon and when the rest of the Lycans heard it, they knew something had happened.

They gathered around for a meeting and the first in command of the Lycans ordered an ambush on the witch's village.

The Invasion of the witch's village took them by surprise. They never expected that the Lycans would attack them.

Screams of Women and children filled the cold night of Catala(Witch) village as Lycans raided the village killing every witch and setting every house on fire. Those who survived that night escaped the village and stayed inside a cave where the Lycans couldn't get to them.

After spending a few years in the cave, most of the witches died until they were reduced to only two. The remaining two became crazy and in their crazy state, they cursed the Lycans who destroyed their village.

The curse was a few words but those few words were powerful. The lycan's offspring were cursed to walk the earth for eternity. Luckily for the Lycans at that time, no one was expecting a pup except for the unfortunate Lycan queen who was pregnant with her first child. When the witches professed the curses, it hit the Lycan Queen pretty hard sending her into labor.

That night, she bore a son whose fate was already determined by the curse of two crazy witches. The pup was fated to doom.

Art is beautiful

Camille POV

"Camille, you have a call!" My best friend, Alina called from inside the living room in our two-room apartment.

"Okay. The finishing touch," I wiped my forehead that dripped with sweat with my hand filled with red paints. "Good." I clapped my hand and dropped the painting brush in my hand. "Perfection!" I stared at my beautiful painting if it could be called that. It was the same painting I've been drawing ever since I was a little kid. It was a painting of a wolf with red glowing eyes. Because of the repetition of painting, my work was rejected by a different gallery. The wolf had always been in my head and anytime I pick up a brush, I found myself painting the same wolf even if I tried not to.

My psychologist told me it was my obsession with wolves but she was wrong because I had never in all of my twenty-six years on earth seen a wolf.

"Oh! For goodness sake Cam! Your phone is still ringing!" Alina shouted yet again.

"On my way," I pulled


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